How To Face All The Scary Things In Your Life

How To Face All The Scary Things In Your Life

October 30th, 2014 // 2:33 pm @

How To Face All The Scary Things In Your Life

It IS a scary world out there.

Especially for the life of an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Professional Practice Proprietor.

Everyone is out to cast spells on your time, energy, money, and progress.

I will give you one example recently that happened just this very morning. I was informed that someone challenged me on my stated objectives for a client of doubling their practice in 12-18 months and I laugh because it technically shouldn’t take that long.

Someone with no business acumen and certainly no legitimate experience building businesses was talking about what was not possible instead of contributing to the cause.

It is Halloween so I’m going to stay focused on the Scary Things in your life instead of all the other lessons I could teach about and how people should be asking themselves “What Can I Do To Help Achieve This Goal” not the other way around.

SCARY Truth #1, These people who love to preach and teach and talk but DO NOTHING to contribute and act as emotional or physical anchors to your objectives – THEY ARE ALL AROUND YOU.

They leach on to the rudders of your boat like seaweed and algae to go along for the ride until they end up slowing you down and clogging up the engine.

This is why you must act like an exorcist in your own life and cleanse out the Demons of the Day and be ruthless to anyone getting in your way.

These people show up in all different shapes and sizes.
(Refer back to my LIVING IN A BUBBLE EMAIL.)

The next kind of Scary thing are people who live with a mindset of entitlement and try to take from you because they have less instead of helping everyone make a bigger pie, they try to eat the last piece.

I detest these people.

There is no free lunch, you earn and get exactly what you expect, accept, and deserve. At least in the world of business and money.

Life may not be fair. Business, it damn sure is.

You want more value, become more valuable.

PAY ATTENTION My Witches and Wizards of Business, your most important SPELL you must CAST and SHIELD you must CARRY is about to be stated and told to the world.



“I am immune to all criticism. I am always true to myself and act with belief, confidence, and purpose. When people’s negative naysaying attitudes and black clouds are raining on my parade or entering my vicinity, I will ZAP them with my magic wand of possibilities and go forward with my mission.”

Reality is quite simple. It will be whatever you let it. Life is like water it will always seek the lowest level. That’s why you have to CONSTANTLY be in motion doing something about it.

I promised to give you everything you need to know and embrace to achieve your GREATEST potential next year.

These are the two biggest demons and evil spirits you have to face.
Do not underestimate their affect on you and others.

Now, as I stated last week YOU MUST

Win the battle against your time
Never give in or accept less than what you truly deserve

and always always always find inspiration, get ideas, and implement for results…

The foundation of all of these things and most important is you becoming a Master of Abundance Mentality and live a life of Prosperity and to create a sense of effortless momentum.

Immunity to Criticism and Elimination of Anchors are the ongoing battles and struggles you will face for the rest of time.

You must have zero tolerance.

Okay, let’s get to some specifics on the 4 areas of management over yourself and others you must execute on.

1st – Time

5 spells to cast and curses to conquer.

You must have ‘something’ filling your time or ‘nothing’ will. Now, you can fill your time with a vacation, with a nap, with a walk, with NOTHING as along as you are in control over it.

If you do not allocate the time – it will all be allocated for you – and you will not like how it leaves you feeling at the end of the day.

Next, you want to always begin EVERY DAY with the highest priorities and most valuable actions. Daily. There is no such thing as a To-Do list for the Month that you never review or adjust or look at, if you are doing anything at all in your life then your list should be ever-changing and always increasing in value.

Reassess this daily before tomorrow.

Control Communication. Of course this is the biggest zap of your time and energy, and it only gets worse with every next stupid illusion of meaningful human interaction social media, and every next technology gadget.

If you think any of these have added ‘significance’ to your life and made you a better person just ask the one you’re sleeping with every night how they feel about it.

It is after all – ALWAYS about CONTROL and PRIORITIES. I have made my stance on this very clear. No one gets to argue facts, they speak for themselves.

Next…if you are a leader of others you must control other people’s time in at least whatever degree you have ability to do so. They won’t. So systems and you must at least give guidance and guidelines and there have to be consequences.

You do need to allocate time to take care of yourself. Every Good Witch and Wizard must practice their craft, refresh and rejuvenate, mark things off their bucket list, live life and gain experiences.

This is part of your time and planning.

What doesn’t get scheduled won’t get done.

Lastly, this goes with our original premise, which I am going to remind you of again before we finish here…for the “hours” you work you must tie this to the dollar figure you want to earn and be worth.

ONLY your value for the hours invested will dictate and predict your income. Yes you will aspire to “investor” status and other points of leverage however for you personally, your first point of leverage is how you invest your time and what the value of that is.

If you are doing things beneath your ability you are imposing a handicap that can’t be made up by effort.

Time doesn’t just equal money, it’s more valuable than money, time is money and leverage and your most precious resource and it is the most valuable compounding asset you will ever have.

For today really does dictate what tomorrow has the potential of being work. And this year, next year.

Protect Your Time is Protecting your Soul and your life and your ability to optimize and maximize your earning potential.

Elevate your use of time and you can’t help but elevate your value to the world.

2nd – Acceptance of Mediocrity

Hey. C’mon. Don’t give in. Fight this. WANT something, have desires and purpose big enough that you have MOTIVATION.

This is for small minded people I shouldn’t even have to discuss this. Still, we all do fall victim which is why we must reassess and constantly do things that fall into the next category.

3rd – Inspiration, Ideas, Implementation

Go places.
Have dreams.
Expand your knowledge and your learning.
HIRE experts, yes of course, you can be expert at what you do, combining your expertise with that outside of your realm or area of focus is what makes the good GREAT and the best BETTER.

4th – Prosperity and Abundance or Deserve Levels

I shall save this one for next week, I don’t want to overwhelm you too much in one day. This is where life gets exciting, how about I give you my top 3 ways of actually, literally, attracting wealth and positivity and prosperity into your life…there are tactical, tangible, real marketing and sales and business multiplying and growth strategies here – – –

Get ready for POST Halloween Tricks that will give you Treats – ON DEMAND.

Remember, when I said this –

THE NUMBER ONE THING that affects all of these is when you give in to doing trivial, minute, nothing-ness tasks that sabotage all four of battles you fight on a daily basis. If you fill your life with the un-important, with the things less than the highest and best use of your time and abilities, you are doomed. Period.

That’s pretty dramatic isn’t it.

Well I have been accused of worse and besides I take it as a compliment, of the highest regard.

Look, I’m going to give this to you straight –

Your environment matters.
What you put into your mind matters.
Everything you accept inside of your “inner circle” and work space matters.

It begins with your time and the people around you, then with your ability to delegate, control others, and have extreme focus and discipline to DO ONLY THAT WHICH WILL BRING YOU CLOSER TO YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL.

Short term gratification.
Short sightedness.
Band aids
And things that appease or pander to your own feelings or others are usually NO GOOD for you, them, or your life.

Yes, this does come full circle…if you truly value life you will not squander abuse or take for granted any part of any day.

Which brings me to my favorite analogy of the season


🙂 haha, yes, you are in for a double feature next week

By the way, you’re the quarterback and not just for Halloween, every day of your life.

Have a blast this weekend, loosen up, life is meant to be lived and fun, eat some candy, go to a party, dress up in your favorite scary monster or super hero costume…you do that every day depending on your mood, maybe the ‘real thing’ would give you a good wake up call and reminder.

More next week. Til then, go scare somebody with your crazy ideas and dreams and desires will ya, and drive some daggers into those that try to get in your way.


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