How to be a Bigger Fool

How to be a Bigger Fool

April 1st, 2015 // 2:37 pm @

How to be a Bigger Fool

Yes. Good ole April Fools’ Day.

Funny isn’t it. 90-days in. I wonder if this day was meant to be a wake up call. Catch you sleeping. 1st quarter over, 3 to go, the new year is not so new anymore. And yet here we are, what’s new? What’s happened? Where are you at, what’s your progress to date?

I wonder how many times people wake up on April 1st and think about the fact a new quarter just began. You are either way ahead, way behind, or on track, it’s pretty much one of these things…

The key is keeping momentum going. Everything in life is about momentum isn’t that right?!

It seems to me too many people are worried about looking like a fool instead of focused on making things happen.

There is my favorite saying about being bold and taking action. Money, opportunity, life, love, just about everything that exists favors the BOLD. It favors people willing to take risks.

I say today, this April Fools’ Day, why not be a fool.

Do something crazy.

Get out of your box, no, blow the damn box up.

Escape your comfort zone.

Nothing (and I mean nothing) amazing, meaningful, significant, dramatic will ever happen to you or for you without you being the catalyst for it and without you doing something different from what you are used to doing.

Use this day, April 1, 2015, to make a promise to yourself, to take an oath, to ensure you never sit still too long, you never try the same thing again and again, you don’t keep looking at your problems from the same view point.

Remember it’s the people who call you the fool who are living a life of boring monotony and keep complaining about their results or lack there of but are unwilling to look in the mirror to try something different.

You know my favorite 3 words…more, better, faster…more, better, different…more, better, bolder.
Be a fool today – a fool that dreams big dreams.
Be a fool today – a fool that see everything as possible.
Be a fool today – a fool that never takes no for an answer and is determined to write their own destiny, pave their own path, and chase their true self and lives with a hunger and fire burning inside of them.
Enjoy life. Live it deeply. Take risks and be bold. Some people will call you foolish while others applaud you for going where they’ve never braved to go.

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