What to do when you are stuck in a funk…

What to do when you are stuck in a funk…

February 4th, 2015 // 3:47 pm @

What to do when you are stuck in a funk…

Oh sure, it happens to everyone. I always say success will happen despite struggle, frustration, challenge, crisis, not void of it.

The champions, the winners just know how to respond. This is why thick skin, tenacity, laser focus and discipline are key traits of those who make things happen and make a lot of money while doing it.

You have to persevere and have resilience hour by hour and day to day…the year is made up of 365 of them and each has 24 hours, to point out the obvious.

What you do with them is what matters.

Days waste away in seconds and minutes; each must be managed, optimized, held accountable for productive, progressive, profitable results.

So, when you find yourself stuck or struggling or a little down in the dumps or lacking focus in some way you have two choices and only two.

Fight through it.

Or wallow in it.

The choice of champions is easily identifiable.

I’d like to offer you four things to remember and then a list of suggestions to help you FIGHT THROUGH IT no matter what.

1st – to be focused you have to have a focus, an objective, agenda, a priority, a purpose…this should be summarized in THE ONE MAIN THING, the first domino if you will that makes everything else in your life/business work.

There is no “one thing” that leads to success, but there is always a “one thing” that is the ultimate leverage point and should be your passionate obsession and focus for your business.

2nd – you must not be in denial that the sun will always be shining…in Phoenix some time ago I was there when it rained 4 or 5 days in a row for the first time in like 8 years or something…that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t going to shine tomorrow and it doesn’t mean it’s not going to rain again, either way, the day, progress, your plan must go on – deal with it – make your success dependent on nothing, especially your mood.

3rd – momentum matters, actually far more than you could ever realize or what most people would admit. Call it whatever you want, when you are moving you get rhythm, build energy, have universal force and that leads to momentum. The people who are most successful are always in their stride, always moving down field and building, leveraging, capitalizing on momentum.

Learn to orchestrate the catalysts in your life that drive momentum AND eliminate and avoid all things that slow you down and get in your way.

If you never get to the sweet spot you never get to the profit and growth potential of your business.

4th – you have to BREAK OUT of a funk, explode, adjust, DO SOMETHING to get unstuck…it’s not just going to happen, notice it, be aware of it, acknowledge it and then do something about it, fast.

If you must sulk for some reason, accept it, schedule it’s end point on the clock or calendar and just stop doing other things during this time otherwise you will screw up a lot of opportunity.

When a sports player is in a slump they don’t think their way out of it THEY PLAY THEIR WAY OUT OF IT – action (as the famous saying goes) beats meditation.

So here are my top 5 ways to break out of a funk…depending on the type of funk it is, sometimes you are obviously and visibly exhausted or fatigued in that case, REST and recuperate, despite what we all want to believe we are at the end of the day only human and your body and mind need respected and appreciated and cared for.

1. Change your environment

2. Get active, exercise, adventure, release adrenaline

3. Watch a movie, get engrossed in it

4. Identify the “person, place, or thing” that is weighing on your mind and confront it, deal with it, eliminate it, extricate it – end it’s impact and influence on and over you

5. Get help, expert advice, a QUALIFIED third party perspective…it’s known by everyone that the highest paid athletes and entrepreneurs have coaches, advisors, ass-kickers and motivators to keep them going

lastly, the 3 secret bonuses…

Go where money, positivity, opportunity, prosperity exist…a big city, a valuable event or seminar, shopping mall, vacation, book store

Unwind more often, if you run hard, you have to have downtime, this feeds your productivity and creativity and ability to make the most of every day.

Think about this, the top athletes in the world while they “train” everyday they “play” much much much less than they train, they prepare 90% of their time and play only 10% of their time.

You don’t have that luxury, but you must have that discipline.

This should all be good news to you. Apply it and prosper, integrate these lessons into your life and achieve happiness, balance to whatever degree that is possible and realistic, and most of all peace of mind.

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