The ONE Thing!

The ONE Thing!

March 6th, 2014 // 1:37 pm @

The ONE Thing!
I have this saying that I use to always tell people at my entrepreneur events… ”if you just do one thing a month you will be doing one thing more than most people!” 

Imagine if you did just ONE thing a day to build your business, promote yourself, get exposure to your target market, to monetize something. 

Just one thing. 

That doesn’t sound too difficult now does it?!  It shouldn’t be. 

It requires three things: 
1. A decision and clarity 
2. A commitment to the outcome 
3. A list of “one things” 

I know because I have been there and I’ll still admit sometimes I’m still there, in that position at the end of the day when you look back and wonder where the time went and more importantly what actually got accomplished… often times that answer is pathetically NOTHING.

The success of people is measured by adding up the value of all the “things that get done, executed, implemented, put in motion.” 

Your decision should be that you are going to take meaningful and profitable action every single day, as I have stated with the purpose of profit, exposure, getting customers, growing your enterprise. 

Clarity is about what that mission is going to be. 

And then the piece that everyone misses is the commitment, that no matter what happens, you will not end your day, rest your head on your pillow, stop to relax until you have fulfilled that commitment, completed the decided and agreed upon task or tasks. 

When you commit nothing gets in your way. 

Not traffic, weather, sickness, schedule, kids, excuses, nothing. 

Most people are trying to fight two up hill battles that they can’t possibly win. 

First, they try to “do too much” of either low value things or the wrong things all together, they cram their to-do lists full of things that even if they did them it would amount to little or no progress, certainly no money. 

Second, they fill up their days with reactive tasks, such as other people’s agendas.  Checking email, answering phones, running errands, meeting with people who don’t serve any purpose or value for your own initiatives. 

If you wrangle these 2 problems under control and you start applying my “one thing a day” philosophy to being focused on proactive and profitable actions then you will begin to see a dramatic turn of events in your business and bank account. 

It’s really quite magical once you align your energy into a productive direction and take daily action what will happen and the good news is there really is nothing you can do to stop it. 

With that said, here is a short list to get you through your month of doing things, of course the more of these items you stack up and compound the more successful you will be, they have a multiplication and even exponential effect on your results. 

Your most profitable “ONE” Things List 

1. Reach out to a Joint Venture partner and propose an working relationship (usually an interview) 

2 . Write a letter to influencers about your shared mission and how you can help each other 

3. Test and run online PPC ads in your local geography and target market (change daily or weekly) 

4. Create a campaign to sell something new to your customer list 

5. Make calls or send personal letters to 10-20 old high value clients or customers or relationships 

6. Craft a message and approach proactively at least 5-10 people or groups for referrals 

7. Coordinate / broker a joint event or promotion, schedule some source for new customers 

8. Add a new marketing medium, tele-seminar, webinar, event to stimulate interest and conversion 

9. Do something different to your prospect list, expand the funnel, create a new offer 

10. Send out a press release 

11. Conduct a survey 

12. Do something bold and go after a dream client or customer or chase a new opportunity 

13. Go to your list of recent “no’s” and find out why, what it will take to close the deal 

14. Go to your list of new customers and find out why, what else you can sell 

15. Raise your prices 

16. Try new marketing streams, pick a new target market, mail out a new offer 

17. Send a direct package to a big deal with aggressive offer 

18. Send out appreciation gifts to your best referral sources, clients, JV partners 

19. Create an upsell or premium program and invite your top 20% to buy 

20. Do something you keep putting off that you know needs to get done 

Okay well that should get you started… give you some ideas at least.  I could write a “one-a-day” calendar on this stuff.  What works – works, not it’s just up to you do to… work. 

I hope this has given you some inspiration and direction, these are the two things most people lack, day to day, and what I have tried to provide here.  Remember, be proactive take action on your agenda.  Never forget the instructions they give you in the airplane when you put on the oxygen mask: put it on yourself first then on your child or neighbor or anyone else. 

You are an entrepreneur – serve yourself first so you can serve other people.  Do this daily and watch the magic happen and the money come in. 

The question is simple, what is the ONE THING you will do today.
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