How Will This Year Be Different (BETTER)

How Will This Year Be Different (BETTER)

January 7th, 2015 // 3:58 pm @

How Will This Year Be Different (BETTER)

7 Days In…how ya doing? Still sluggish off the Holidays or running fast, pedal to the floor racing hard out of the gate…either way, you got 51 of these bad boys left.

Which raises the question – exactly how will you MAKE 2015 different, better than any year that you’ve lived before this one?

I have to tell you a harsh truth: if you don’t have an answer to the above question… this year won’t be any different!

You could…

Change your routine
Hire better people
Raise your prices
Switch your customers
Improve your conversion
Provide better service

Really, you ought to do all of these things, every year.

But at the end of the day, or year in this case, without some specific strategic plan (what I call a blueprint to follow), there is no question, doubt, or reconsideration that if you are just zigging and zagging around, meandering your way through the next 51 weeks, you don’t stand a chance.

No person I know who is any degree of “successful” (and you do get to choose the degree) ever makes it where they want to go without a FOCUSED DIRECTION and an unrelenting passion and obsession of getting there.

Yes, I get paid for my advice, respectable sums of money for doing what I do, and you should as well for what you do. And still there are people who sabotage themselves every step of the way, even with my advice because they are constantly waiting, looking, asking around for someone else to do something for them – instead of stepping up, taking responsibility, and pushing through.

Most everyone underestimates the significance and value of DECISIONS and STRATEGIC ACTIONS. They are waiting for that imaginary “light bulb” and fireworks to go off in the sky like they did on New Years Eve and other big revelations that lead to them all of the sudden being better, achieving more, and life being perfect.

It’s just delusional and crazy.

Because, and as I like to say, it’s not the “devil in the details” it’s the PROFIT in the details, the magic that makes everything happen.

Business is about Math and Psychology not winning lottery tickets and getting lucky or finding an easier way.

If you improve conversion of your customers saying “yes” and you provide them a more comprehensive service or bigger better value or long term solution and they love what you do and tell other people about it, if you look at the details and then follow through with the obvious and ensure there are no holes in your bucket, gaps in your process, chinks in the armor… you will win.

Multiply that victory times every interaction with your customers and Ba-Bam!

You have a winning formula for the best year ever.

Here’s the thing – just decide on a plan, a path, a blueprint and stick with it.

If you want resolutions to be successful, try these…

Resolve to take more responsibility.

To not be so selfish or entitled.

Or trivial in your thinking.

What you expect from others you ought to be leading by example.

And play fair for heavens sake, when you disrespect the value of someone else you will never be happy with the outcome to yourself.

Be willing to share to get where you want to be faster.

Time is ultimately what matters. Hold it sacred.

Do the work necessary to win.

And believe in abundance…

It really is true when you add all of these things up and do right by others with a sound business model and commitment to what I have presented to you here today, the money will follow and your life and business will be full of prosperity.

And that is the way it should be…you create a great year exactly the way you live it, one day, one decision, one moment and action at a time. Go forth and prosper and build each week upon the last and may your 52nd week of 2015 be 52x better than the one that just passed you by.

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