2 Words, a Powerful Action and the Horizon Ahead

2 Words, a Powerful Action and the Horizon Ahead

January 6th, 2016 // 12:16 pm @

2 Words, a Powerful Action and the Horizon Ahead

I don’t know what it is about looking out over the water, the waves, and staring longingly into the Horizon that just makes you want to set sail to wherever it may lead. Maybe it’s not for everyone but I certainly love it. I’ve always loved anything to do with water…but what I love most is not laying on the beach or putting my feet in the sand, I love that place far away where the sky and the ocean come together and meet; where the horizon is formed and leads you to believe in the true limitless of possibilities.

A quick aside, I am reading a historical non-fiction novel right now that takes place at the time when America was celebrating Columbus’s discovery of America with the “World’s Fair” in Chicago, specifically termed the World’s Columbian Exposition. I will let you know more as the book progresses before recommending it; so far very interesting, I love Chicago, love history like this.

The point of relevance though is…imagine what was going through Christopher Columbus’s mind when he set sail… maybe I should reword that because I bet there was more imagination in his mind than mind in his imagination. There was curiosity, hunger, excitement at the vastness, at the possibilities of discovery.

Now, imagine if you looked forward at your new year like I am in this picture looking out into the seemingly (and maybe actually) perfect ocean of water. Always the line at the Horizon is flawless because it never fails itself, as they say “as far as the eye can see”.


Well you know what… so is you’re your opportunity this year, so is your potential, so is your possibilities and as you set sail into the new year I will tell you this and I promise you it’s the greatest truth you’ll ever need to know when you wake up every day for 359 more days in 2016…

Your success will never be greater than your vision and your vision will never be greater than your ambition – a lot of people can look out and just see Sky or Water and never really see the Horizon and embrace it with enthusiasm and a quest for conquering what they see.

I often say to my amazing clients, who I am grateful for daily, to never stop being on an expedition…of discovery, of improvement, of breakthroughs, or possibilities.

Here’s reality for you – the new year has set sail with you on the boat – the only real decision of destination is whether or not you will take charge and captain the ship or leave it to the mercy of the wind or worse yet someone else. If you do choose to be the captain (which we all have the power to be of our own lives and the roles we choose, the business we build, the people we empower and inspire) I certainly hope you do as Christopher Columbus did and sail to the Horizon, to the land of opportunity, because out there are the great things that only the imagination can conceive and believe – and you will never know what’s possible in your business, in your people, in your customers, in yourself until you look out and follow your vision to that place.

You want to be successful in 2016 – act now on these 2 words…

Anchors Aweigh!

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