It’s Not About ‘OR’ but ‘AND’

It’s Not About ‘OR’ but ‘AND’

June 26th, 2014 // 11:37 am @

It’s Not About ‘OR’ but ‘AND’

Ryan here, the other half of the ‘Manning Brothers’. I am writing to you today, filling in for Scott as he conducts a Marketing Hotseat Mastermind Event, which is sure to result in several more Business Transformations.

Today, I want to discuss something that is really a success principle that applies to every aspect of life. Mainly it shows up as a ‘marketing problem’ so I will address it as such, but keep in mind this type of thinking is lurking in everything.

I am not sure who started the myth, but it seems to be widely believed, that you have pick and choose your way to success. Business owners are often forced to select which strategy they will try this month, or decide which niche to target this week.

In reality, you don’t need to choose, do both, do it all. Sure, making decisions is paramount in running/building a profitable business, but too often entrepreneurs want THE ONE THING that solves their problems… This OR That OR Those.

It’s NOT about ‘OR’ but ‘AND’; it’s not about Strategy A or Strategy B, instead it should be Strategy A AND Strategy B.

Assuming they both have merits and can be executed profitability, why decide? Do them both.

Admit it, we’re all guilty of the “OR Thinking”…
Should I use Facebook Ads OR Google Ads
Should I do an email newsletter OR print
Should I target past customers OR referrals
Should I re-do my landing page OR my blog
If you, for just one week, replaced all of those OR’s with AND’s, imagine how much you would accomplish. Even if the extra effort pays only marginal returns, it’s more than choosing one.

Most business owners approach us with one concept/idea for each component of their business. They are going to sell ONE product, they are going to target ONE customer segment, they are going to find ONE source for leads, and on and on.

Of course you have to start with one, but never limit your possibilities and never limit your reach. If ONE works, why wouldn’t SIX?

To break your current level and reach for new income heights, you must start to multiply your efforts and stop narrowing them by being selective. Start doing more ‘AND’ing and less ‘OR’ing, and you’ll start ADDing a lot more zeros to your bottom line.

If you want to play along at home, send your list of ‘OR’s that you plan to turn to ‘AND’s; I’ll reward some action takers with some behin-the-scenes strategies Scott and I are implementing right now.

Take care and profit; Scott returns next week!

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