How Your Customers Really VOTE!

How Your Customers Really VOTE!

November 6th, 2014 // 12:09 pm @

How Your Customers Really VOTE!

Today, I am going to pose a question to you, actually two questions. Your answers to these questions should shape much of your culture, marketing, communication, and approach with and for your Customers, Patients, Clients, and Employees (anyone for that matter that your organization, company, business comes in contact with).

These two questions are the entire premise behind the concept of a Democratic Government – the essence of the National Election that took place yesterday in the United States.

The results not withstanding, it’s the ‘reason’ and the psychology that supports the decision people make when they vote that I want you to embrace and study with me.

Before I explain this, two sides of the coin, and philosophy –

Let me ensure your acceptance of the Relevance of this to your business…

Every day your customers choose to VOTE with their dollars either for you or against you, they vote with their referrals, with their feedback, with their loyalty to you or to your competition.

You are, by the nature of being in business to earn a profit and serve your customers, part of the best and most obvious example of a Democracy and Capitalism.

While you do get to control how and what you do (your price, your strategy, your sales system, your value proposition, and pretty much everything else), YOU DO NOT CONTROL Your Buyers’ Decisions – unless – you listen to and employ the idea I am about to share.

Ready? Now the two questions that matter more than anything else in your business…


It might sound simple as it is stated, however, your answers to these questions are what drive your customers’ buying decisions, their psychological connection to your business, and these are the things that breed loyalty and ascension.

You might mistake great customer service and the ‘wow’ factor for what keeps your people coming back and engaged, but, I assure you someone with less than wowing service who is more inline with the psyche and principles of a customer’s life, mind, and beliefs, will keep them longer, get them to spend more, and otherwise reap forgiveness for mistakes than you.

This is about not being a commodity, it’s about doing more than just giving good service.

It is about being ABOUT something.

You see, when people cast their votes during the political election they are either voting FOR SOMEONE or AGAINST SOMEONE; or FOR SOMETHING or AGAINST SOMETHING.

Of course this seems so obvious when I spell it out like this and you say OF COURSE.

And yet, most business owners, professional practice doctors, coaches and consultants I meet – their business is:

ONE GIANT, random, accidental, AMBIGIOUS, stand-for-nothing, appeal-to-everyone, excuse for a reason to exist.

It’s true.

You know what else is true…

Every elite entrepreneur, peak performing doctor, or otherwise successful person I know, they have this in common – they stand for something – they have a PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY – they have built a business and a customer following that means something.

You know what happens to a magnet when you turn it around, it repels. And when you put the two ends together, they lock on tight to each other.

That is what you want your business to be.

It’s not my place to tell you WHAT you should believe or WHO you should be for. You can decide, once you do, then we build the ultimate model and magnet to attract these kind of people.

In the US yesterday more people voted as statement of unrest and uncertainty and against what has been going on and who has been in power for 6 years now. Some of those people actually had voted FOR the President just two years ago.

Every election, every decision, every person, every business ultimately makes this determination: you are for some people & things and you are against other people & things – by default.

Your challenge is, are you going to be DELIBERATE about it or ACCIDENTAL?!

Your homework, snswer these questions…

What are you for?
What are you against?

Your Company Philosophy?
The Customers you want?
Your Customers’ personal beliefs?

Now you can have meaningful conversations, marketing and communication with the people who VOTE for you and you can go get more of them.

Just remember, You want to attract the people who have the same beliefs that you do, that your business represents, and not just in life I’m taking about your industry, your standard of care, if you are about luxury versus about being cheap and commoditized, if you are about holistic then you are not about fragmentation.

You also want to be mindful that the LIST of everything and everyone PEOPLE are AGAINST is usually greater, thus reverse psychology is the best attraction device to get people to pay attention to You and be interested in your message.

I have given you the ultimate secret today in customer psychology and your buyers’ method and means of making decisions.

Do not under value or under estimate this, consider it an early Thanksgiving Gift to show my gratitude and appreciation for you.

Enjoy and now, go forth and profit.

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