Breaking through Your Glass Ceiling

Breaking through Your Glass Ceiling

May 27th, 2015 // 1:42 pm @

Breaking through Your Glass Ceiling

You have undoubtedly heard of the concept of a glass ceiling. The thing you are living under (that you do not realize is even there), that is holding you back. You can see through it but you can never break through it because you do not have the awareness that it is real.

My friend Lee Milteer who recently published one of the best, most complete books I’ve ever read… it’s truly incredible, that is if you are open to changing your life. (you can get it on Amazon, it’s called Reclaim the Magic: The Real Secrets to Manifesting Anything You Want)

She calls them a self-fulfilling prophecy which is what we each live out every day and every year of our life. These are things that determine how big we think, how positive we feel, how much money we make, how much influence we have, how healthy we become, and so on and so forth.

The reality of the glass ceiling states you see other people’s realities but do not believe they can be your own reality. Even when you entertain them, the glass ceiling acts as a force field preventing you from going beyond this point.

Consider it the atmosphere keeping your from reaching the stratosphere.

You will be making progress in some way, shape or form in your life and then all the sudden something will happen that jolts you back to YOUR reality and it makes you “take 3 steps back” before you can start taking one step forward again.

All of these setbacks are self-sabotage and self-inflicted because you have not trained yourself to truly believe that you deserve more than what you are achieving.


One of the greatest compliments I received from a client about 30 days ago was when he told me the one benefit he never realized would come from our relationship was the dramatic and profound effect I would have on helping him believe that he deserved more, was capable of more, and could achieve and design his life to be whatever he wanted it to be.

He was held back by thinking he was limited in what was possible because of decisions he made, made it not possible for him to achieve more.

That’s crazy.

In my personal work with Dentists and Doctors all over the world, you can have 3 Dentists in the same city, sometimes on the same street or even in the same building doing relatively the same thing and all have 3 dramatically different realities, both personally, financially, professionally, and in all other ways.

I talk to more Dentists privately and personally than any other human being on the planet about their lives and I can tell you to some $5,000 a day is success others $7,000-10,000 a day is success, and then to the high achievers $20,000 is a bad day.

My highest income earning Dentists earn more in one week than most do in a Month, more in a day than some do in a week. How can this be, why is this so, it is because of the glass ceiling they choose to place over their head.

Nothing limits you but your own decisions, your own beliefs, and your own chosen realities.

You can’t deny this because there are others around you proving all that is possible. Here’s the good news – you can change anything you want – you just have to ‘want’ to and then ‘decide’ to – ultimately your life is your choice.

Often times I get the excited call from a client who just closed their biggest deal or just had their biggest month or just reached another X# of million in their wealth account.

And yet there are people reading this right now that do not even believe they could possibly deserve to earn more than a few hundred thousand dollars a year. What you believe you deserve is what you will receive.

Right now your lives are set-up to keep you where you are at, to limit you to what you have structured yourself to earn – if you want to change that – you have to change something – you have to MAKE ROOM FOR GROWTH!!!

If I had to describe the most valuable concept that I teach and help orchestrate into my clients’ lives it is this – making room for growth – getting more out of what you’ve got – become more in yourself and the people around you – my primary responsibility is to break through the glass ceiling you have created for yourself.

And eventually you will build another one over your head and then we’ll breakthrough that one too. Some people breakthrough every few years, some decades, the serious students do it at least annually, and of course I prefer you to do it monthly, quarterly, etc.

Whenever I talk to a business person who says well this month is X% up over last year. I think to myself, last year, that’s like historic times, long ago, are you f’ing crazy, who gives a flying S#!+ about what THIS TIME LAST YEAR was – for goodness sake – how about LAST MONTH, LAST WEEK, YESTERDAY – how much are we over, up, ahead of WHERE WE WERE SUPPOSE TO BE – what today COULD HAVE BEEN.

If you want to know the single greatest accelerator to success and breaking through the glass ceiling is something we talk about here a lot –

ACCEPT PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for where your life is and what you are accomplishing or not accomplishing right now.

You have the exact life and business you have allowed. And that’s where the power is, you can change it at any time in any way – so go ahead and do it!

What do you believe your Glass Ceiling to be?
What would you change about your schedule, your day, your life, your business, your team, your income, your healthy – make a wish list – and be your own genie.

Remember this, you are living into the structure and framework you have set-up and/or accepted and/or allowed to happen. There is no other reason, it is not your ability, your worth, your childhood, your friends, family, employees, or anything or anyone else – your reality is what it is because the formula of your life equals the results you are living.

Make room for more, more knowledge, more income, more wealth, more positivity, more control, more prosperity, more of everything you want and less of everything you don’t, make room for growth in yourself, in those around you, in your business, and in your life and live into your vision, way beyond and above your glass ceiling!

You can do it, you are capable of it, you deserve it, the only question is will you…

The question of your life is, do you believe in magic…your own magic, the magic of your life and possibilities of your future.

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