Terrorism – and the fight we must win

Terrorism – and the fight we must win

November 18th, 2015 // 2:05 pm @

Terrorism – and the fight we must win

t is a very real and very unfortunate fact that you must be alert all the time in every place for your own safety in our world today. Of course, as reality would have it – it hardly matters if you are paying attention to your surroundings because the enemy we face is among us. “Terror” is an all too fitting word and the inevitability of what may happen next is an all too rational thought and uncertainty that we have no choice but to live with.

Our hearts go out to France and it’s people for what happened. The only way to win is to fight, the only way to be victorious is to lead, to be bold, to stand strong, to do what is necessary. They say when the going gets tough – the tough get going. Well my friends – it’s tough out there – and there may not be a damn thing you can do about terrorism as a whole and you have no idea where the next act of violence is going to come from or who it will strike – what you can do is not stop living, not stop fighting, not stop or ever give up on what your life is about.

There is nothing I can say here in this message or any other that can possibly make ‘business’ as important as ‘life’; or any advice I can give, any motivation I can speak that would ever make up for the facts that we face the most dangerous time in our country’s history and in our world’s existence, that no one can predict or do anything about.

When faced with tragedy, money has seemingly little importance.

Yet, you must know that is what they want. For people to live in fear. Or for people to just not live. To not pursue their dreams, to not believe in prosperity, to not be the best that you are capable of because you let evil paralyze you.

That would be the victim’s mentality, a sign of weakness. You are not weak. You stand for something, your business means something, you do things for others and you deserve to win.

Today I challenge you – take control over what you can control – take pride, embrace ambition, be bold, and go big with your dreams, your goals, your business, your rewards, your impact.

Yes we have to be alert and on guard at all times. You and I may not be capable of defeating evil known as terrorism but we face evil we can overcome every single day. The fear of failure. The evil of entitlement. The act of lazy. The things that crawl inside of our heads every day and eat away at our confidence.

Oh you have terrors that you must face. Bad decisions, past mistakes, negative people, does the list ever stop.

So many people, business owners, go through the motions, that’s about it. They are oblivious to what’s actually happening. They don’t know their numbers, they don’t know their customers, hell they don’t even know their employees, and they barely know themselves.

Conscious, deliberate, decisive action, thought, strategy, protection…these are the things that lead to victory that give you reason to celebrate.

You can choose to be a victim of the world you’ll never know or a hero to the world you have created for yourself. Don’t ever misunderstand, take for granted or view too lightly the impact you have on people every single day.

The dreams you are in pursuit of are inspiring to everyone around you, you give hope when there is none, you bring prosperity when it seems elusive, you create opportunity when there is a drought of optimism all around us.

We may not be able to stop terrorism or have any control over where the next bomb goes off but we can damn sure remind people of what is good and powerful about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in our great country.

Do not let a weak excuse for a leader define you any more than you let the evil continually challenge your patriotism. Instead, do what you can, be who you are, live the life you have been given, and build the business you have created.

It is always your choice. To let things deter you or let things be catalyst for your action, inspiration, motivation, and forward unrelenting progress.

The ‘terror’ out there can kill you … but the ‘terror’ you let inside of your mind will kill you while you are still alive. Don’t let it.

It’s doubtful anyone will ever give you a gold star or trophy just because of who you are or what you are doing – but don’t let that ever make you question the influence you have over everyone you serve.

We have the most powerful military in the world and these people keep us safe and they keep us free – make no mistake about it. We also have the greatest most powerful capitalist economy in the world and us people, the entrepreneurs, keep us thriving and prosperous. If we hold back, give up, slow down, pause even for a split second – we are turning our back on what makes us great and we are letting down those who risk and give their lives for us everyday.

We could not live or survive without the people fighting terrorism and we stand back with pride for their service – just make sure you are fighting your own battles every day to make good on theirs – that’s what America is all about.

When the going gets tough the tough get going – so get going, stronger, faster, focused, and more unrelenting than ever before!

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