Do You Have Enough Players to Compete…

Do You Have Enough Players to Compete…

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Do You Have Enough Players to Compete…


What I’m about to say to you could very well drive you into a fit of rage, denial, or worse yet you could want to throw in the towel altogether as a Business Owner or Entrepreneur.

Okay, so I’m joking, hopefully. Although I have always felt it is my responsibility to over embellish and be somewhat dramatic so when you back it down to where you are comfortable you will still get results.

Today I present to you a concept (more than that really, a way of life or a perspective about your business), that has probably kept you handicapped with your income and possibly overall autonomy and happiness.

One of my favorite sayings about success and wealth was from the greatest business philosopher of our time the late Jim Rohn and he said if you want to see why a person is so successful just follow them around for a day or a week and you will leave saying “no wonder why they are so successful just look at all he does…”

The biggest downfall I see to entrepreneurs, especially those that are high skilled laborers or sales people (directly responsible for making the money or delivering the service) is that they pretend they are in their business as an employee…working a Job.

Or the flip side to that coin is they don’t admit to the fact that they are SUPPOSED To Be “in their business” working it as a job.

You see, the reality of our life is that you can never truly step away from the “working in” your business role. At some point everyone has to do this at least until they reach the point of just being an owner or investor in the business and then that is only possible when you replace yourself, not when you ignore responsibilities, but when you replace yourself.

Because the “money maker”, the deliver of services, the role you play can’t be removed it can only be replaced.

This is where most everyone goes wrong and they over correct in one direction or another and it becomes the shackles that hold you back and you don’t even know it.

Example time.

When I was running my martial arts schools; initially I was the secretary, the instructor, the owner, the manager, the sales person, heck even the janitor. Quickly I hired a maid, got a secretary, and eventually I had a manager, a sales person and many instructors and I just played owner.

The point is, just like a Sports Team, you can’t play without a Player on the field, it’s not legal, one, and not smart, two.

Your business is like that.

All roles must be filled.

As “owners” and/or “entrepreneurs” we like to play the creative minded research and developer role or we get the mindset that “sales is the most important” and it is but not if you have shitty customer service or you forget that you have to deliver the product.

Now, here’s the crazy part where you limit yourself.

You think not hiring or getting help is the right thing to do, so you play all roles and the bad news is – that is impossible – so you go back and forth between roles and while one is getting done the other is not.

All that does is stop growth and make you more frustrated and then perform less with each passing day, task, challenge.

Now the point of my message today is this –

You have to play both sides of the field as they say. Defense and Offense. You have to be “entrepreneur and owner” you have to be “salesperson and manager” and you have to be “income producer and service deliverer”

The good news is you don’t actually have to play the game you can coach the team.

Eventually you will work up to that.

I have to tell you a little secret…I am a terrible manager.

I am great, the very best at what I do – I can literally look at a business and make it, you, someone money out of thin air, often with zero extra expense and sometimes even without effort.

I can also motivate, inspire, create clarity.

These are my highest powers, motivation, marketing, money making, creating clear vision, writing and implementing – even still, I have someone manage me and everything around me because that is how I work best.

So others take care of the little details freeing me up to be my very best self.

Another example.

I work with some of the best Doctors and Professional Practices in the World, literally, I stack them up to the top they are within the 1% of the very best in talent and income in the world and although we always find ways to leverage them and get them out of being a doctor, dentist, attorney, they often times make so much money per case, per hour, per “project” in their business that it doesn’t make sense to remove them prematurely, rather we ramp up income and build systems and create a new business at the same time to then use their best talents and skills to transcend their earning potential and maximize every aspect of both them and their life and business.

The point is, the Doctor has to play “doctor” and “owner” – they work for themselves and have two roles to fill and then have support staff, consultant, coach, players all around them. They must be the General Manager and The QB –

They do not try to be the Coach, the running back, the receiver, or the defensive lineman. They set up systems or have other humans to help win the game of business.

You are always Your own biggest obstacle.

Your thinking.
Your perspective.
Your limited role.
Your just about everything is in your way more than anyone else or anything else is.

This is why I challenge everyone to look at their business as a “team” winning a game and playing a sport, any sport can be applied…whatever is your favorite and really analyze each role and each part and make sure you are being clear and realistic with what you do best.

The most important part is, don’t just play the “star” and not be responsible as an owner or worse yet don’t just play the owner and forget that someone has to be the star. That is the way it is.

You have a job. My job is to make sure you are paid as much as humanly possible for your effort, time, work, investment into your “team” business / position and for what you and only you do.

Harness this truth, run your life with routine and schedule and structure –

The most successful Celebrities treat themselves and their lives like this, like a business, a brand, a team, they are their own biggest promoters, they don’t wait around and let others do it.

The most successful Sports teams are the same.

As I always say, you are the one thing that no one else can replicate, knock off, or compete against, you are what makes you unique – have fun in your business, make it something you and your customers and your team enjoys and never for even a day or hour settle for anything less than MAXIMIZING your potential.

Remember for the SUPER Star it is not just about how much money you make, rather how much was possible – the best players don’t compete against the other team they compete against themselves – expecting their best every play out.

I think I told you the saying my mom taught me growing up…

Good Better Best
Never Let It Rest
Until Your Good Is Better
And Your Better is Best


PS – next week, I will share with you all my secrets and quick ways to build your team, hire your staff, leverage yourself, even if you don’t have a dollar to your name. Setting yourself up for success and stacking the deck in your favor is our prerogative and responsibility – illegal in Vegas, smart and legal in life and business…

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