Playing A Game You Can Win: Profit Big in 2014

Playing A Game You Can Win: Profit Big in 2014

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Playing A Game You Can Win: Profit Big in 2014

Today… a different article with a BOLD New Year Lesson for you.  A principle, if applied to your life and business, that will result in nearly instantaneous results, certainly looking back 12 months from now this message will have been one of the most impactful and guiding forces of your decisions, your control over others and yourself, and most importantly your ability to prosper. 

How you handle what I’m about to tell you will directly relate to the amount of profitable opportunities that come your way.  It is about more than a belief or a mindset it is a way of doing business and living life. 

I know you have played this game before, we all have.  It’s called “the blame game.” 

The game is played like this, we take any circumstance in our life, any result, any problem, or challenge and we as fast as possible quickly make up an excuse by directing the blame at someone or something or some other reason that explains why it wasn’t our fault and we had no control over the outcome. 

The unfortunate thing about this game is that the only loser is You! 

I think this came to me most when I heard the saying about a football coach who said, “when the team loses the coach didn’t do his job, when the team wins, the coach had really good players.” 

The point was the coach was willing to take all the blame and give all the credit.  That is what leader does.  A superstar athlete doesn’t blame the loss on his teammates rather he asks him or herself what they could have, should have done better, how could they have won the game instead of losing. 

This is something that takes a great deal of practice and you have to have a support system and team around you that you are willing to listen to, to be beat up and called out by, you need people watching your back to make sure you don’t fall into the victim mode. 

I can tell whether or not a person will be successful in the first 10-15 minutes of a conversation, usually 1-2 minutes based on how they describe their current state of affairs, if they are instantly bitching and moaning, complaining and blaming everything but themselves for all the problems in the world and in their life, versus telling me what THEY are doing to make a change, to make things better, to make things different. 

Here’s what you should know about your business… 

It is your single solitary and sole responsibility to make it work, to make it profitable, to proactively figure out the puzzle and crack the code.  No one will do it for you, no one cares to do it for you, they all have their own puzzles and problems they are trying to solve. 

When you wake up in the morning and go to work playing the game of business that you have created for yourself instead of the game of blame for why things aren’t the way you want, you will win, every time, every day, in some way even though maybe small some days and big on others, when you play your game you always win, because you get to make the rules. 

When you play others, you lose because you aren’t suppose to win. 

That is why the marketing I teach, the methods we use, are always built and created for people who want to build their own games and play by their own rules. 

I can take two people in the same industry, at the same time, and give them the exact same thing and one will be incredibly successful, thanking me profusely and wanting more and the other will be an utter failure blaming everything on everyone else. 

The difference is what you wake up in the morning to go and do. 

Respond to emails, treat each lead carefully, listen to feedback, monitor results, proactively pursue opportunities, survey the field, ask questions, try new things, follow through with plans, there are things you can do every day to give yourself the advantage of success. 

I can’t emphasize this enough.  I have never seen someone who takes action, follows guidance, does what needs to be done to grow – and it not happen, unless they have a chip on their shoulder, an entitled ego or mentality that they are owed something by the market place or by anyone else for that matter. 

You can assume success because you have earned the right to do so.  Not just for the sake of assumption. 

We all fight the blame game every day, we all have ups and downs and disappointments and want to not accept responsibility, even when it is actually not our fault, even when we are dealt a bad hand, it does happen, the difference is this isn’t poker, you have control over everything else around you, even when something doesn’t go right you must be taking action in a positive way to quickly correct or modify or change. 

Make your resolution for 2014 to always be proactive, to always place the power of yourself and your business in your hands, get smarter than you people on board, get outside perspectives, get experts to help and guide, focus only on what you do best, and when doing all of these things, be the one who is outworking everyone else, be the one who always has a positive attitude, be the one who is pissed off at yourself for what could have gone better, for the things you left fall through the cracks, not the people who support you, not the things that life throws, do not give anything else your power. 

Own your business and own your results, own your success and failure and own a bank account with money in it. 

No one wins at the blame game, everyone wins at their own game when you make the rules, choose the playing field and everything else that goes in it. 

I create games and businesses to look, be, operate, and reward you exactly the way you want, your field of dreams is possible… with the right model. 

This is the last week for my New Year Business Blueprint Complimentary Consultations, you can schedule one by clicking here: 

I look forward to hearing about your victories in 2014.  As I always like to say, “MAKE IT” a happy new year every single day.

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