‘Real-Time’ Money Attraction Techniques from VEGAS!

‘Real-Time’ Money Attraction Techniques from VEGAS!

January 28th, 2015 // 2:42 pm @

‘Real-Time’ Money Attraction Techniques from VEGAS!

Friends, I write to you today from Las Vegas. The City of Lights and Luxury and Sights and Sounds you’ll only find right here in this spot in the middle of nowhere desert USA.

If you haven’t been for awhile, come back to visit, it’s extraordinary and powerful lessons in wealth attraction and the psychology of your customers.

No joke. There are lessons everywhere.

And it’s important to put yourself in places that breakthrough your own barriers to thinking, belief in the possible, and otherwise shock your system that the world is bigger than You and Your Life and Customers.

Here’s a funny fact.

Your customers have been to vegas, at least a portion of them, betcha, and when they were here they weren’t pinching pennies, so why do you let them do that with you…guess what, I’ll tell you, because you haven’t set up an environment to influence and sway your customers strongly enough in one direction or the other to partake of your services and buy into your ideas.

That’s right. It is your responsibility.

Most businesses, doctors’ offices, online websites, whatever you use as your way of making and attracting money are simply an environment of INDIFFERENCE.

It doesn’t matter if your customer says yes, today, if they buy today, if they want what you have today – you give them no reason to be a customer – it’s an option that isn’t always much more compelling than the alternative.

Bad way to be my friends.

With that said, here’s 3 BIG MONEY BREAKTHROUGHS from Las Vegas that attract money and open up the flood gates to opportunity from their customers.

1. Be for someone specific – VEGAS is the Master of Niching!!!

Everywhere you look in Las Vegas there is something for everyone. There is something for each person and interest and subculture specifically.

In every Casino there is ‘every’ style and type of restaurant, low, middle, high class, different types of food, styles of service. It’s all there.

Pick your preference.

If you wander around the Casino floor, there are endless types, styles, themes of machines. Why? because some people have an affinity for a particular TYPE of GAME or THEME or STORY. They like Monopoly or Wheel of Fortune or the Princess Fairies in the Woods or whatever other crazy imaginable things that are there.

What about the Shows? Same thing, every type of show on earth is in Las Vegas.

It is no secret that this is the single greatest tourist destination in the United States…the UNITED STATES…because it has been manufactured to be just that because it is FOR INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE at the same time it is for as many people as possible.

In your business, you SHOULD NOT be for everyone, you aren’t Las Vegas, but you should be for SOMEONE specifically and you can have a half dozen or dozens of different customers you serve, just make sure you are attracting them and speaking to them directly. Meet them where they are at, show them you understand them and you are FOR THEM.

Niche, create affinity, be interesting. The customers and money will follow.

2. Everything is THE BEST – and in Vegas, how can you argue!

I have been keeping track, every Casino has a show or multiple shows, and on every banner and advertising piece every show says the same thing…

“THE BEST SHOW IN VEGAS” or “the best show on the strip…”

None of them say, “hey, we’re the 2nd best comedy so come here on day 2 after you went to that best one over there…”

C’mon. It’s silly right.

Well, get with the program, most businesses, their marketing and relationship says anything and everything BUT “the best”. And I don’t care if you can’t even legally say “BEST” you have to act like it, you have to look like it, and you have to give your customers, patients or clients REASONS to validate and justify their doing business with you.

That is just reality.

Here’s the trick, any “show” in Vegas can be the “best INSERT ADJECTIVE” because no other show uses that adjective and the truth is, they are only best at WHATEVER THEY WANT TO SAY THEY ARE BEST AT – and of course it’s just a matter of opinion, but it’s there opinion that influences and dictates and controls the opinion of the person walking by, buying their tickets, seeing their show.

You can’t attract money if you don’t first attract the customer.

Do you get this point? BE YOUR OWN BEST PROMOTER or die because your customers will be indifferent about you.

3. and my favorite… Vegas is the best place to bring your Sales Team…but don’t throw them in a seminar room, PUT THEM ON THE STREET.

Vegas is a street town, people in the trenches, everywhere you go, fighting, literally fighting for your mind space, your dollars, your attention, your attendance at their place of business.

Whether it’s a spot in a casino.
A reservation at a restaurant.
Or a seat in a show or room in a hotel.

They all want you.

And it’s driven by people out connecting with other people. Sure you see the lights, read the signs, but at the end of the day, most everything in Vegas and every dollar driven, is done by either someone strategically out there getting it or by referral word of mouth energy stimulated by points #1 and #2.

I am constantly helping my clients to create “in the trenches” marketing activities to grow their businesses in multiples because IT WORKS and at the end of the day, nothing will replace human interaction.

My colleagues and even clients can’t believe how our company can grow so fast and be so profitable per person involved and the answer is simple, we follow what I’m sharing with you here today and we engage and interact with the customer…they become our friends because we focus on relationship first.

And you can’t over look that.

At that the end of the day most entrepreneurs are trying to find as many ways as possible to disengage from the customer, to save time, cut costs, to avoid interacting with humans and it’s the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

Money is attracted to trust and energy gained only through human interaction.

If you find more ways to engage and learn from Vegas Lesson #3 you will find it impossible to fail and hard to stop the growth once you build momentum.

Hey, get out, go do something, look up at the sky in awe and wonder, look around at other people, learn things, you need exposure to things…

Every year I host a retreat for my top private clients to literally drag their asses out of their business and out of their same-old-way of thinking and break free from preconceived ideas.

You want a pick-me-up on your prosperity, there are lots of recommendations I have for you, but, Vegas, not a bad place to start.

I hope you will apply and take seriously these wealth attraction and money manifestation business building customer engaging strategies I have shared with you today.

For me, it’s my wife’s birthday week and first time in Vegas in her life, so I’m going to get out there and get back to feeding the economy being a participant and recipient to amazing marketing and let those money magnets pull me in.

Ask yourself what are the customer attracting strategies you have in your business right now, what should they be, how can you make them better, how can you do more for your customer, not less, how can you generate MORE engagement.

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