3 Ways to Get Money To Grow Your Business Without Banks

3 Ways to Get Money To Grow Your Business Without Banks

January 23rd, 2014 // 11:52 am @

3 Ways to Get Money To Grow Your Business Without Banks
The most common obstacle holding people back from growing their business is… 


Hands down, that is the single most requested “resource” that people want (and think they need) to take their business to the next level.  And it is true, cash is king as they say.  Everything comes down to money. 

However, there are many ways to get capital to grow your business or to launch a new idea. 

Today, as part of my “giving you everything you need to be successful in the new year” mission I am giving you 3 very specific and important ways to get the money you need to move forward. 

The facts are, even people that have money usually use other people’s money to make their next moves. 

The three sources of money that I’m going to cover today are:

1: Business Working Capital

2: Crowdfunding

3: What I call Creative Growth Financing or in other words, finding ways to bring money, resources, opportunity to you when you have no other options. 

There was once a saying that goes like this – “if you can’t make money without money you can’t make money with money either.”  However it sure is a lot easier if you have money to give you jumpstart, a leg up, ability to leapfrog other slow gradual progress. 

Resources are there to be used. 

These are three of the best resources and if you would like some extra money or to fund your next project or heck even get you out of a bind you should stop everything you are doing and research and discover these valuable tools I have presented to you today. 

First: Business Working Capital 

This by nature is “money to work your business” it is repaid by the cashflow of your company.  You have to have a business that makes money to be able to use this one.  If you do, then it is one of the very best and fastest sources of funds. 

You can get money sometimes the very same day you request it. 

What I love about working capital is that for smart business people you can move quickly and you can capitalize on opportunities.  For example, if you have a deal that you come across and you can make $20,000 but need $10,000 to make it happen, then you borrow the $10,000 and payback whatever amount less than $20,000 and you get your profit.  Your other option is to lose the deal and make no money altogether. 

Of course you are smart so you realize that getting a deal is about acquiring a customer, a relationship, sometimes you don’t even have to be profitable, thus working capital although sometimes you payback more than you would on a credit card or bank loan it is quick, immediate, and you can take advantage of opportunities or get out of a tight situation. 

One of the sharpest people on the planet dealing with working capital is my friend Taylor Grant from Colorado.  He usually works exclusively with professional practices but is opening up streams of capital for any and all businesses this year, you can schedule a private consultation with him by emailing directly 
or you can call him directly at 303-586-6422 

Next up, the hot new evolution in our society and what I call the “social money phenomenon” because it is funding through social media, called Crowdfunding. 

Ryan and I happen to work directly with Caspar Craven, the Money Master of Crowdfunding in the entire world.  No exaggeration, Caspar has personally raised over a ½ BILLION dollars.  This guy is the real deal. 

What I love about Crowdfunding is that you get rapid promotional affiliates, and a salesforce of advocates to pay you to start, grow, develop your business.  And depending on which type of crowdfunding you choose YOU DO NOT PAY THE MONEY BACK. 

This is about getting a little from a lot and it is perfect, literally for anyone.  With crowdfunding you exchange value for money just like you do with your customers…only different. 

You can learn all about this by watching Caspar’s video at 

and yes, you should invest in his product, it is worth 100x the money, however just watching the video will explain everything to you.   

If you have been wanting or needing money, you simply have NO EXCUSE any more, I have never seen anything like it, and I can tell you this – crowdfunding is the real deal and it is getting hotter and hotter, more sights, more backers, more people – this is the right kind of “sharing the wealth” that is meant to happen. 

Lastly, I promised my own personal CREATIVE GROWTH FINANCING. 

This is my favorite because anyone can do it, it’s fun, and usually there are not one, two, or three but a handful of different strategies that you can implement, often times just a phone call or email away, from success and money.

I have about 10 of these sure fire smart entrepreneurial strategies that I share with clients during my consulting and business blueprint days.  I am happy to gift you these 10 strategies if you would like them, sort of a belated New Year’s gift for your journey into 2014. 

You will find these are effective strategies even if you are in need of money… 

If you want them just reply back with a simple email and let me know your biggest challenges and goals for the new year and I’ll send you the 10 Creative Growth Financing Strategies. 

Additionally, if you have a business and make money now, I would strongly suggest you reach out to Taylor atquickcapitalexperts@gmail.com and go through a consultation with him to learn more about your options, how you can more effectively manage cashflow and maximize your returns. 

And anyone and everyone reading this would be crazy not to learn everything you can about Crowdfunding.  If you decide to invest in Caspar’s course I will give you a personal strategy call to help you craft your best crowdfunding offer.  My gift for doing something smart for yourself and supporting my friend and client. 

The website again is www.TheCrowdFundingBlueprint.com 

Remember to reply back to this emails with your goals and challenges, of course tell me who you are and what your business is and I will get you my top 10 creative growth financing strategies. 

There you have it, everything you could possibly need to know about how to get money for your business and ideas to make your dreams a reality, to put your ideas into action in 2014. 

Happy New Year…one month just about gone…are you making all you can out of all you’ve got!!!
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