How to Conquer the Hidden Enemies of Success

How to Conquer the Hidden Enemies of Success

May 22nd, 2014 // 12:03 pm @

How to Conquer the Hidden Enemies of Success

Today I’m going to share with you a little offense and defense on how to win at the game of business. Both from the mindset, wealth attraction, overall enjoyment (or what I’d call defense against the enemy), and secondly I will share with you the offense about how to accelerate your goals and ambitions.

We’re going to go rapid fire so get ready.

Yes, reality is this – you are on a constant battle against “the enemy” and there are many.

Time Vampires
Negative People
Government fees and taxes
Envious people
Low quality customers

And then things that you might not expect

The Status quo
The calendar
Other people’s expectations
Your own expectations
Lazy, lethargic work ethic

I could go on.

The point is this, you have to first accept the fact, face the truth that you are in a war to protect yourself and your prosperity against everything that is working in the opposite direction.

Identifying the enemy is critical.
Then counter acting it essential.

My defense against this, while multi-faceted, is aggressive and I will share with you three strategies today.

Strategy 1:

Do not fall victim to the concept of perfectionism or procrastination and for the successful you should know – these two words are often the same thing – two sides to a coin. One begets the other and both are excuses for each other.

There is no profit in waiting until something is “ready” “perfect” or anything else.

I personally do not understand or accept people’s attitudes for casually walking through life and thinking time doesn’t matter, “we’ll get to it next month…next year”

I just don’t get it.

And while it is dramatic, when you ask yourself and really think about if you ran out of time or if you life changed abruptly or anything else happened, you certainly would have wished you were being more proactive when it comes to growth, decisions, accumulating money.

This strategy is about not letting the calendar or other people’s concept of time dictate yours.

Hurry up. Get something going, anything. It takes time, yes of course, to build businesses, to create new income streams, to execute systems, everything does take time, so there is no reason to wait for “completion” of anything – just get started – make small changes every day, work towards your goal.

Overnight success as they say is not overnight, it’s daily action focused in a specific direction towards your goals and down the path you choose for your journey.

Strategy 2:

Is very similar to this same concept as #1, but directly related to you personally…people often ask me how I can have so much experience or know what I do, have done what I have at the age that I am. And quite frankly, while I grow dramatically every year, I have been asked that questions all my life since I owned my first business at 15.

The reason is simple, it is not because I am uniquely special, it is because I am aggressively pursuing experiences, knowledge, and gaining wisdom through accelerating everything I possibly can.

I challenge you to practice what I call THE ART OF ACCELERATION.

Think about this…

If you say you want to visit 25 places around the world and you do one per year, you are betting you live another 25 years and have the ability and health to get the job done.

I say, why not accelerate that to one per quarter and cut your time into 6 years…or one a month…and add another 75 to the list.

My question is always how can we accelerate this.

Today one of my clients asked me perhaps the smartest sales question that anyone can ask, he said “how can I speed up the doctor giving me money and get it in bigger amounts!”

And that question is the question that matters and should be asked every month…and how to go get more of them.

Do you understand what I’m saying, apply this concept to every are of your life – – – the art of acceleration so you can pile up more experience and therefore wisdom while you are here.

This by the way is one of the most amazing and fun and enjoyable ways to live.

Strategy 3:

Okay…so here it is my friends, and this goes in line with the previous two…DO NOT BE CHEAP, about anything in your life.

I laughingly say to my clients “the worst thing you can do is hire a cheap consultant” I mean, c’mon yes, you do get what you pay for and I do try to avoid restaurants that offer half price whatevers and have happy hours because I question their sensibility and quality when they have to discount at anytime of day to get customers buying what they are already going to do.

You do not want to be cheap about your experiences, your acceleration, your time and investment into your business and your life.

This is something that can’t be overlooked. There is no glory in being cheap, in bragging at saving money on a hotel, clothes, or anything else. It says only one thing about you.

Understand to other people the most expensive thing in your mind is still “cheap”.

Now, the essence of Strategy 3 is not just about wealth attraction it is about YOUR BELIEF and what we call DESERVE LEVEL.

You deserve everything you want in life and our goal is to figure out how to help you afford the experiences you want in the shortest time possible and that can only happen if you are willing to invest yourself into your growth and progressive development of your enterprise.

Each of these Strategies directly helps you to avoid, eliminate, protect against the enemy.

My favorite saying when it comes to money is…

Out EARN your problems, challenges, circumstances.

You will never be without these things, it’s only a matter of how prepared and capable you will be able to deal with them.

You will directly impact your sales and revenue by

A – not waiting until something is perfect or complete to execute and get started getting results

B – not adhering to other peoples expectations or living your life by a calendar controlling you

C – not being cheap about investing in your self and your experiences and your arsenal of tools for the battles you must win

Live life with vengeance.
Grow your business aggressively.
Protect yourself relentlessly.

Follow these three strategies, execute, accelerate, afford everything you want in life and in your business.

This is your life to do whatever you want with it.
Make the most, be the most, enjoy the most of it!

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