The Power of Serving… Not Selling

The Power of Serving… Not Selling

July 8th, 2015 // 12:08 pm @

The Power of Serving… Not Selling

Today I’m sharing with you one of the most powerful leverage and growth strategies for building your business and expanding your empire there is available to be used.

It is the most evolved approach I have personally ever taken for myself or clients. I have taken it down into the grassroots, in the trenches, brick and mortar businesses, online driven businesses and all the way through a conglomerate of a company.

I have taken people from zero to six figures in 60 days with this strategy. And to 7-figures in under six months by using the platforms created by others.

Over the past couple weeks I have shared with you advanced business breakthroughs that can have an ultimate impact on your Business and Lifestyle.

Simple things like maximizing the fees your are paid for the time and work you exchange as service. Advanced concepts like selling to groups instead of individuals.

Right now I want you to take a step back from “selling” and replace the word with “serving”. I personally believe they are one in the same and I have proven that, however, many people have to draw a line between asking for money and not asking for money.

Reality is this – YOU are always selling – if in fact your customers inevitably have to pay for what you do and provide to them then every single thing you email to them, write to them, say to them, do to them is in fact selling them on you.

Replace the word sell with influence.
That works.

If you don’t believe what I’m saying is true without question there’s a reason why you are most likely under performing in your business today.

You must be “selling” through serving all the time because you are being judge by your customer all the time. Whether fair or not, right or wrong, their responsibility or yours, you are… therefore never stop serving, selling, and influencing your customer.

Many weeks ago I explained to you the concept of nurturing the prospects and leads in advance of the sale, not the other way around. Most people wait to give their good stuff after someone shows an interest.

I flipped this upside down and said give them the good stuff to get them interested. And that’s how you build a sustainable long-term business that really makes a difference.

So the question usually becomes…how do we get in front of the people to influence…how do we nurture and get exposure to those we want to eventually become our customers.

And there in lies the answer to the Empire.

Read this carefully it’s a tongue twister.

You seek to serve those who are serving those who you want to serve.

Okay. I did that for fun. But. Read it again. It’s the truth and it’s the way to have everything you want in life.

If you want to get exposure you can either buy it or borrow it.

The best strategy is to figure out who has your customers in their camps under their influence already and SERVE this person or company, ask them “What can I do to be of service to you…to your customer?” … how can you add so much value to their business and enterprise and customers that some of them will love what you’re doing and want to come over and join you too.

When you do this it’s a win/win for everyone.

This is why you must always be thinking about long-term customer value and the real asset of having relationships with integrity across all sources of your interaction in the marketplace.

When you go to other people and support them in a way that allows you to be of service to them and their customers, you are digging an oil well to the future that will provide you with a consistent steady stream of opportunity for as long as you take care of this relationship and oil well.

Some examples…

Look at what the center of influence is providing today, see what’s missing, and offer to fill that gap, give them information, special reports, trainings, resources, and other value that will make their customers better for them.

In Healthcare, especially with my Dentists, we love to give other Healthcare Providers exams and cleanings at a discount or even free, (and I hate free and discount), BUT, in this case it’s a strategy as a marketing avenue it buys trust, shows appreciation and gives you an opportunity to wow the other people who work in a similar business who have INFLUENCE over ALL THE PATIENTS. It’s a great strategy…it’s digging an oil well.

In the community, my most successful Dentists do Free Dentistry Days, they work strategically with other offices or business owners to spread the influence and “buy” patients attention and the chance to become a patient.

In the ‘big business world’ we often call this a host-parasite relationship, and I’m sorry it sounds so terrible it’s actually the law of nature and most animals have this and without it they would not survive.

You benefit the host and they provide the parasite, you, with a food supply.

I want you to really think through this.

Are you too busy trying to chase down new patients, customers, or clients that you never get off the hamster wheel…are you too busy trying to sell instead of influence and cultivate future customer loyalty?

Are you trying to do it all yourself?

I mean, why? There are other people around you who have all the customers, they have done the hard part, help them, make their lives easier, give them better ways to serve their people and you will get benefit far faster than trying to do it all by yourself.

You can build an empire one person at a time or you can use the platform that others have built their empires on and you can be of service and influence their followers to become yours while bringing great value to all parties involved.

When you think more long term, more synergistically, less competitive and more cooperative, you can collaborate with your marketing place, industry, or ecosystem of people engaging your desired customer today and will find solid ground to sustain you and propel your vision forward.

I always say no one person can ever find success throughout their lifetime on their own…we do not live long enough…so if you want to truly evolve your organization, seek to service, influence, and sell through the channels others have already created.

Make it happen, I know you can. Others want to help and will appreciate yours. Plus it’s always more fun when you aren’t all alone out there in the big bad jungle of the business world.

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