Just Married

Just Married

June 4th, 2014 // 1:53 pm @

That’s right…

I did it. I got hitched, tied the knot, settled down, said “I DO!”
Can you believe it?! Ha – who would have seen this day coming ?

Through a series of progressive life events I was brought together with my partner, my better half, now my wife, and my happiness builds moment by moment, each one making me more excited and joyful than the last and certainly than I have ever thought possible.

It was an extraordinary event and celebration having my family there supporting me and being a part of everything.

I have learned about partnerships with my brother who I always say is “my better half” and my goodness, now I have two better halves, how can that be – it’s because I am so darn lucky, that’s how.

Today, rather than just some marketing lesson or topics about how to make money, I’d like to share with you about true happiness, in my opinion and what is required to really feel that.

And it just so happens that it is also one of the most important factors to making money, having business success and effectively influencing others through marketing – everything does tie altogether in life and business.

Over the past few days I have been really pondering what marriage really means to an individual, someone who seemingly “has it all” and has created a life all to their own design, exactly what I teach, preach, and consult, I do, everyday, live out – so then what is a marriage to add to that…I am not one to really find merit in made up government rules or regulations or pieces of paper so the whole concept is much more a spiritual commitment than a societal agreement.

I have long known that the most important thing a person can ever have in their life time (love being a given) is peace of mind. There is nothing more valuable than this because no human can think, feel, or love deeply without peace of mind – you can’t make business decisions with clarity or foresight, you can’t make life decisions with confidence.

Unless you have Peace of Mind.

This is, in my opinion life’s greatest gift, and in Life it is found through partnership, through unconditional love, it is found through the reassurance and knowing that no matter what above all else you have someone who will be there for you that you travel together arm in arm through life’s trials and tribulations and all the adventures you choose to gone on and that life forces you down the path of.

Of course your spouse makes you want to be a better person, helps keep you in check, your ego, your ideas, and many other things, they provide balance, and most of all they give you peace of mind to fully, truly, let go and live.

That is the sweetest gift that can be given.

I can tell you this because I have lived it myself as well, that I have never known someone to be as success and happy alone and by themselves as someone who has chosen and committed to a life partner.

You will know no greater motivation in life than to have the purpose of a spouse to live and work and play for and with and together doing things that no one person by themselves could do, feel, or experience.

I realize that this is not always easily or controllably fixable, however it will be your life’s greatest pursuit to have the peace of mind only a committed relationship, a partnership, a marriage in whatever the term may mean and represent to you with another human being.

As the great Zig Ziglar and many of my friends have described this life stage and evolution for me, they all knew I would be “successful” I already was and have been and will be even more so – it is now the true significance of life that I get to feel along the way and that enhancement affects all things.

I love the expression “the rising tide that lifts all boats” and so many things can be that in your life and business, the greatest of them all though, the tide that never goes out and always lifts you up is the peace of mind and joy and depth of emotion that is felt when you join together in unity with another human being to live out the remainder of your journey on this earth.

I’m not sure you can call it an accomplishment, because I don’t see it as a “feat” rather a never ending work in progress and journey…what I do know is that right now, today and every day forward, I have never been happier, I have never been the best I can be, I have never been more grateful for life than I am right now.

I am completely at peace with all things and it has give a new meaning an vigor to my life and ambition that I can’t wait to be myself and watch what I can make happen.

I believe the right philosophy is to pretend I’m “just married” every new day that I live together with my spouse and as I said to her standing on the beach, I vow to make every day the best day of our lives.

I wish that for you, for your business, for you personally, for your peace of mind.

Thank you for being a part of my life – here, reading this with me.

Next week back to big lessons on making big money and just how the Wedding Industry does it, you won’t believe these little tricks of the trade that can add dollars to your pocket quickly!

Plus my secret strategy for wowing a crowd, your customers, and turning your business into a referral generating machine!


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