Convenience versus Conviction

Convenience versus Conviction

May 14th, 2015 // 11:44 am @

Convenience versus Conviction

I was just reminded of the time I was on the phone with a good personal friend of mine and he said, “I got a lot of things accomplished this week… made a lot of decisions on several things.”

And then as our conversation progressed, we came back to this and he said, “yeah, I think a lot of times people just need to make more decisions.” And of course since I write about this very concept in some way or another every week I agreed with him and I threw in my opinion (which I always do) and said, “For sure, isn’t that the truth, people don’t get anything done because they are just too busy thinking and usually scared or timid about deciding!”

Look, I don’t want to rehash old stuff, but then, is there ever really anything old. No. I write for me every time I write for you, it’s a reminder of what I should be doing, thinking, acting on, believing in, every single day and if time allowed I could reread my stuff and other people’s just to make sure I’m on track and keeping myself in check and empowered to proceed, aggressively, determinedly, with conviction and excitement.

My brother and I have gotten in the habit and really trained ourselves to make decisions every time we talk or see each other, sure there is some dialogue and often deliberation about matters, but nothing ever ends without some decision on and about something.

After all, it’s decision that comes before anything else.

Through my study in the martial arts I have long believed that all things of magnitude and significance in your life are first created in your minds eye, lived out “up there”, then realized in reality, “down here”.

There are two questions that are fitting for you, now, in this moment and in every other, that you can never go wrong answering and then acting on – and they are, I believe two of the secrets to living a truly happy and fulfilling life… one where you “feel” satisfied and “live” without regrets.

The questions my friend are:

What decision should you be making right now that indecision, limbo, stalemate, stalling, delaying, ignoring, pretending, etc is holding you back from living, doing, proceeding with the things you deeply want to enjoy, achieve, do, accomplish, etc?

This is a powerful question and its answer will have equally powerful impact on your life.

What you, I, anyone can never realize fully is the impact “NOT” making this decision is having on you and OTHERS in all aspects of your life. Nothing, in this life, is separable from anything else.

Yep, it’s all connected any-thing touching you is affected by every-thing touching you.

Liberate yourself with this question and liberate your life.

Next question…

Now that you have decided…what are the ramifications of waiting ANY amount of time longer, than following your decision with the necessary and congruent actions – NOW?

Oh, I don’t know what you thought the 2nd question was going to be, but this is it. You see the actions that follow your decision are always obvious, the “what’s next” is clear before you made the decision, it has to be, see the paragraph above about how things happen.

Therefore the 2nd question is not “what’s next”, but rather, what can you do NOW, what are the costs of waiting, and why would you?

The 2nd most damaging and painful way to live and/or run your business is to pretend you don’t know what decision to make. The MOST damaging and painful way to life and run your business is to have already decided and know the decision but to delay the actions that are congruent with the execution of your decisions.

You know the saying, the best things don’t come easy, if it’s easy it’s probably not worth it, you have to fight for what you want, my favorite “the brave man gets the pretty girl”, that’s an old eastern philosophy taught to the sons of the warriors.

Truth is, you don’t need any cliché or silly saying to make you follow your dreams and live your life as best and as only you can…you just have to WANT ‘something’ BAD ENOUGH, to withstand the short term pain and inconvenience of your decision to get to the glory and long term joy and satisfaction you deserve.

It really is about that by the way, your convenience versus your conviction, which would you rather build a life, your business, around…I know what foundation I’ll choose every time.

What path you chose is up to you. How will you answer these questions? What decisions will you make and how long will you wait, what will it take for you to want it bad enough to do it, whatever it is, NOW!

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