Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me

Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me

April 29th, 2015 // 2:37 pm @

Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me

Everybody has certainly heard that line. And most of the time we walk around either picking on other people or wondering why people are picking on you.

And that pretty much summarizes your business now doesn’t it.

In life it’s a pretty simple concept. People pick on others because they don’t want to pick on themselves. That would just make no sense at all.

Here’s the reality that becomes the most important thing of life, it is the single most powerful force at least here on earth that will change everything it is this.


I have long taught since my days walking around in my uniform teaching Martial Arts, that personal-responsibility is the key to all things. And because I had a business checking account, made my own money, and paid taxes younger than most people have kissed a girl, drove a car, or stay at home all night by themselves there was only one way to make sure I accomplished my goals.

That was to make sure I accomplished them.

Oh, that does not mean I didn’t use the efforts of others, I did. I have had an assistant, secretary, cleaner since I was 17 years old, because I had no choice, I knew the value of my time and I needed every minute of it to count.

There is a famous saying that goes like this.

“When the Team Wins, the Team did good, when the Team Loses, the Coach should have done better.” Ultimately it’s the person who OWNS the Practice, Business, Opportunity that carries the responsibility.

No different than the Quarterback throwing the ball. If everyone else does their job right and the Quarterback botches the pass, throws the interception, it’s easy to say someone else messed up – but – that is NOT what Winners do.

Champions, the people with the most W’s are those that take responsibility for their own outcomes.

When I talk with my Dentists I have often had to get on the phone and walk a Patient through their treatment, to close the case, secure the deposit and explain why, what, how, and when just to prove it’s possible and, yes, to stick it in face of the Quarterback who is pretending like they have no control over the outcomes.

I have, to this day, never met a person who is happy, healthy, successful, and financially independent based on their own initiative and effort who blames other people.

There is something to be said for realizing what’s special about you and owning up to it. If people pick on you it doesn’t make them right but it also doesn’t make you different. Embrace who you are, stand up for what you believe in, and above all else take responsibility for what “is”.

In life there are things we often can’t change. Only love, compassion, family, forgiveness can get you through these things.

In business on the other hand, everything is fixable, changeable, rectifiable, your customers my be picking on you by not buying, by not following-through, by not referring, by not paying, or even complaining because their life doesn’t work and somehow they blame you.

At the end of the day – you aren’t going to change them individually, you can however change who your customer is – what you can only change is how you respond, interact, adjust, course correct, and make something happen.

You can change you.

It’s easy to sit around and feel sorry for yourself. To end your days with things left on your list. To accept mediocrity or settle for less than your stated goals and objectives. It’s easy to stand around blaming others and pointing fingers – and here’s what you should know…

That’s like you standing in the middle of the street losing track of time day-dreaming to the sky and then getting run over by a truck and saying it’s the drivers fault.

Nope. You just had your head up in the clouds or perhaps somewhere else is more fitting.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received from my grandpa was “there’s no reason to get mad because you just have to get glad all over again…”

The point of that is not to have “emotion” or “energy” directed in a helpful way, it’s that you do not give up control over yourself and give it to other people and then pretend it’s their fault.

Here is the key, life and your business will always be picking on who ever lets it…if you are so focused doing some-things to help yourself and determined to be proactive and ask the magic question “where is the profit in that” and “what should I be doing right now to make something happen” you will always win.

And you’ll never notice what’s going on around you.

People come to me from all over the world to learn, listen, study wealth attraction and prosperity, to unblock and destroy the things that are holding them back, where people, places, things, beliefs, behaviors, etc

And today, you get this one gratis on me: money, people, influence, energy, opportunity they all move, multiply, and compound by being attracted to personal responsibility, positive attitude, and taking control of your own outcomes, results, and success.

Don’t play the blame game there are no winners.

If you give blame to anyone other than yourself you are a loser.

If you accept blame from anyone other than yourself you are a victim.

Ain’t no profit or prosperity or positivity in those two words, not something I would want to be. Best news of the day you get to choose. All the time. Every day. In every circumstance.

Last thought.

What’s weighting you down that fits into either of those two categories…write it down, burn it up, make peace and amends with it, let it go, get on with your life, it’s short, precious, and meant to be enjoyed, lived, and made something of.

Have fun. Work hard. Profit big. Feel good. You deserve it.

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