Do MORE Of This Everyday!

Do MORE Of This Everyday!

April 10th, 2014 // 2:03 pm @

Do MORE Of This Everyday!

I am about to unveil to you the one major factor above all others that I see as the difference between successful people who make things appear as though everything they touch turns to gold and others who never seem to catch a break, it may very well surprise you. 

It is as much about what people who make slow or no progress in life, living in a cycle of month after month instead of with exciting predictable growth, do not do as it is about the behavior of the successful. 

I’m talking about the key to everything in life. 


In fact if you were to put 10 people in a room you would find that one of them has more income than most all the rest put together even if they are in the same industry doing and selling the same thing.  The major difference about this person would be summarized by this sentence. 

They make more decisions and do more things than anyone else.  They take action decisively and quickly; always looking to accelerate and expedite their results.  Whatever those result may be. 

We all know this.  You know this.  As decisive as successful people are, unsuccessful people are indecisive.  They take inaction versus action.  Their direct and immediate answer to everything is “I will think about it” or “I’m going to wait”. 

I preach about this all the time here so I want to be proactive with you today, none the less you should understand that money isn’t made by waiting or sitting around or even thinking, it is made by putting it in motion, by doing something, by going to work. 

I talk to dozens of people every month vying for a few spaces on my calendar for Strategic Consulting and Business Development Days and without question the faster one they decide the more money they have, the positive of a person they are, the more ambitious their goals and business, guaranteed without question. 

Smart people are about turning money over, investing today getting back tomorrow, creating more than they had to begin with.   

Leverage is created by utilizing others, systems, people, money, knowledge, resources, and on and on. 

I want to help you today become more decisive about all things in your life.  You see the fast you make “a” decision the faster you get on to the next decision and the faster you get results. 

Your job as an entrepreneur is to seek out and find other ways to grow, profit, leverage and then move on to the next.  In most cases I am working with highly paid professionals, gurus, experts, people at the very top of their respective fields.  These people know that they are most valuable sitting next to a highly qualified patient, client, customer and closing a deal, performing their talent and then moving on. 

Every decision they make is about creating more of this, the highest and best use of their time, what only they can do and then to take it to the next level it is about using their knowledge and experience and replicating and leveraging themselves to achieve complete income liberation from hours worked, people interacted with. 

If they delay decision they delay achieving the progressive evolution of that last paragraph.  Every patient, customer, client lost today is money that never enters into their bank account, it is not later replaced with others it is lost. 

Just like time. 

I would like you to view opportunity, decision, your business differently.  In that when you pass up or delay on something you are leaving money behind, and you are postponing progress.  Live is by nature Progressive, meaning that each day leads to the next just as every opportunity leads to the next, when you try to force control or slow down either opportunity, progress, life, well you get ran over by reality and left standing on the side waving as everyone else goes by.

Please, eat the breakfast of champions of entrepreneurs every day…be  hunger for results. 

Live by this philosophy. 

In life there are 3 kinds of people, those who watch, talk, wait for things to happen, those who make things happen, and those who just stand around and eventually end up saying…what happened?! 

The reason people delay decision is most commonly for what I call “fear of the future” meaning that they are not sure 1) if it will work 2) what it will mean when it does and 3) how they will handle the success. 

Your job is to capitalize on opportunity when it comes your way, not squander or disrespect it by not being proactive, then the rest will sort itself out. 

Here’s what I know, magic happens when you take a leap and go after your dreams.  The universe responds by putting people in your life, sending you messages, opening doors for you to walk through by way of unexpected opportunity in the shape and form of all kinds of things.  It’s your job to embrace and accept these opportunities, not bright shiny objects, no, legit obvious opportunities and let them fill up your life and lift you to new levels. 

In your business there are specific opportunities that you want to always be on the look out for that result in immediate profit and will accelerate you from where you are to where you want to be.  Those, I will share, explain, help you to identify next week. 

This week, make it your objective to be more decisive, take bolder action, step up and push yourself and then step back and let people do what they do best while you do what you do best, your job as entrepreneur is never micro manager, rather it is of opportunity seeker and people empowered – to liberate yourself so your world grows and multiplies…to do that, just like a burning fire…you can’t smoother it or keep it to yourself give it room to breathe.   

You will immediate feel the power and manifestation and energy of the universe when you align with the right forces, partner with the right people, and embrace the right opportunities. 

Action not inaction.  Decision not indecision.  Opportunity taken advantage of, time valued, life maximized…the way of the champions, successful positive-minded entrepreneurs who spread their vision and mission and share with others and are handsomely rewarded!

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