Do You Have A Winning Playbook for Your Business? Part 1

Do You Have A Winning Playbook for Your Business? Part 1

September 16th, 2015 // 11:49 am @

Do You Have A Winning Playbook for Your Business?  Part 1

Well, it’s one of our favorite times of the year. Or is that most frustrating, I’m not sure, it depends on the week and the outcome in January I guess. For Ryan and I, we love football, the intensity, the preparation, the winner takes all, every week counts, every play matters, the strategy, the business, just the overall experience of it.

Here we are, last weekend was opening weekend and the next season is underway. I just love sport analogies and I suppose you already know that from tuning in here every single week.

For the next couple weeks, I’m going to share with you how to build a successful playbook for your business.

Of course, we should be so lucky as to have 6 days of preparation and an off season and endless amounts of support staff and all of those things that Professional Athletes enjoy for their “working careers”.

None the less, the reality of our life is – EVERY DAY IS GAME DAY – and every single decision, transaction, customer, dollar matters and you have to be laser focused and “on” all the time.

Here’s the first big lesson you can take away from any sport and exceptional athlete…


If Sunday is game day and Monday is film day and Tuesday is practice day and Wednesday is off day and Thursday is practice day and Friday is film, strategy, preparation day…you can darn sure bet there is rhyme and reason to every single thing that happens; not just week to week but day to day and hour to hour.

I have no idea on the exact format of one of these days for any specific player, I’m sure it’s out there on the internet somewhere, and I don’t really care about them, I’m here for you.

And I can tell you there is nothing more of a predictive indicator of success than these four sets of words…

Self Discipline
Strict Regimen

And I mean that for your time, effort, thoughts, and every other part of your life.

I love spontaneity as much as the next person, sometimes on Vacation we’ll just pick the locale and pick nothing else, nothing else at all, and just show up and see what kind of fun or mischief we can get into.

Sometimes if I find a 2 or 3 or 4 day stretch I can find to get away, we’ll just make a last minute decision and go; eating dinner, pretty much last minute decision, what, where, when just about every single day.

What I’m talking about is how you manage YOUR regimen for success – what is YOUR Strategy for your performance for the week.

When you leave things undecided or unorganized or uncontrolled, you waste valuable mind space, emotional energy, and time efficiency on decisions that could have been taken up by things of much greater value and importance.

This is the single greatest reason to live with peace of mind because if there is anything else on your mind than “peace” you are going to spend half of your day or week or any amount of allotted time just getting prepared for what you were suppose to do.

Athletes can’t be distracted, they can’t be spontaneous, at least not in preparation, you can’t just show up and take game day seriously, you have to take every day leading up to game day seriously.

Or risk more than defeat, humiliation, but injury, devastation of your entire season and career.

Yes, this is a pressure filled way to live, but it can be done with balance, combined with stress release and exercise, and weeks of time to refresh built into the intensity of your work week, month, quarter and year.

Imagine how much more effectively and intensely you would perform and the opportunity for victory you would have if you went into every day, every interaction with your team, your customers, clients, patients, or whom ever you serve as if it was GAME DAY and you were playing to win your Division, be the best in the league and get into the playoffs.

Instead of it being “just another day” or week or month or year.

This attitude is the attitude of mediocrity, of under achievers, of loser mentality, wannabe entrepreneurs who live on a constant cycle of excuses and start-overs instead of taking full control of their own lives, businesses and responsibilities.

I can tell you this: At least on the championship teams, there is no player waking up wondering if someone else is going to do their job…they are obsessively focused on making sure THEY DO THEIRS!

Yes. The mindset of being an athlete is one that should be embraced with vigor for all Entrepreneurs and Business Owners and Professionals of all industries.

And by the way, you probably take your hobbies more seriously than you do your business, how about we just even them out a little. If you don’t have some sport or activity or something you play – go find one – I don’t care what kind it is or how physically active – but something – where you can get your competitive fire burning and take that over into what you do every single day with your business.


SELF-discipline…no one else can have it for you.


STRICT-regimen…that sets you up for success, gives you the advantage, focuses and prepares you to WIN in every scenario in every transaction in every relationship in every outcome. You must have it to make the most of your potential and achieve your grandest ambitions and deepest desires for the vision of your enterprise and business. You deserve that, you deserve it all, but no one is going to hand it to you.

The best part about our life that no athlete every gets to appreciate, that we often neglect, is – we control BOTH teams…we are playing against ourselves.

That could be good news or bad news – but – here’s the things…

You get to decide and these 4 words, 2 phrases, are the foundation of being in control of your own victory!

Winning is so much better than losing – so do it and accept nothing less.

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