Your Money Toolbox… Where To Find What You Need

Your Money Toolbox… Where To Find What You Need

July 17th, 2014 // 12:24 pm @

Your Money Toolbox… Where To Find What  You Need

The saying goes (from the great Brian Tracy),

“You become what you think about most of the time”
and what you think about, is what you put into your head.
Who you are around, what you read, listen to, study.

If you want to begin earning more money the philosophy and principle is pretty simple you must become what “more money” would be worth and want, in other words deserve more money by becoming “more” for yourself, to your customer, in your life and business.

The way to do that is fill up your mind and day with the highest and most profitable actions, thoughts, opportunities that you can, and always continue the art of acceleration that I teach and the principle of leverage in all ways.

Your business and life is really about creating leverage.

You can’t get rich “earning a living”. You have to achieve financial independence not by time-bound tasks, rather by leveraging assets, your knowledge, your systems, your team, your resources, even your customers.

Right now, take out a piece of paper and write down all the tasks that you do on a daily and weekly basis and see how much time is spent replicating efforts, doing the same thing over and over again. See how much time is invested in ONLY the highest and best use of your purpose, passion, skills, talents, and peak income earning abilities.

One of my greatest responsibilities with my clients is to help them identify what I call their BIG ROCKS of value and opportunity and then leverage and systemize everything else in their life to feed those things that will elevate their status and ability to focus on only that.

Marketing is all about leverage, about scaling your exposure and relationship and message to people in order to get the highest quality ones to respond without you having to go and find them one at a time.

Selling one to many is one of the most powerful means of leverage that is available in every business.

You want to create the concept of fish swimming upstream to get to you versus you having to go down stream and try to catch them as they are swimming away.

It is this challenge of business that you fight – not convincing customers, rather creating leverage of communication and numbers or money within your business.

Perhaps the single greatest power of using leverage and being smart is what I described last week as being resourceful.

Your ability to use other people’s resources, knowledge and experience is the single greatest “slamming on the gas pedal” and getting to where you want to be faster than you have originally imagined or thought possible.

I have a surprise for you…

I have over the past 10 years saved, organized, and recorded my very best “resources” into a Million Dollar Methods Toolbox for you to build your business by leveraging me.

We call it the Vault.

It has my very best strategies and tricks in it and specifically one of my most prized presentations all about Big Money Breakthroughs.

Here’s what I bet you, no matter what challenge you’re facing right now, no matter what obstacle or frustration or roadblock in your business you have, you will find a tool, a strategy, a resource available inside the Million Dollar Methods Vault to solve your problem. That’s actually my guarantee, you can dive into the vault and if you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, I’ll give you your money back.

Of course the smartest people reading this fly across the globe to meet with me in person and let me be your business building guide, that’s the ultimate in jet fuel and riding a rocket ship to another universe like Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, my trip is, fortunately for you, a fraction of the fee for his…

The Vault, it’s less than you spend at Starbucks in a month and it’s a one-time access fee for you to go in and take out whatever you want.

The point to all this is simple – resources are your keys to leverage, tools in your toolbox that everyday you wake up when you need something, get stuck, or come to a crossroads of ideas or decisions you need have a toolbox to go in and find what you need and come back and get to work.

That’s what I have here for you today.

For the first time ever…you get me at a discount, it’s a great first step and a no-brainer as they say…plus I have included my Wealth Attraction and Money Mindset secret recording that not a day goes by that someone doesn’t comment to me about how much I have changed their life just by my prosperity teachings. It’s worth 1000’s times the fee just that program by itself.

Go ahead, enter your own secret combination and enjoy my greatest works hidden inside the Million Dollar Methods Vault…

Don’t forget to come back out and get to work, most people love what they find so much they never want to leave – fair warning, leverage is addicting. Money tools, like power tools are fun to play with – those might get you killed or injured, my will get you rich, and that’s the bottom line – because I guarantee it.

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