The Thing That Should Scare You The Most

The Thing That Should Scare You The Most

October 28th, 2015 // 12:25 pm @

The Thing That Should Scare You The Most

Happy Halloween!

As you know Halloween holds the title of the single biggest revenue producing holiday of them all. It’s the biggest Adult Holiday, there are businesses completely built around Halloween, earning all of their money for the entire year during this month. And yet most entrepreneurs stand by doing nothing to capitalize on it or at least make it topic of conversation, reason for saying yes, providing referrals or really doing anything even if to just have fun with your customers to let them know you are real…human…in touch and interested in their lives.

So, your homework, do something fun, make something happen, and do not miss gifts from the calendar and the retail giants to engage with your customers mindset and daily life.

Better yet, become a center or nucleus for opportunity, action, gathering, conversation, social media or sales event tied to what customers, clients, patients might already be doing or thinking.

Now, on to you.

This week will finish our conversation about scary things like villains, bad guys, evil things, and other forces that work against you. Although these things never end and can never be ignored or taken for granted, you must always fight the good fight, period, end of story. This is what you do as a business owner and entrepreneur no matter what your title, education, daily interaction is like with your employees, partners, customers, clients, patients…it is up to you to fight.

As I pointed out last week – you must be focused on prosperity all the time. In your mind, your environment, in those around you, in the way you do business and education, condition, take control over your customers.

And I know you realize our theme here in our dialogue every week is about the work you must do to protect your thinking. There is something greater than thinking and doing that must be monitored, controlled, protected, and you (and only you) can be responsible for it.

This is THE SCARIEST part about being an entrepreneur, hands-down, black magic in your mind, ghosts and goblins and voodoo will rob you of your piece of mind and of all the potential you have inside of you…is this…


And belief in what’s possible.

I can tell you this, the thing entrepreneurs do most (which will sound harsh but it’s true), the thing industries do to entrepreneurs, and we let the world creep into our lives and proliferate these –

They are EXCUSES

Most people have a laundry list of reasons why something won’t work. They have a list of excuses on all the ways things can’t happen. Instead of having a list of all the things they are doing to make things happen.

You really do get what you focus on most.

And when you allow excuses to set in, they result in a cement wall over your head of expectations that you keep bumping into and you set yourself up for plateaus that limit your potential and leave you making excuses for acceptance over your handicapped beliefs.

I always say the greatest benefit I bring to my clients of all shapes and sizes, and the thing that must happen first and again and again with every level of growth and every breakthrough of success is – the increased expectations of what you will accept as good, better, best, results for your life, yourself, your people, your company, and of course your customers, clients, and prospect.

Belief happens before anything else can happen. Anything.

So no matter what your beliefs are this Halloween in scary things or horror movies or ghosts or monsters or magic or other more trite superstitions…I challenge you to focus most on your belief muscles of what’s possible in your life and business.

Next week I’m going to give you my 3-step process for customer, patient, and client mind control and you know what it works exactly the same for you and in fact you must master it for yourself before you even attempt or try it for or on anyone else.

It could be my most advanced ‘look behind the curtain’ I have ever provided and it is definitely the most provocative and powerful ‘tricks’ to get people to move forward with what you want them to do.

Between now and then when you are handing out candy, putting on costumes, or partying it out for the Halloween celebration this week, remember belief is the most powerful thing you will ever have and it’s control is not optional or just necessary, it is mandatory – and it is the scariest thing you will ever face because it is a constant battle inside of your own head.

You will never be more successful than what you expect for yourself, and you will never expect more than your beliefs allow.

This is your constant and never ending battle. You must immerse yourself in ‘this’ and nothing else matters until you do.

Winners win because they believe they will – losers sabotage themselves because they do not believe they are suppose to win – in life and business you control all outcomes that you choose to control.

Good does win over evil – that battle is first and most often fought inside of you!

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