How To Create Magical Relationships

How To Create Magical Relationships

December 10th, 2014 // 12:38 pm @

How To Create Magical Relationships

As the Christmas Holiday move closer on the calendar I thought I would write to you today about something very fresh in my mind and I’m sure in yours given the natural tendency to reflect during the Holiday Season about the people you care most about.

Don’t worry, we are about life AND business here, so I’ll make you some money in the process, there are those ever-growing Christmas lists you have.

Yesterday I had the good fortune to spend the day doing what I call a “Team Transformation and Alignment Day” for one of my VIP Dentist Clients as part of our Dental Success Today Programs where I personally take Millionaire Dentists or those who desire to be and re-design their practice to maximize profitability embracing their the best practice business model for them, around their lifestyle and future ambitions, goals and objectives.

Most are use to cookie-cutter or one-size-fits all approaches by bullshit consultants and practice management people that try to dictate change for changes sake instead of having Purpose and taking into consideration what the Dentist Owner actually wants.

By the way, that’s a big tip for you right there…avoid change for change sake, bright shiny objects, being victim to your self-doubts and lack of responsibility inside of your own business and your expected results.

You can’t use a compass until you know the destination and that should not be dictated by anyone other than you. You will need an architect to layout the blueprints and it’s helpful to have someone with the expertise and experience of building-to-suit businesses and money-models of customer, client, patient care to listen to you and then development what you want.

Anyhow. If you are a Professional Practice Owner, Doctor, Lawyer, or my friends in the Dental Industry and you’d like to take a look at the life-changing results of practice-doubling success and wealth building acceleration, reply to this email and my team will assist you privately.

Back to the point, during my Team Transformation Days, we get everyone involved and engaged, we relight the fire and assign direct ownership of roles and responsibilities to the Team Members with built in accountability and systems.

At the end of the day the obvious is always clear, it is about relationships.

Most companies their staff spend more time with the people they work with, during their waking hours, than they do with the ones they love and have a life with and yet there is little if any investment in nurturing, growing, building, creating relationships and teamwork.

Sports teams Practice 70-80-90 percent of their time, play games only a fraction, because they must work on their synergy, they must become like one, and no matter if you have 2 people, 10 people, 100 people or 1000, this is essential and the degree at which your company and your people are like one and the people are committed to each other, in the right positions on the playing field and fully engaged, will ultimately determine your degree of potential success.

Motivate, empower, transform and align the people on the inside and you’ll attract more people from the outside and you’ll create exponential profits and prosperity for everyone.

I often tell teams and people that I work with that, if you just treated every relationship like a marriage, minus the sleeping together, that you would have so much more authenticity.

While it’s true, some don’t have authentic relationships with their spouse, the people reading this I’m assume do, and that is what must happen with everyone else.

While there are many aspects to relationships, I believe there are three core foundational principles that they must be founded upon or included in.




These are in fact all interlocked together, you can’t really have any one of them without the other. I will make a point about each one and then tell you the ultimate secret that is going to blow your mind and change the way you create and attract opportunity and money in your life and the way you serve your customers, clients, and patients.

First, Trust, it can’t grow overtime unless it is first agreed, accepted, and established in the beginning. This is a huge shift in most people’s paradigm. They go with “guilty until proven innocent” instead of the other way around.

I’m here to tell you, no real genuine trust can ever be built unless you allow it to be there in the first place and sure sometimes you get burned but at least you always have a chance to have a valuable relationship.

Second, Transparency, so so so important, it really means integrity, always sharing, always being open, giving each other permission to be who you are and letting them see the real you…this avoids and keeps the assumptions and misunderstandings and surprises and disappointments to a minimum.

When you have transparency you don’t have to look into the crystal ball and predict the future with someone or try to figure out what they are thinking, they tell you, they show you, you experience things together.

Third, Communication, obviously, this is always the thing people say as most important, however, I disagree, I think these are equally important because communication without trust is speaking words with no meaning and communication without transparency is like writing a script to a play that is not real.

When you communicate you want this one word to be your theme and guide, dialogue…back and forth, between you and others, communication is like gifts, given and received, without both it is one sided meaningless.

I challenge you in your daily life, down to your core person, to practice these three things with everyone. It begins with you – the Dentist Owner client yesterday said the most powerful thing at the end of the meeting that he had practiced and read from something else, he said, “be the person you say you are.”

This should be life changing, give you more peace of mind than you can imagine, and turn your life and love and relationships into a fresh ripe juicy fruit that you can sink your teeth into and just enjoy the most refreshing slice of life and sweetness that is only possible when humans engage in authentic ways.

Now, here is the big breakthrough, be this way with your customers, clients and patients, when your company has THIS type of relationship with the people you serve not just the people who serve you, now you are talking transformation.

And your life will never run dry of opportunity, money, prosperity, and the significance you will gain from truly being of the service mentality with the people who vote with their money, trust, time, and gift you their patronage.

When you can build a business that is so well run, so successful, so win/win for everyone that you can have complete trust, transparency, and communication even and especially with those that give you money to be your friend and they just want to keep coming back again and again and they tell everyone else about it, you have really achieved something of greatness that will propel and perpetuate itself and there is nothing you can do about it, to stop it from growing and multiplying, this is when the Magic just happens.

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