Are You Breaking These 3 Sacred Rules Of Life And Business?

Are You Breaking These 3 Sacred Rules Of Life And Business?

January 21st, 2015 // 3:48 pm @

Are You Breaking These 3 Sacred Rules Of Life And Business?

I have yet to meet any person, specifically an entrepreneur, sales professional, doctor or owner of any type of professional practice or business who has and maintains a level of success and achievement that breaks any of these three rules of engagement with their life and business.

1. They want everyone to win, they are fair and equitable, they do not judge value they deliver it, they respect and appreciate both the people paying them money and the people they pay, they work in harmony and concert to agreeably, transparently, honestly get the best result for all people involved.

2. They take responsibility for their actions, their thoughts, their decisions and most importantly for their own incomes and success. I have not met someone who invests their life in their business or their money in their business or time and energy into their customers who expects everyone else to make them successful. This is like the players wanting the coach to score the points.

The most successful people I know are trying to out do themselves and everyone around them and they know that the person who gets to eat the cake is ultimately responsible for making sure it tastes good. Maybe not in a restaurant but in your business and in life, there’s a pretty simple rule if you get to keep the majority of the money then you ought to have the majority of the responsibility and work.

Money and responsibility are connected. Kinda like taxes, the more you make the more you pay, which end of that equation would you like to be on, the flipside isn’t too good now is it.

I have time and time again seen someone “invest” in a better car, or get the one they’ve got shined up, tuned up, gassed up but they forget – you’ve got to get inside of the car, turn the key and push on the pedal to go somewhere.

A question for you to ask yourself is – are you fully utilizing everything that you have been given, the information you have been armed with, the resources available to you. Yes, it usually is right in front of your face, unfortunately that’s not as sexy as a bright shiny object that distracts you.

I make my clients more prosperous in their life by making everything, including their mind, more prosperous, not by giving them a new life…for the most part you’re not only stuck, you’re also just fine with the one you’ve got – it’s about making “it” and “you” work better together.

Take out “life” and insert “business”; at the end of the day it is yours.

3. And the one that will set me off the fastest in any conversation, and you know me I’m very laid back and oddly intense at the same time, my temper flares when someone breaks this rule, I have never ever met anyone who has any level of prosperity or is nice to be around who is critical of everyone but themselves.

Now most high achievers, peak performers and people I work with are the opposite extreme of that, they are critical of themselves, but that is your prerogative and also most likely what has made you so successful.

On the other hand most people use criticism of others as their excuse for their own lack of performance and failures and they enter a vicious cycle that they will have a hard time ever breaking free from.

I like to give myself and my clients so many ways to win that they can pick the ones they like and still do just fine. We know nothing will go perfectly, but we can and should already strive to do our best. And successful people believe that about everything and everyone.

We earn the right to be demanding by first being demanding on ourselves and leading by example. When you are quick to place blame or make excuses or be negative or complain you are setting the tone for how others see you and will interact with you.

One of the compliments I appreciate and hear the most when I’m speaking or conducting a Team Transformation or other group training event is “gosh, you are always just so positive” and I believe that is essential.

Usually you can tell as soon as someone opens their mouth exactly why they are in the situation they are in and what is holding them back. The answer…it’s in the mirror…but more than that it’s in their attitude, their mindset, their work ethic, their contradictive entitlement mentality or chip on their shoulder.

Your homework is three fold.

One – avoid, discard, eliminate, beat down these people, do not let them multiply

Two – check yourself…and understand it’s a daily battle to keep your chin up and moving forward, have something to trigger your refocus and to keep you motivated, be working TOWARDS and FOR SOMETHING, SOMEONE, YOURSELF, OTHERS…

Three – preach, teach, empower others, share this mindset, rub off on people, be the guiding light for others to enhance and evolve as human beings, uphold them to higher standards and show them how to live up there with you.

Generosity, mutual victory, reciprocation.
Responsibility, ownership of outcome and circumstance.
Positivity, no excuses or criticism, destructive entitled attitudes.

These things are ways of life, thinking and being.

Success, Happiness, Peace of Mind, Prosperity…

Can’t be separated from these rules of engagement with yourself and others and the life you live and the business you build. So don’t try. And catch yourself when you break these rules, it begins with you and what’s inside of you and the environment you call your life and the people you let in it and around you.

Deep, powerful, important, essential.

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