The Psyche of the Customer

The Psyche of the Customer

September 17th, 2014 // 12:06 pm @

The Psyche of the Customer

I’m going to be bold right here and right now and say that this article you are about to read could very well be the exact mind shift to how you think about your customer and your business and literally unlock the code to getting better conversion, sales acceptance, and follow-through from your prospects.

It also happens to be the best way to serve your customers, put them first, and truly lead by example and “market” your passion and purpose. This is always the best case scenario, win/win matters. What’s best for you and the customer is always what’s best.

Lately through several Team Training (I prefer to call them Team Transformation Days) and Consulting Blueprint Days with the Dentists and other Clients I work with I emphasize the power of prosperity and setting themselves up for success. Most people have roadblocks standing in their way that they are trying to get through rather than remove them or go around them. They think they have to keep running in to the same wall.

This is because no matter what, every day we do some-thing and follow a routine and go through the motions of our life and business – we become conditioned to think things are the way they are because they HAVE TO BE and of course, this is simply not the case.

I use two ways to describe my work with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Professional Practice Practitioners.

First I say, my job is to sit and listen…to you describing your life and business and daily interaction as you WISH IT TO BE, what is IDEAL to you, then like a commissioned artist I draw, create, design that blueprint for you and then we go to work creating it.

Why else would you be given a life to live if it were not to design it the way you want it to be.

Second, and my favorite is quite profound – I BUILD TO SUIT.

Isn’t that what you should do.

Look, there are lots of houses you could live in. No judgment placed on the one you have now, and quite frankly I don’t have strong feelings about how you set-up, invest in, or live inside of your sanctuary called your home…none the less this is simply a metaphor.

If you could pick a cookie cutter house or one of those where there are dozens lined up next to each other, great, that’s just fine, or you could pick something else that someone built first and now you go and live in, and that’s fine too.


If you could do anything you wanted, through all of your life experience, your personal preferences, and everything you have in your mind and imagination to date, you would build the perfect dream house for yourself.

That is what your business is suppose to be. I build to suit. The business that you want most is the business you should have, most people just never stop long enough to jump off the treadmill of life to actually put their feet on the ground and start making progress towards something, somewhere.

I make this point for a very important reason.

Your business needs constant reinvigoration, fresh eyes as they call it, it needs someone to come over and shake things up so you can see clearly through the dust and grime that gets built up over time – it’s impossible to avoid, it’s not your fault.

The smartest people I work with come to me already successful, specifically saying that they just feel like something is missing, they lost their edge, or they are in too much of a routine, they are ready for the next level, there is some “settling” or plateau that has occurred.

Yes. Yes it has, you are right, of course.

This is why there are seasons, at least in most parts of the world. You don’t have to necessarily change the business model but you do have to change. You don’t have to alter your core principles and philosophy and mission but you do have to enhance, improve, and continue to grow.


Well if for no other reason than – YOU AREN’T THE SAME PERSON as when you started. And neither are your customers. Nope. Not a chance. They grow and change as well.

And here comes the punch line.

The main point of what I am talking to you about today is the necessity of constant and never ending improvement in FRESHENING UP.

You know the feeling when you walk into one of the old hotels and no matter how quaint it is, that musty smell and dingy feeling you just can’t get past.

Energy. Vibrancy. It doesn’t require a face lift as must as a mind shift.

Band aides won’t fix it – you have to get down to the core of the matter, the essence of why you do what you do and WHAT IT MEANS TO THE CUSTOMER.

You see what I am saying.

Your customer is NOT THAT MUCH UNLIKE YOU, in fact, everything I have explained here is actually magnified many times over with your customers, for the simple and blunt reason that their lives are often less interesting, more mundane than that of a Professional, Business Owner, Entrepreneur.

Yes. That’s reality.

So you have to work extra hard at breaking through the psyche of the customer to ENGAGE them and EXCITE them at the possibilities.

You know how I can so easily add an extra $1,000,000 to a Dental Practice, or any business for that matter, it’s not because I am a magician, a genius perhaps, but it’s not magic…it’s because their customers are bored out of their minds and the Dentist and Practice and Team Members are NOT making it exciting – they are NOT building to suit. They aren’t even giving the patient a chance at seeing the possibilities of what their talents and expertise and life investment in their profession can do for them.

Now…saying that and making it happen, yes, that’s where my genius and proprietary approach to the psychology of the patient and educational process and experiential selling come into play.

Most businesses leave so much money on the table because they get caught up in running on the treadmill of “DOING” their business instead of “CREATING” – life is one long art project, you don’t DO art, you CREATE it, and that is what you should be doing in the minds of your customers.

Imagine the last REAL sales presentation or engaging individual you encountered, at a waiter at a restaurant, a door to door salesman, a car dealer, a contractor, a travel agent, heck even an airline employee …

The ones that made you want to buy…they were creating an experience, not just doing their job. They were artists of human interaction because they were committed and excited and passionate and they knew that they had to work 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x as hard at getting you excited about what they were doing because YOU’RE THE CUSTOMER.

If you make yourself more interesting, your business, practice, website (if you sell online), direct mail, catalog, etc more interesting then your customers will pay better attention.

The psyche of the customer is quite complex. Most importantly, it begins with you.

Next week, we’ll tackle the customer and you will be blown away by what I have to share. I would venture to say you have never heard it explained like this before.

It will change the way you think about your customer and the way you interact with them, it will open up the floodgates of money and INTEREST flowing from your customer to you. And they will be better off for it.

It also happens to include the secret sauce to getting referrals, early and often.

Wait with great anticipation…it only takes ONE idea to make a difference, successful, happy, prosperous people are always on the hunt, an expedition for that ONE idea.

Read back through this week’s message, there’s amazing homework, action plans, team discussion, self-reflection material enclosed.

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