The Fastest Way To Accelerate Your Wealth

The Fastest Way To Accelerate Your Wealth

March 13th, 2014 // 11:44 am @

The Fastest Way To Accelerate Your Wealth

It is one of my biggest frustrations that Entrepreneurs are stupid and lazy about their customer interaction, and both adding and extracting enough value from their businesses. 

And I do mean that in that order, giving enough to their customers to make their objectives easy and taking away or maximizing value out of their business to actually be successful. 

The reality is you can sum up why most people are not successful and experience frustrated painful and expensive disappointment all their lives… are you ready, it’s a million dollar lesson right here. 

They are always looking for the shortcut. 

First of all, there are blueprints for businesses, I provide them everyday to my clients, this will shorten the time from start to profit and that is all that matters, TIME! 

However, there are no shortcuts in terms of achieving what you want to achieve; of finding a way to do it without putting in the effort, the investment, and especially THE VALUE!!! 

Every week I am referred someone who has already blown through tens of thousands of dollars and often times hundreds or even millions pursuing an honorable ambition, one shortcut after the next, after the next, after the next, and pretty soon they have amassed a whole bunch of losses and ways it doesn’t work. 

Then they come to me and of course I charge 10x any fee or price they have ever heard before and for one simple reason – my method, approach, etc will work. 

Technically they would have saved 10, 20, even 100x the money by coming to me first, saving all the trial and error.   

Think about it this way, if you were doing something significant such as having heart surgery would you want to take the cheapest three options and see which one worked or just go to the person who is the best, the expert, and pay 3x as much in advance but know your outcome. 

My favorite saying is the joke about the Barber shop… where they have a sign that says “$8 Haircuts, walk right in” and then across the street there is another sign where the Barber charges 3-5x the price and their sign reads very clearly – “WE FIX $8 HAIRCUTS”. 

Now my point is very simple and I am giving you one of the most powerful sales strategies for pricing and premium positioning you could ever learn.  With what I am telling to you right now, you can apply this message and structure to your fees and immediately raise your prices and command a premium for anything you do, provided 1) your quality and value is justified and 2) you clearly position and differentiate yourself from other alternatives that your customers would consider instead of you. 

This stupid/lazy I talk about is people thinking they can have an idea and automatically be paid something for it or they feel entitled to success because of experience or past or any other reason. 

The market, your customers, heck even your talents and abilities are about one thing – RELEVANCE.  What are you doing TODAY that is VALUABLE to your CUSTOMER right now, that warrants them giving you money. 

Hey, this may sound harsh, but get over yourself, if you aren’t paid what you think you are worth or your business isn’t successful as it should be, go with my favorite Michael Jackson song and look in the mirror. 

I can change a person’s life and business in one conversation by aligning their efforts in a direction that the marketplace will reward in the most profitable ways.  You do not have to work like a dog or be a slave to your business, see, quite the opposite will happen when you remove the lazy approach to trying to build a business by seeking shortcuts and quick fixes and bright shiny objects; then you allow yourself to generate momentum and that is the difference.  Getting customers and making more money should be effortless once the right foundation, message, and sales system is in place. 

I have given you the most powerful, high fee selling strategy and psychology today, in this email, and the single biggest trap and blunder I see first hand as the difference between my millionaire clients and people who often get to me after it’s far too late to salvage any resources or ideas – the difference is commitment to VALUE based approach versus the obsession of seeking the shortcut. 

Lastly know this… speed is about momentum, about doing the right things in the right direction without resistance, you can achieve your goals and wealth objectives so much faster when you stop jumping from idea to idea to idea – you expect your customers to go to an expert and get your advice, you’d be well served to find the best way to accomplish what you want, develop an expert plan and blueprint to get there and then follow the road map without detour or shortcut, stopping and starting gets you left standing in the dust of those who proceed foot on the gas without the rearview mirror or constantly questioning their decisions or listening to those around them. 

I have laid out the most important 2 concepts to drive your business growth forward in this week’s message.  Embrace them and be empowered to proceed and succeed without doubt or delay. 

Have a great week.

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