Monkeys in a Tree

Monkeys in a Tree

June 11th, 2015 // 12:05 pm @

Monkeys in a Tree

Thank you for your wonderful wishes of happiness and your inquisitive curiosity of my trip to Belize. It’s always interesting to me how many more comments are received when it’s things that relate to personal life than to business.

It’s a lesson we always teach. No one can replicate you, you are the only truly unique part of your business. There’s nothing else that can’t be copied or replicated by some one or some machine.

Your personality, your brain, the way you are, that’s what matters most.

Now, I bet there was a giant spike on Amazon last week for The Alchemist, I’ve had so many reports of enjoyment and revelation by it’s lessons.

You got my point last week that you have to be true to yourself, to follow your vision, and pave your own way…once you align your priorities, behaviors, beliefs, and actions with what you most desire and want to accomplish…everything will begin to go your way and fall into place.

If things aren’t working out – for heavens sake don’t look around – as the famous song goes, look in the mirror. When a person lives with congruence they do not fail to progress or fail to succeed.

So, back to Belize…

We took a boat down the River…I wouldn’t classify it as a “tour”, this was a small little boat with just Kristen and I and the Guide, like a show off of National Geographic, we had to go around the coast and wind our way around to the mouth of the River.

The Monkey River.

At it’s mouth sits a little village of just 200 people where the only passage way to it is by boat. It’s isolated from all things and it’s the only town in Belize (so they tell me) that no one has ever died at the hand of another human. No shootings, violence, murders, etc.

This little village you would never know it’s there and yet they have everything they want right there. They have learned to become self-sufficient, I suppose out of necessity in the beginning and yet they’ve chose to stay that way.

Their biggest source of income to the village is Lobster. Which they sell through a coop but direct to Red Lobster restaurants. They are the largest provider to Red Lobster.

This little Belize Fishing Village. Crazy, huh.

It was so interesting how much they knew, how hungry they were to learn but not necessary change their way of life.

My point to this little synopsis is…too many entrepreneurs are looking everywhere else for success instead of just figuring out how to make themselves successful.

This Village in a way is like the acres of diamonds for these people.

What is yours?

Okay, so what I really wanted to tell you about where the Howler Monkeys. The guide said pound for pound they are the loudest mammal on the earth. Their howls can be heard for miles.

And when you are a Monkey and can be eaten by just about anything you have to keep each other safe, so this alarm system is pretty spectacular.

We heard them and it’s was amazing.

What was more amazing than that was watching them play in the tree and eat the leaves and leap from limb to limb.

That’s when the life lesson hit me. The older monkeys would sit for a minute or two, back up a little, and then get a full giant leap in their legs…the young ones would be more nimble and fly around those treats, moving fast and never staying in one spot very much.

But you know what, it’s no different than you and me.

Every monkey, climbs, leaps, and moves from branch to branch. The monkeys have no choice because that’s how they eat, sleep, and live and if they miss any one branch they fall to the Forest floor and a boar, or jaguar, or other monkey eating animal will be waiting for them close by.

The only way a Monkey can progress is by LEAPING and CLIMBING not walking, step by stepping, not by being overly cautious or careful, they have to take chances, they have to leap like their life depends on it, because it does.

I often have the conversation with an Entrepreneur that they just don’t want it bad enough. These days people rely on too many nets beneath them, they work, build their business, pursue things they say they want without really committing to them.

There’s nothing to brag about being a hobbyist entrepreneur. The wealthiest people I know play to win, no matter what they are playing for or who they are playing with.

They are monkeys leaping and climbing…always believing that they will succeed. There is no monkey that leaps thinking they will fall or miss.

Here’s a question for you: what’s holding you back right now? Are you climbing fast and high enough, are you leaping far enough to accomplish your goals.

Being passive or bashful or lacking confidence in your business moves will only get you stuck where you are at.

You’ve probably heard this before, in life there is no standing still, only moving forward or going backwards. You decide which direction you want to go.

Next week I’ll share with you the biggest Leaps you can make in your business to achieve fast growth, big profits, and have a business that compliments your strengths with you’re moving through the jungle of life, entrepreneurship, and marketing and money making endeavors.

In the mean time, get climbing before you fall out of the tree and get eaten alive because you are standing still…waiting for too many things to be just right or happen to you instead of making things happen for you!


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