The Olympic Mindset YOU Must Adopt

The Olympic Mindset YOU Must Adopt

February 27th, 2014 // 1:00 pm @

The Olympic Mindset YOU Must Adopt

As usual Ryan (my brother) wrote a great message for you last week, poignant about knowing your outcome, your message, your gold medal for your business. 

I’d like to keep with the Olympic theme since it’s usable only every 2 years and give you what I believe to be the most important 3 part formula to being effective, successful, and productive, daily or in anything you do. 

If you were to treat your business, making money, achievement of any goal an “Olympic Event” I would give you this as your breakfast of champions and key to victory. 

1st – Commitment and Preparation 
2nd – Intensity and Execution 
3rd – Devastation and Rebound 

Here is the point and then you get the application. 

Very simply the only Olympians who win, plan to win, believe they can win, go in with a “this is it, the last chance, leave everything out there” kind of a mindset. 

The good news, bad news is, for them it is real.  Mess up and you’re done, possibly forever certainly for another 4 years, that is also good news because they are FORCED (and I use that word deliberately), FORCED to do well, to treat this with the seriousness that it is in reality. 

For us, you, me, the “non-olympians” we do not have that good fortune to feel the finality of our “events” ending.  We wake uptomorrow one way or another and go back into battle. 

Call it a war, a championship. The Olympics – if you took the mindset and the actuality that YOU HAD TO WIN TODAY at whatever you decide to go…get the customer, do the deal, achieve success then you WOULD ACT, BEHAVE, DECIDE, ACHIEVE differently. 

You would have to. 

So, I whole heartedly believe that the person who treats everyday, every task, every sale, every business endeavor as if it is their gold medal event and final attempt at success, they will perform at an entirely different level. 

If you want to win that badly. 
If you live with accurate thinking or realism or the finality that actually exist then you will transcend your abilities and success will follow. 

It can’t be enough to “try”; you have to win. 
It can’t be enough to “be an Olympian”; you have to be a medalist. 
It can’t be enough to stand on the podium; you want to be in the middle on the top. 

Think about this – 

Olympic athletes are like super heros, real life comic book characters that have special talents, super powers, and perform and achieve extraordinary feats. 

Why is this possible? 

They enter a new level of competition, of being, of performance. 
Mentally, emotionally, physically, they transcend the “known” and possible for the improbably and predictable. 

They push the limits because they have no choice. 

When you GO FOR GOLD this is what happens. 

And that is why I say your secret to achieve more, better, faster is to live, act, be, do business like an Olympian. 

Pursue the impossible, expect the unexpected, perform at levels that are unreasonable.  Challenge yourself and demand a gold medal, once in a lifetime, give it all you’ve got effort. 

This will only happen if you follow my 3 part formula. 

1st – Commitment and Preparation 
2nd – Intensity and Execution 
3rd – Devastation and Rebound 

Commit to what you really want and do not let anything get in your way.  Decide and do not look back. 

Prepare, go all in, losing is not an option.  If you become obsessed with your objectives and your passions then you are achieving the elite level of what is required. 

Always have intensity, I mean so much so that people call you crazy.  Intensity that can’t be interrupted or derailed.  And execute as if your live depended on it. 

In my martial arts training we used to have a saying 


Because you have to.  I mean you just don’t go out into the street and say hey bad guy put your gun in my face and when I count to three pull the trigger I want to practice one of my moves to make sure it works. 

Haha right, but dammit, I am serious – you have to do everything like this “in your face” Olympic competition, one chance only significance.

That is the attitude the mindset the mentality of champions. 

And that leaves me to the “here after” – what happens when you are done, the events are over, what happens when you experience the moment you realize you achieved your goal or you fell short. 

I call it “the Olympic Hangover” 

It is much like the “off season” or what Peyton Manning must have felt after getting his ass kicked in the Super Bowl. 


Let it sink in, wallow in it for just a second, and do not pass it off as though it didn’t matter.  Do not allow your self to accept defeat or failure. 

You should feel devastated when things don’t go your way, when you do what is necessary and fall short, when someone else beats you – take that seriously. 

Winners, Champions, Gold Medalists DO THIS. 

And then, and just as importantly you must REBOUND!!! 

As in instantly, certainly the next morning.  Hey, you are given “mornings” for a reason.  The new day exists so that you can move on from yesterday.   

TOMORROW can’t become your crutch but it should become your Rebound. 

Start again at step one. 

Commit and Prepare 
Intensify and Execute 

And repeat it all over again… 

This is what Champions do.  If you embrace what I am saying it will not only change your life it will change your outcomes, it will elevate the playing field you step on to and the value you bring to the market place. 

There is only one place, sometimes a thousandth of a second between silver and gold, only 4 places between the top and no medal at all, and yet there is a lifetime of devastation, of memory, and “last chance” that Olympians never get over. 

You see that is just one thing that makes them so special, to live with this reality, that in and of itself is extraordinary. 

You, me, others, “normal people” we don’t have that and that is why we don’t perform at the level that they do.  My challenge to you is to apply this, these principles, this way of thinking, the concept of competition, the philosophy and transcendence of the Olympics to your daily life. 

Make your Business YOUR Olympics and win that Gold Medal that my brother placed in front of you last week. 

It is yours to achieve, to take, to pursue, to enjoy, to conquer. 

It begins by “making it real”. 

I  believe in you… it’s your turn.  It is Your Time!

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