The “Last” Minute

The “Last” Minute

August 14th, 2014 // 12:57 pm @

The “Last” Minute

First of all, yes, it is Thursday, not Wednesday. The simple truth of the matter revolves around my message for the day. I provide a real-time look into my life and mind each and every week, no prep, straight from the hip and that’s another way of saying I write these newsletters at THE LAST MINUTE…because I want them to be timely and up-to-date and of course most importantly because all the other minutes were used up.

And there you have it, the essence of all successful people – every minute allocated and always in use and never neglecting THE LAST MINUTE.

Here’s an important revelation about TIME and your schedule. It stands with my favorite quote from Jim Rohn that I have shared here before.

“If you want to know why someone is so successful, just follow them around for a day and you’ll know…you’ll say, gosh no wonder why he is so successful, just look at everything he does!”

What are you doing today?

What is your schedule like tomorrow, a week from now, months into the future.

I can tell you one thing for sure, my day is FULL. I prefer my cup not half full or half empty but overflowing – always excess available to go around, more to do than time to do it – that is what priorities are for.

A life of abundance comes from having MORE than enough, not JUST enough, that requires you to do more than the anyone else. Still, this can be through leverage, delegation, systems, smart thinking and working not just hard thinking and working, it is all of these things combined.

Now, the secret of course is to also have your time filled up with…
– nothing
– vacations
– rejuvenation
– study
– meditation
– exercise
– family
– and so on and so forth

When I am home in Nashville my wife and I go almost every single day to a “legit” Asian Massage and Spa where we rotate between chair, feet, full body massages, literally almost every day. It’s our thing something we do together, look forward to.

Sometimes I schedule work to finish while my feet are rubbed, sometimes it’s a nap time. Sometimes it’s coming off a hard week of travel or sleeping in other beds and we spends hours there.

It’s the best couple dollars a minute I invest all week long. I do many things that are focused and designed to help me maintain peak performance and to be able to sprint, focus, and run hard every day all the way through the last minute.

One of the sayings I teach others is “it’s not about how much money you make, rather how you make the money” from Dan Kennedy’s concepts on Autonomy and Lifestyle.

And this is so true. It’s also not about how MUCH YOU GET DONE, rather the quality of things that fill up your time. If all the minutes are used with meaningless trivial things that don’t equate to profit, then it doesn’t matter how hard you work, and to that end if you are stressed and struggling and not taking care of yourself you can’t perform at a high level either.

Yes, use up every minute of the day – that’s called valuing life. Balance it with work and play and fun and restoration and progression.

If you aren’t fighting to meet deadlines, stay on track with your schedule, fit everything you want to accomplish in a day, week, month – if you aren’t hustling minute to minute I can guarantee you aren’t making a whole lot of money.

Change the ‘laissez faire’ to the ‘carpe diem’ and change the future of your life.
No one dull, boring, mundane ever did anything great enough to tell anyone about. Make life exciting and make money flow to you. Opportunity, people, the things you need to accelerate progress all move to energy, motivation, enthusiasm.

Yes, you should in fact have things left on your to-do list at the end of the day, those that weren’t important enough to make it on the schedule and fit into those “last minutes” until tomorrow.

You get to decide how much money is at the end of your 24 hours. It’s dictated move by move, minute by minute, priority by priority.

Take a good hard look at “life and times” of the business of being You and assess and adjust to ensure your every action is deliberate, progressive, and optimal.

If you want a piece of advice about time –

Most people’s problem is they are trying to do “everything all the time” instead of really focusing on completion, execution, implementation.

Change this and change everything.

If you manage the minutes, the hours, as they say, will take care of themselves. Squander time and money will seep away from you like the sand flowing back out into the ocean. As sure as the waves come in and out, you’ll be at the mercy of everything around you instead of in control of all that you want.

They ask, “where does the time go”
I answer, “no where, it is always right where you left it”

You want to be, feel, live more prosperous, happier, and receive the financial rewards you deserve – take time with you everywhere you go. Apply and utilize it, make it effective, maximize it and most importantly cherish and respect it.

If you were standing in front of a loved one pretending they were not there, ignoring them and carrying on with all the things happening around you, how would they feel…well, that’s exactly how time feels about the way you treat it – perhaps you should reach out and embrace it, give it a hug, make the most of every minute especially the last ones and it will hug you back.

You’ll see.

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