A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

May 20th, 2015 // 2:04 pm @

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

I want to take a minute and say – I hope you are having a great year and productive month. Time flies I know and you are probably so often caught up in the flow of the week that one leads to the next and you don’t often stop long enough to smell the roses, as they say, or take an quick inventory of the progress you have and continue to make and celebrate your success and all that you’ve done, worked hard for, to get to where you are at.

The Entrepreneur has to give themselves their own gold stars as one of my great friends and mentors always says. It is important to check-in with “you” once in a while and make sure you aren’t getting distracted in the ‘living’ of life and ‘working’ of work that you lose sight of all the joys, benefits, privileges you’ve earned in all you have done, are doing, and will continue to do.

So – congratulations, good job… now back to work.

One of the things I believe really separates the real champions from those who just win once in a while or those who never really ‘arrive’ or hit their stride is they are always spending their time “preparing” for success instead of just going out there and doing something to be successful.

I believe a little goes a long way with anything you are doing in life and business.

Changing something is better than changing nothing at all.

Making small tweaks, trying new things, testing, all happen by action not by deliberation.

When you are constantly waiting for something to be perfect, or fit just right, or be all the way done, or achieve a point of completion, or sit around pretending some day it’s all going to be certain – you are making the biggest mistake of them all.

The most costly sacrifice in life is

Squandering of time
Losing opportunity

Here’s reality – the more you empower people to do things for you, the more you let go and liberate others to grow and prosper and evolve in themselves, the less control you will have – but the more success you will achieve – the more impact and influence you will bring to others.

I can honestly say I learned that the hard way and continue to.

In direct mail marketing we talked about the letter perfectly written that never gets mailed makes you no money.

Waiting around to execute, take action, implement advice, ideas, and new systems, every day, every customer, client, patient transactions you miss out on you are losing the two most valuable assets we have – time and opportunity.

Get in the habit of sending your ideas and your people out to work, get them in the game, and then keep figuring things out.

If you want to change something or you know there is a better way – just do it. And then figure it out as you go. You will always learn more by in-the-trenches feedback and real life experience and test results than your mind can ever analyze and over thinking something into being effective.

They say Actions speak louder than Words and we all know you can’t actually “think” yourself rich – you do have to allow those Thoughts to Manifest into Action and then into Money.

Today, this week, make a list or check the one you’ve already got, and see how many ideas, actions, things, people are still sitting on that list that could be out there doing good for you and those you serve by just getting started, by making some progress in the right direction rather than no progress at all.

And finally, take a few minutes and sit down and hammer out the top 3 priorities that you know can make a big difference that you’ve been over-thinking, delaying, sitting on…waiting for the right time or place or people or all the other excuses you’ve used to justify your inaction disguised as busyness – and do whatever it takes to get these Top 3 Priorities in Motion.

You will soon see your results multiply, your progress accelerate, your energy and momentum build because there is so much more power in doing a little bit than nothing at all.

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