The Tax Man vs. Prosperity – Who Wins

The Tax Man vs. Prosperity – Who Wins

April 15th, 2015 // 12:28 pm @

The Tax Man vs. Prosperity – Who Wins

They say there are only two things certain in life, death and taxes. How’s that for motivation.

Really, if you are willing to accept it, I’m going to give you one of the biggest secrets of the most prosperous people I know. Those who seem to attract money, opportunities, wealth, and pretty much anything they want.

Here’s the secret…

They don’t get bogged down in the details – ever.

And taxes…they are a detail.

Of course you should not pay more than you are required to by law and you ought to toe the line or nudge the sand a little whenever possible. The key though is to not resent it, not fight it, not be emotionally depressed by it.

Instead, be motivated by it.

Yes. All rich n’ happy n’ successful people feed off of motivation. Pay more taxes means you made more money.

One of the fastest ways to tell how someone views the concept of abundance, prosperity and money is to listen to how they talk about ‘expenses’.

It’s crazy to me that people in business would think the way they do about business. Most entrepreneurs live and act like accountants instead of business people. They are always watching and counting the numbers FROM THE PAST – instead of focusing on creating more NUMBERS and MONEY for the FUTURE.

This is a vivid and critical life altering distinction.

When I review financial information for my Doctors (and I review more individually, intimately, personal information of more Doctors than anyone on the planet), they always want to talk about HOW MUCH they made LAST YEAR – I want to focus on how much they are going to make THIS YEAR.

I want to know how much money they left on the table, the treatment that is still walking around the streets of their town that wasn’t captured. I want to know the average diagnosis of the New Patients to see if they are on target for the future, not the past.

This focus on Past versus Future, and Expenses versus Income is dramatic, it changes the way money flows into your life.

I intentionally structure my business and I have at least since I began to make actual money where my sole focus for everything I do is attracting the money…I do not deal with expenses…there are two reasons, one I want to be focused on prosperity and I want money flowing to me not away from me and two I never want to make a decision about what’s best for my customers based on expenses.

There is a saying my company lives by and if my clients won’t adopt my philosophy they won’t be my clients – the saying is –

What’s BEST for the Customers will ALWAYS be worth it.

Meaning that it will pay for itself.

You must believe that. When you short change your customer because you focus on expenses, I ask you how many referrals are you losing, how many months of service will they cut off, how much less will they spend because you are cheap.

This year don’t fret the Tax Man…you can try to beat him by being smart, but whatever you do don’t try to beat him by earning less money.

In most sports you win by scoring more points not by making sure the other team doesn’t score any. Sure there is a balance…and I’m here to tell you as the Entrepreneur of your organization You want to be on offense, you want to be the quarterback and focused ONLY on scoring points.

The way you view expenses, taxes, and things that take money away from you is one of the biggest differences between the successful and the trying-to-be successful. It’s where you put your focus, your priorities.

You will never “save” your way to financial independence. I promise you, you won’t. You will only “EARN” your way, “INVEST” your way to financial independence.

People who “retire” on their wealth is not because they cut their expenses and have diminishing returns, it’s because they build investments that provide cash flow to live from.

Bottom line: Look at any person with a conscience who is a role model of prosperity and success and does good for society.

They don’t get bogged down in details.
They don’t focus on expenses and doing the least possible.
They think big picture, they focus on creation, not suppression.

Taxes only prove how hard you were working…how much you earned.

You don’t have to like it – just don’t let them fool you and win by tricking you into being less of a person or business owner than you have the potential to be.

How you ‘feel’ about this and these type of things really does make all the difference.

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