Champions Know How To Control The Clock

Champions Know How To Control The Clock

October 14th, 2015 // 11:24 am @

Champions Know How To Control The Clock

For every business person, entrepreneur, sales professional, doctor or anyone else, there is one and only one thing that is created equal – no matter what city you live in, who your customers, clients, or patients are, or industry you choose or political party you support – this is the ultimate equalizer to life – and that is – TIME!

The Clock.

Every-day 24 hours.

1,440 minutes.

These, all created equal, all around the world.
What you do with them is what makes the difference.

To finish up our sports analogies for now…we’ll end with this one…you can be the greatest quarterback, most skilled, faster thinker, most accurate thrower, best strategist – but – nothing ultimately matters if you can’t control the clock.

Score when you need to in the time that you have been allowed.

You are fighting against the defense but that is not all – you are fighting against the clock. You will never be able to “manage time” (as the gurus and self-help people will misguide and give you illusion to), what you can and must do – is manage what happens during the time.


You have heard before many people get confused between activity and accomplishment. It’s not about getting through the day, spending your 1,440 minutes, it’s about what you have to show for the investment of time you have made. At the end of every day what measureable results have occurred, what accomplishments have been made, what has been put in place to compound on again tomorrow.

When your days are repetitive, day after day, you do not have a business – you have a job – and even if you are highly paid, a business is one in which your time can be leveraged, when your minutes have moved you towards your goals, towards your victories, towards your mission, vision, and ambitions for life.

I can summarize for you in one sentence the “difference maker” in attitude and mindset about time.

Are you ready…

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”
– Charles Darwin

That’s it.

Show me a sense of urgency in someone to make the most of their day and the time they are sacrificing and giving in to and I will show you a person who will succeed.

You must think of your time and the clock as money. Every day you are taking out 1,440 minutes, those minutes better be wisely invested so that you can insure you will make a return in your time, effort, energy.

Money is replaceable by the nature of it – it’s the easiest and most readily available resource there has or ever will be. When you realize that and accept it – it will stop eluding you and it will arrive into your life much more effortlessly.

Time is what you must be concerned with.

A quarterback can score points, they don’t often doubt that part, what they always wonder and what they will always need is the time to do it.

Such is life, yours, mine, and everyone else’s.

There is no doubt that your goals are possible – money, growth, impact, anything you want to achieve – all possible – the only question is…whether you will make your minutes count and control the clock day by day to get there.

This requires discipline, a plan, a ticking inside of your head that drives you crazy to keep you focused, and above all else you must have a purpose, a desired outcome, something worthy to work for.

I will leave you with this lesson – if there was no clock, no time, no end result to a quarterbacks game no one would ever win. Sounds obvious…but let me make a more profound point for you – when are games won or lose: when are the most points scored, the last 2 minutes (of course) because there is a sense of urgency, a ticking clock, they play with discipline – because they HAVE TO win!

Do you?

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