The Breakthrough To Entrepreneurial Independence

The Breakthrough To Entrepreneurial Independence

July 1st, 2015 // 12:29 pm @

The Breakthrough To Entrepreneurial Independence

This week we Celebrate our Independence, usually with big colorful and loud explosives. If you want to have fireworks in your business and achieve the same autonomy you have in our Country (to choose your own path, life, living, liberty and means of being and pursuing happiness), then you’ll want to make today’s article your obsession in what you do.

As promised last week I’m disclosing the single biggest leap you can ever make in your business. In a sense it’s about independence from worry, struggle, or day to day gradual growth initiatives.

This breakthrough buys you liberation to do business on your own terms and to make your success whatever you want it to be.

It is to expand on either side of it, meaning the relationship you have with your customer and how you get prospects (what you sell), it’s about putting your business in front of more streams, flows of money.

There are four parts to this. But to prepare you for it, we’re going to take a little quiz today in honor of my Friends and Clients in Canada celebrating Canada Day today and us “proud to be American’s” celebrating Independence Day this coming Saturday. Then, show and tell next week, on this evolutionary way of seeing your business, whether you are a Doctor in Private Practice, an online internet based company, a Coach or Consultant, or any other type of business owner, investor, or entrepreneur.

These lessons and my illustration of the ultimate place you want to take your business will be instructive and mind-shifting for everyone. That you can count on. With a specific action stepped plan I might add.


For today, let’s talk about YOU and YOUR reality.

Question –

What did you decide to do 1st thing this morning when you woke up?

Today, marking exactly the half way point through the year 2015…are you further ahead or farther behind of your goals and objectives stated in January?

Are you seeing and feeling tangible progress and in what specific ways?

Your day, everyday is yours for the making. You hold the paint brush of your business, your life, and every facet that what you do work or not so much.

With my Doctors I talk about “ideal days” and the losers always like to say well there is no “ideal” and I say that’s a matter of perspective you fool. You, personally, can’t be perfect, but your life can sure be designed the way you want it.

Everyone is use to playing CATCH UP, running behind, chasing your tail…they are at the mercy of their own creation and it’s only one person’s fault…because they see sacrifice as a necessity, a never ending cycle of paying dues that are self-inflicted, instead calculating, or what I call reverse engineering “sacrifice” as a means to a better way, to getting ahead, to being in control.

Any person has the power to make sure TODAY they woke up and got to do what they wanted to or at least what they are doing today leads them to more of what they want.

I think today is a perfect day to really look at “what’s next for you”, “what’s working”, “what can you be doing more, better, differently”, how can the rest of this year be better than the part that’s already past us.

You become independent by having the life that works best for you, that you enjoy, utilize your talents, pursue your passions and interests, and make the most of your every-days for your own fulfillment and the service of those you make it possible.

Try this on for size today and we’ll get back to work next week. Though, the case could be made that ‘this’ (what you are about to do) is really the ‘work’ that matters most.

Get out pen and a piece of paper, or open up a word document and type these answers…

My favorite questions that I believe must be answered and reflected on ROUTINELY by yourself to validate your independence and remind you who is really in control of YOU, your days, your direction, your discipline, and your decisions about what happens next, where are going, what you are doing, and where you will end up…and why it even matters?

What are you most excited about right now, looking forward, can’t wait for, obsessively pursuing today?

What do you love most about what you do?

What do you hate most about what you do?

If there were anything you could change about your business what would it be?

How do you see success for yourself, this month, by the end of the year, 12 months from now, in 2-3 years what do you want your life to look like?

I am going to tell you a very big secret that you can underestimate the power in it if you choose, or you can decide to take full control over your independence and the outcomes of everything you do in your life.


Is the key to everything you could ever want to do in the future.

To change.
To making a difference.
To being happy.

You can either walk around a zombie in life or you can be reactive to every one and every thing else OR you can choose to be Proactive, In Control, and a Creator – Screenwriter, Director, Master to your Destiny.

Four things are required.

Clarity over what you want and Reality over where you are.
Decision on specific committed changes.
Relentless specific Action towards making them happen.
No Excuses accepted, no obstacles or naysayers allowed.

These are the things that led to independence of great nations and that is the foundation of all sacrifice of all of those who have made our lives, the blank canvas with an unlimited imagination and never ending supply of any color of paint you choose possible.

As I say every single year over and over, use this time, this midpoint in the calendar of your life, this holiday celebration to remember – you decide what your independence means to you – and whether you make good on the sacrifice that’s been made for you and me and everyone else to have the rights to decide on their own success and journey through life in any way you choose.

Reflect, answer those questions, follow the 4 steps…

And then…

Next week I will show you “How To Build An Empire Through The Efforts of Others” and create the ultimate platform for growth and foundation to scale your vision.

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