2 Keys to Wealth – Simply Put

2 Keys to Wealth – Simply Put

March 20th, 2014 // 12:07 pm @

2 Keys to Wealth – Simply Put

Today I bring you a very specific topic, strategy, and success action.  In fact, if I were to point to one of the most powerful money attraction mechanisms in business or life for that matter it would be this. 

I will say it in two different ways. 




First and obviously, follow-through means finishing something, continuing on, not stopping or letting things get in your way.  It’s about perseverance which is one of the most critical choices a person makes every day in the pursuit of their goals, dreams, and grandest ambitions. 

Show me a person who has what they want in life and I will show you a person who has made a habit of follow-through. 

For most people the keys to follow through are these 

1. Have a plan to begin with, a clear vision of where you are going and how you are getting there, so when you get off course or something goes wrong you can adjust and refer back to your plan to get back on track 

2. They are resourceful, such as looking for an alternative route, taking a detour, being willing to go to plan B and so on, not accepting lack of progress 

3. They have a support team or at least some cheerleaders and always they have some strategic advisor, coach, consultant, a guru leader that has been there before and helped to pave the way and can at least be a guiding light and pick me up 

4. They have motivation, what I call “reasons why” they are doing this in the first place, this is one of the most important of all 

5. They listen to their customers, their peers, and most importantly someone smarter than they are similar to number 3 but this time it’s about knowing when to go a different direction, change your course, try something new, it’s about getting to your end result regardless of that plan we created originally, the only way to have confidence with this is having someone smarter than you help you through it. 

There are other ways to “follow-through” depending on life or business or health challenges among other things.  The key really is stay positive and in motion, everyday ask yourself what can I do today to move me closer to my goals and objectives, what are the most important things that need to happen. 

Okay, not to the big money attraction “strategy” and I will call it Strategy even though it should be the norm, it is not, in fact the reason it is so often the secret to unlocking a flood of money into your life and constant opportunity is because pretty much no one else ever does this – no one FOLLOWS UP on anything. 

I’m going to give you my short list on how to best follow-up. 

DAILY: close out all top priorities, address any open ended opportunities and make sure everything is ON YOUR SCHEDULE that happened today of importance, meaning something that needs followed up on that can’t be done today if it is important enough however you decide that (should be in terms of value and money) then you want it scheduled. 

WEEKLY: follow-up with all person leads, with new opportunities, with projects in motion and of course on your goals. 

I like to follow-up weekly by 1) sending hand written cards to people from the week deserving, 2) with people that I have met for the first time sometimes same as number 1, 3) with all major leads, projects, actions in motion, 4) send gifts or what I call appreciation marketing, 5) re-prioritize for next week the BIG ROCKS that needs attention and what my week will look like. 

MONTHLY: you wan to follow-up by always working to extend your marketing funnel, adding steps, working on conversion, and you want to make sure you have accountability for your key people and yourself, far more frequently than Monthly but your  major numbers and stats and business initiatives should be evaluated monthly and you should follow-up on your stated goals and ideas and opportunities. 

I like to follow-up every single month by trying new marketing strategies. 

The analogy goes like this…most people start the race, round the corner and then get distracted with the next gun going off instead of keeping focused on their race and running to the finish line.  Usually in business there is no finish line only benchmarks, progress points, self imposed deadlines. 

Your committed to following up on leads, opportunities, projects, before, during, after a sale and in  your new customer experience is your secret to getting rich. 

If I were to summarize my life and key to wealth it would be this – pursuit of opportunities and follow-up on everything worthy that comes from that pursuit. 

It is a two part strategy that most get obsessed on the first but never do the second and ironically all the money is made on the 2nd . 

Check yourself, make your follow-up list, commit to following-through – set yourself up for success, you are the only person in control of the victory and these 2 things are your key to winning… In business and life.

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