It’s All About Today and The ‘Right Now’

It’s All About Today and The ‘Right Now’

April 23rd, 2015 // 12:50 pm @

It’s All About Today and The ‘Right Now’

“You’ll never have more time in your life than you do right now!”

This was a saying in a book I gave as gift recently. It’s a powerful statement. Read it again…

“You’ll never have more time in your life than you do right now!”

If you know me, which you should, then you know I’m a very fatalistic person. Waking up each morning with the hour glass in my mind feeling the sand slipping away with less time on the earth by tonight than I started with this morning.

Now, in all fairness, life circumstances, B.S., and humanity in general affect me as much as the next person and there are days, stretches of time, that I do not move, act, decide, live with as much vigor, assertiveness, and decisive and deliberate action as I prefer, should, and stake my reputation by.

But, all in all, I adhere to the quote in one of my favorite movies…The Dead Poet’s Society.

CARPE DIEM – Seize the Day / where Robin Williams instructs from the reading of a poem to “suck the marrow out of life”.

I do that, in all I do, every experience, every interaction, every moment…least I try that’s for damn sure.

And I believe anyone who doesn’t is someone you should spend as little time around as possible.

And, most importantly, here’s what you must know – THEY WILL NEVER BECOME LIKE YOU, but it is inevitable and impossible to stop, control, deny the fact that you certainly will become more like them.

Think about this, if you rub up against someone or something, what also happens…they also rubbed against you – heaven forbid.

That’s why I hate crowds, touching people, yuck!

And the bitch of it all is simple, if you are clean and rub up against something dirty – it does not become more clean…you become more dirty.

So, the lesson of the day is be around people who you want to be more like and people who live life similarly.

It’s like relationships, go ahead and let someone tell you that opposites attract, ha, yes they do, for about 10 minutes, or maybe a few months, even a couple years if they really lie to each other a lot…but they don’t last.

Just like your customers or patients, it’s got to be a MATCH. Message to Market MATCH. No opposites attracting will lead to money in your bank account.

Whether they value life the way you do. You understand what I’m saying here.

If you are uncomfortable, uneasy, or any other “un” in your life right now it’s because you are not in balance or being completely congruent with who you are as a person.

So, what’s one to do about this…

Make decisions
Take dramatic and radical action.

My point and the line I used to begin this writing with today,

“You will never have more time in your life than you do right now!”

Put another way by the Great Zig Ziglar, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”

It matters not what yesterday, last week, month, or year was for you, rather what TOMORROW WILL BE!

Hold sacred time.
Value yourself.
Savor your life.

And commit to living TODAY the way you want your life to be tomorrow, because you’ll never have more time than you do right now.

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