Making Big Leaps In Your Business and Life

Making Big Leaps In Your Business and Life

June 17th, 2015 // 11:54 am @

Making Big Leaps In Your Business and Life

I enjoyed the feedback and comments from last week’s climbing and leaping correlation of monkeys to you and your life’s journey. I believe you all read with a vision in your mind of the leaps and climbs you are facing right now in your business, practice, life, or other personal expeditions.

Thank you for sharing, I read every single email response and I very much appreciate you taking time to reflect with me and provide insight into how my writing and the philosophies we share further your mission, passion, and purpose.

If there is one thing above all others that you must have firmly implanted in your mind and a core decision on, a commitment you should stay steadfast to within yourself, that is – what “success” (your climb, your journey, your next Leap) is measured and judged by, how you define it and decide upon it is completely up to you.

I have clients building a billion dollar company and some doctors happy to take a lot of vacations, control their own schedule and be happy with six-figures working three days a week.

Your life, your call.

The key is to know what your treasure is and then ensure you have a map to go and get it…to get your treasure, not someone else’s, rather the one that motivates you that makes your belly churn, your heart sing, and your ambition vigor growl with assertive tenacity of motivation.

If you aren’t winning your own game, my goodness, you definitely won’t be winning anyone else’s game either and after all, the only one that matters is your anyhow.


Once your “climb” or in the case of the Monkey’s your Leaping from limb to limb has been decided upon there are a few keys to get you where you want to go faster.

Here are three big “leaps” to get you going…more next week…

First. The big leap is in Price.

It’s the biggest one you can make, seriously, price dictates everything else.

How much profit you have to grow, save, invest, build wealth, and create the business and life of your dreams.

How much you can invest in your patient, customer, client experience.

How much you can invest in your team, your marketing, your future.

You will never and I mean never grow your business the way you want to by shrinking your price and trying to win the volume game.

I see my Doctor clients all the time charging less than the fee that is allowed, making someone else the highest price and therefore profit margin. In the dental industry they do this stupid comparison about what percentile of fees you are within in your area.

It’s just crazy. Why would anyone want to be in less than the highest percentile. You are automatically giving your competition the advantage.

Look, at the end of the day if your customers are shopping you on price you have commoditized yourself. That’s right, you have done it to you, not someone else, not your industry, not your customer, you.

You get to decide how you differentiate and you get to decide how you charge. If you are in a highly regulated industry with price caps for goodness sake max them out and work to find other ways to increase your profit on the upside.

When you try to keep your expenses down and prices low you are trying to breathe without oxygen.

Not possible.

The next big leap you should make is with your lead generation…quite simply these go hand in hand, if you want to raise your fees, if you want to multiply your growth you want to have more “A” customers who will pay premium fees.

Therefore you need more lead flow, more new potential clients so you can accept the ones that best fit with your culture and your philosophy of doing business.

The answer is the more you have the ability to screen, sift and sort, and otherwise put yourself ahead with an advantage it’s going to happen by having more prospects than you need to have customers.

When you get 10 leads and you “need” 10 customers, you are going to be at the mercy of the marketplace. When you go out and act ambitiously with your referral strategies and work to create more demand than you have supply…you win.

So LEAP UP in your lead generation and focus on creating more possible prospects and customers to end up being in a position of power and profitability.

The next BIG BIG BIG leap I want you to make is the leap to THINK BIGGER!!!

Maybe I should have started with this one.

I talk all the time about the glass ceiling and about the limitations you put on yourself. I always say just take a walk around the block or around your city or around your industry or wherever you want to go and there is someone doing what you are thinking about doing, there is someone accomplishing what you are saying isn’t possible. There is someone out there hustling and kicking ass while you are sitting on yours pondering and excuse making all the reasons why you got the short end of the stick.

NOTHING will happen in reality if you first don’t believe it is possible and you have it worked out in your mind. The famous book…Think and Grow Rich is often corrected by one of my mentors and friends Dan Kennedy that says Think and Act and Grow Rich.

Make a big leap in your life and start deciding what you want instead of deciding what you ‘think’ is possible.

Work backwards.

Envision the end results not the struggles and challenges of getting there.

If you aren’t asking big enough questions and working towards a big enough objective you will always fall short. And remember success is whatever you want it to be…so make it big, you deserve it and hey, you only live once.

And like I always say, if you think you are okay to settle, accept the status quo, and you just really want for nothing…trying asking your spouse…I bet they have an opinion about the way they wish things could be…bigger, better, and more rewarding for everyone involved.

Make these three leaps and watch your business soar.

Get to work on these 3 and we’ll move to Advanced Leaps in your Business next week, one that I’m sure will surprise you.

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