Quick Money Actions For Immediate Cash

Quick Money Actions For Immediate Cash

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Quick Money Actions For Immediate Cash

Today on a conference call with a group of my elite Mastermind Members and superstars participating in my Mastermind Hotseat Experience (in Milwaukee late June), I addressed a very common question about how to generate money quickly, and just to add to the challenge, from a standing start.

Now what I’m about to share with you can be applied to the most profitable, largest companies as well as to someone on a shoe string (or no string) budget just starting out. Either way, these principles work.

If you are in search of immediate cash,

A) You should be taking massive action and doing what I call “getting in the way of money” in other words finding places where money flows and create a reason and process to allow it to flow through you.

B) Being strategic at all times, not wasteful, and not haphazard. The reality is this, a lot of times the mindset of someone who is starting up and has less money to be careless with, will make better decisions. Then as you evolve you wan to put yourself in a position that gives you the ability to accelerate growth by investing more and scaling quickly without worrying about capital.

C) Everyday you should focus on the top 3 priorities in your life and business, yes I said life. Meaning that you should do the 3 most important things to you personally and professionally. This allows you to have a clear mind and focus daily without getting distracted. This goes for every person at any level of success. The most successful people I know, myself included, have a routine and tasks/actions/priorities they adhere to daily even if on the outside it may not look structured, to them it is and it must be. As they say there is no random or accidental success, it is deliberate and planned.

Okay, here we go. 3 quick money actions.

1: Make a list of all the possible alliances you can talk to, who by providing your service or product to them and/or especially their customers, you make their customers more valuable for them and/or you make them more valuable to their customers.

After doing this, immediately email, phone call, send a letter to these people and present your “revelation” and “idea” of how you can benefit them directly and spell out the ways and then ask for some of their time to discuss this in more detail and decide if it’s a good fit and establish a necessary action plan.

You can literally create businesses out of businesses by doing this. It is one of the fastest ways to multiply, not increase, but multiply your income.

2: Next up, if I were starting all over I would launch an aggressive challenge to anyone I wanted to serve, I would be bold, create a contest of some sort and get people to “apply” to play along and then flip people into a sales process to convert them.

I want you to think about American Idol, The Voice, X Factor and all the cooking and restaurant shows, I am sure there are others in every genre imaginable. Why do these work…because people are intrigued by them.

When is the last time you have used a contest to motivate the troops, to engage your customers, to spark referrals, or just to get business in the pipeline.

You can also use a Survey to existing databases or cold lists. I often build businesses for my clients in as little as 6 weeks with a cold list using Survey Campaigns and the items I’m outlining for you here today.

3: Lastly, at least for today…is finding someone you can partner with to become part of their business or sales efforts, or provide added value to their customers, a more formal method of doing a Joint Venture. This is quite similar to #1, however I want you to think more specifically such as hosting an event, getting people to promote it, offering upsell strategies to others businesses, finding ways to get their prospects and customers into your funnel.

This is often done with a “bounce back” offer or otherwise called a “ride along” meaning that you ride along with someone else’s delivery or sales or marketing funnel.

There are alliances that you can serve and be known to and then there are structured joint ventures. A start up security company could tag team with an insurance company, a realtor, a construction company, a technology company and a roofing company. They can go make presentations to every one of these business’s customers every week and never do any marketing at all.

They have structured themselves into the right relationship.

Okay, so here is the big point to my message this week – I challenge you to THINK DIFFERENTLY about marketing. You see “business is business” and you don’t have to have fancy strategies, new gimmicks, or anything else to make it success and especially to make it profitable.

The reason most entrepreneurs do not find success or money fast enough even though others do (and it really is quite easy to make money and get customers) is because they make it way way way way way way too hard. They over-complicate with the unnecessary… everything.

Do not fall victim to being “everybody else’s” customer and forget to go out and get your own customers.

Yes, there are valuable tools, you need services, support from other people, however there is no hodge podge of anything that will out perform a sophisticated complex business structure that works like a well oiled and rock solid built machine.

Business is about getting money from people through systems and a model built around your own architectural design of how you want it to look and interact with your life.

Be a good customer, yes, just remember your responsibility is to go out and get good customers…and you don’t need anything fancy to achieve that. I’ve given you some incredible strategies that all by themselves can create new businesses, income streams, sources of customers that require you to “buy” nothing else.

Like Nike so famously says – Just Do It, is often times all that is needed to make your dreams a reality and achieve financial liberation.

When I work with clients and perform Makeover or Blueprint days it is as much about simplifying, eliminating and refocusing as it is anything else.

A blueprint with a model that makes the math line up and an execution plan to make it all happen, that’s a business.

Now, what are you going to do about it.

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