Required: Bigger Thinking, Here’s How…

Required: Bigger Thinking, Here’s How…

May 8th, 2014 // 1:44 pm @

Required: Bigger Thinking, Here’s How…

Today I’m writing to you from “The Big Apple”. I love New York, how can you not.

The last time I visited New York I wrote about my experience here, I want to emphasize why visiting this city is so important for Your business: because you can not go to New York and be anything but in awe, of everything!

It is a spectacular display of humanity, culture, sociology and so many other things…it is worth studying for your marketing and sales skills, for your relationships with your customers.

If you want to know how and why people buy, live the way they do, make decisions you have to go to New York and just walk around and observe.

Perhaps next week I will write about this. As you know I teach that business is about Psychology and Math in the most simple terms. I am a master at psychology of people as it relates to buying, emotion, selling, and overall interaction.

I watch people kill sales and relationships because of not being in tune with people’s emotions, with how they are really feeling, it is almost never what they say, think, or even do – it is human nature to cover up all emotions with these 3 things.

Most people make enough money to get buy in their business to whatever degree they are satisfied without understanding this fully – it is not difficult to “get” people’s money, it is another thing to create lifelong referral sources and customer/clients/patients you can go back to again and again.

We get so caught up in “process” that we create systems that take out the human element when in fact that is the secret sauce, the magic key to really reach deep and yield a business of sustainable significance.

Okay, enough on that tangent…I often do consulting with my clients or larger than usually companies on this very thing, specifically how to “humanize” the buying process and enhance emotional buying, selling, referring, and relationship building and I am happy to discuss this and welcome your feedback.

Your next sales breakthrough is not by some fancy gimmick or technology, rather conversion improved, price increased, through more emotion, empathy, affinity with your customer/client/patient.


You will get exactly out of your business what you expect. The transaction sizes are possible because you believe that they are. Your clients will comply only in so much as you live with complete integrity and congruence in your belief about your business and customers.

The reasons I love New York so much are many…

I will give you a few of them.

1 – there is always something going on, everywhere, never a dull moment, it is interesting and no matter how many places there is too visit, eat, shop, there are still lines everywhere, any place you go busy and people waiting

2 – it is the most boutique, cultured, niched, specific city on earth, truly something for everyone and that is a lesson in and of itself – different plays for different people, different food, coffee, transportation, whatever floats your boat you will find it in New York City.

3 – of course, everything is BIG: buildings, money, prices, experiences, hotels, it is impossible to think small in this city.

If you have kids – you must get them to New York City, to show them “the world” and “the world of possibilities” do not allow yourself to be small or close minded about anything in your life or business.

If you need to be more creative, need a jolt, to increase your prosperity mindset, get on a plane and wander around this city.

For you specifically –

Picking up from where we left off last week my “big money breakthroughs” are about looking at things differently, challenging yourself and the way you see and do things now – how you feel about your business in as much how you operate your business.

Why would anyone want to have “little” money breakthroughs?!

I suggest that you

1 – go out and spend money, invest in your experience, go to a high end restaurant, to a boutique clothier, book a night at the highest end hotel in your city, take limo, go test drive the most expensive cars possible, do things that elevate your deserve and belief level

2 – look at big companies that get it, at least, almost right…such as Disney, they are the best for more reasons than I can explain here, example, they have not one, not two, but three theaters in New York going all at the same time, most have been running longer than any other shows. They are everywhere and that is just one part of their business. Observe companies like this and other niche culture brands – find the nearest Lulu Lemon…Whole Foods…places where it is a culture inside, their customers know the secret language.

3 – rework your bucket list, your vision board, make your 3 year plan and plan to accomplish it in 1 year…90 days in 30.

4 – ask yourself why are you waiting? Who are you blaming? Where is the obstacle? How can you get there, where you want to go – faster – with less hassle – with bigger profits? What do you wish was different, do you not like, do you want to change?

Ask questions – challenge yourself.

Design the business you wish to have and create it.

While there is something for everyone in New York City, your business is supposed to be first and foremost for YOU and then carefully and strategically orchestrated for your specific customer/patient/client in mind.

In the words of the incredible Nido Qubein, “why would someone want to buy a ticket to your park?” First you have to have the park…you can go to New York for the price of trip to get here and walk around for free and see examples of the most amazing City on earth…to get your mind and body and spirit warmed up to the possibilities of what your park can look like.

I would love to receive your description of your Park…send, I’ll be happy to share if you wish with others and promote people to learn more about you.

Enjoy Life. Live Everyday.

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