3 Profit Multipliers for 2014

3 Profit Multipliers for 2014

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3 Profit Multipliers for 2014
What will you do differently this year?!   

Isn’t this the question we all ask ourselves and others, or it is usually asked “what will be different in 2014” but the key change of words in my question is “what will you do differently.” 

This gives us the saying that we’ve all heard, you can’t do the same thing and expect a different result.  I would assume that your goals fit into the 3 most common goals of all entrepreneurs, make more money, spend more time with their family, and grow their business (preferably with less effort). 

I want to give you some action steps that would help you achieve your goals.  Before I do that, it’s important to assess why anyone usually falls short of their expectations, and the answer is simple, every client I work with, we try to accomplish more, more time, more money, more customers, more/better lifestyle and we do it by doing something different, because the business you have as it is will only give you the results you are getting, unless you change some key factors. 

When business owners come to me with a list of goals they are most often goals that aren’t able to be achieved unless we first fix the foundational model of their business, not necessary change their business (although sometimes that is desirable) but realign the business so that bigger money is possible, leveraged growth for more customers is possible, so that working smarter not harder is possible. 

This is done by affecting three things first, and my suggestion as you dive back into your “routine” for the New Year – what I call my 3 Profit Multipliers. 

First, we want to reverse engineer your business income flow or what is known as your money pyramid by restructuring price that will get you to your goals.  If you take any existing business it is an uphill battle to achieve the revenue they want doing business the way it’s being done. 

That is why we must adjust your price and transaction value for maximum profit in 2014. 

Second, we are going to establish who exactly your ideal clients/customers/patients should be based on this new pricing structure, which services or products are the most lucrative and who will willingly and happily line up to pay these fees without you having to convince or coerce them.  Successful selling in the New Year should not be selling at all, rather when you choose the best ideal clients/customers/patients you will influence them through your marketing and experience they go through in your business. 

That is why it is critical to your growth and money objectives in 2014 to make sure you are attracting the right people with your marketing and focusing on the top 20% of valuable clients/customers/patients.  You see, when we do this 20% thing and then fill up your pipeline with the best, we get an automatic 5x results.  Multiply that by the new pricing structure and you can see how growth and income or less work and more money is possible. 

Finally that brings us to the 3rd Profit Multiplier 

We have to make both one and two possible by creating marketing systems and materials that leverage your time and enhance your ability to command premium prices and sell without selling.  This is done through high quality professional psychological based marketing. 

Here’s the thing, going forward into the New Year I can take one look at someone’s business and by knowing just one of the 3 items, their current prices, their current target market, or the extent of their marketing systems and know whether or not they will hit their goals. 

Mastering marketing systems and having effective selling material and processes is the secret to making money easily (once you have the other 2 Profit Multipliers in order).  This is the key that no one takes the time to really develop; unless you and I have developed these systems together. 

And usually I can come within a few thousand dollars as to their actual revenue.  It really is about a formula.  Your profit will be dictated by my 3 Profit Multipliers, it is only a matter of what you are doing to affect and control and increase them. 

Good news.  Because I want to help ensure you make the most you can in 2014, I have decided to give you a personal New Year’s gift, call it the present of profit!! 

I have committed to provide up to 25 complimentary and confidentialProfit Multiplier New Year Strategy Consultations.  It will be my pleasure to dialogue with you about your results from 2013 and most importantly what you want your results to be in 2014 and then discuss how to most effectively maximize your 3 Profit Multipliers, including my suggestive steps to take to make it all happen. 

These consultations usually last 45-60 minutes and I’d like to gather some information from you in advance to make the most of our time.  This is a real $2,500 Value as that is my standard hourly rate when doing calls like this with clients.  Yours is 100% complimentary; a gift for staying tuned in and being a weekly reader. 

You can get in line and schedule your 2014 Profit Multiplier Strategy Call with me by going to this website…

I look forward to talking to you and learning about your business and your goals and objectives for 2014. 

Scott J Manning, MBA 

Request your Profit Multiplier New Year Strategy Call by going to this website… 

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