Advanced Breakthroughs In Your Business

Advanced Breakthroughs In Your Business

June 24th, 2015 // 2:05 pm @

Advanced Breakthroughs In Your Business

Well, are you ready?

Did you maximize your fees by raising your Prices last week?

Did you ramp up your lead generation to create more demand?

Have you condition your mind for bigger thinking?

These things must occur for you to achieve the next level of growth and profitability in your business.

I promised 3 more ADVANCED LEAPS to make in your business if you really want to scale while achieving independent and perpetual growth without your daily oversight and micro management.

Advanced Leap #1

Changing your business from Sales to Culture, from commodity to extraordinary, from just “doing” to “being” with your Customers.

Here’s the thing, if you only deal with customers to take their money you aren’t going to get very far. If you are engaging clients, patients, customer and prospects into your culture, into what and how you believe about the thing you sell or deliver, you will build loyalty and followers of your methods.

And that changes everything in your business.

You can be about sales or you can be about people. It’s a big difference. You can be about transactions or you can be about relationships.

Take a hard look at how Prospects see your business, your sales process, your engagement with them and find a way to

– be different
– be better
– be more
– be about something rather than just trying to sell something

This is an advanced leap from just making money to building an organization that serves a group of people.

Advanced Leap #2

Systems, Systems, Systems,

If I ask you this question…

At the end of this month what have you put in place that you never have to repeat again, what have you installed, developed, created, that now will work next month without starting over?

One of the biggest leaps you can make in your Business is achieving what we call the compounding effect where your efforts build on top of each other (just like interest but much much much bigger and faster) month, quarter, year after month, quarter, year where you can continue to EXPAND instead of just repeat.

You want to be putting things, people and technology in place that works so you don’t have to.

Systems, though not the only form of it, are the best way to create leverage in your business as you begin to really grow your vision.

Ask yourself: what are the things that I have to do again and again every single month just to keep the money flowing, the prospect coming and manage the growth and how can I put something in place that will allow me to go work on “what’s next” for us?

This also means you have to be willing to let go and let other people grow into their roles and help you accomplish your mission. You can’t control everything or you will end up controlling nothing.

Empowering others is a type of system when they create leverage for you and it makes your time more valuable to focus on the vision and what you are ultimately committed to achieving and accomplishing and creating.

Advanced Leap #3

This one I have talked about many times before. Still very few people do anything about it.

The single biggest leap you can ever make in your business is to expand on all sides of it, meaning the relationship you have with your customer, how you get prospects, what you sell, who you sell to – it’s about putting your business in front of more streams of money.

This is a big topic to include in a bullet point so I will explain it next week in a dedicated article called How To Build An Empire through the efforts of others and create the ultimate platform for growth and foundation to scale your vision.

There are four parts to this. Show and tell next week.

Here’s the morale to this story.

Unfortunately I see way too many talented, smart, ambitious Entrepreneurs get stuck in the cycle of sales growth where they diminish their own personal value to that of a salesperson instead of a expansionist of opportunity in their business.

When you focus on the next “sale” or income event you are only getting through the next time period. You are not growing a company.

An enterprise is self-sustaining it’s leader gets to focus on ways to make it bigger, expand it, make it more profitable.

This comes from these 3 Advanced Leaps you make from business owner to entrepreneur from sales professional to strategist and opportunists.

I challenge you to look at your business as you would any other business, does it have the consistently and infrastructure to project and create the wealth you desire, to manage and cultivate talent from within the team.

These are all things you must take a hard look at and decide…what’s next for you, where do you want to go, how “big” do you want to get?

Make deliberate decisions about your life and your involvement in your business and what the future looks like so you can go all in on the Advanced Leaps for your business or you can just get by and settle for what happens.

You get to decide to be a high income earner within in your business or a valued investor achieving income and wealth accumulation from your efforts because of your systems and deliberate infrastructure and approach.

I believe you’ll say…”let’s keep climbing” after all as the Great Zig Ziglar said, “the view is far better from the top”. So, I challenge you to make your business everything it’s capable of being, everything you can imagine, and all that you deserve and desire to culminate through growth, expansion, prosperity, and overall enhancements to all that you do.

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