Make YOUR List… and be your own Santa Clause

Make YOUR List… and be your own Santa Clause

December 19th, 2013 // 11:50 am @

Make YOUR List… and be your own Santa Clause

The greatest gift you possess as an Entrepreneur is that of your ability to create. 

Create opportunity. 
Create relationship. 
Create customers. 
Create money. 

Imagine for a moment you are walking back up to Santa like you might have done when you were a child or perhaps have taken your kids to do the same. 

You are then asked the question “what would you like for Christmas”

And then you answer… 

For many people, they get to make their wish list, tell Santa what they want and then within the confines of their income or the income of others that they are going to be receiving gifts from their wishes either come true or they do not. 

For you however, you have the ability to not only dream and ask and create your wish list. 

You have the ability to then create, manifest, manufacture your dreams and wishes yourself. 

As an entrepreneur one of the hardest things in life is probably answering the question what do you want for Christmas, the reason is because you are undoubtedly giving yourself your own wishes all year long. 

So, just like the power to do good for others you have the power to do good for yourself.  Why then do most people live achieving less than they want.  It’s because they do not have the list. 

If you do not have something to say to Santa Claus, then  you are going to get the gifts that are given by default, so if you want to have the things you want underneath the tree then you have to get better as asking for what you want. 

That means you have to know. 

I have a challenge for you, over the course of the next week; I want you to write your list to Santa Clause.  And I want you to think about the following –

  • What gifts would you like to have for your business, to make you more productive, to change that make what you do more enjoyable and more profitable. 
  • What gifts would you like personally, whether on your bucket list or just items that you desire that have some meaning or some application to your daily life. 
  • What gifts do you want to give to others…

Make your list by answering these questions.

  1. What are the things you most want to eliminate to make you more successful, happier? 
  2. What are your biggest frustrations and what can you do to change them? 
  3. What challenges have you faced over the past year that you can overcome or now do differently?

Now once you have your lists I want you to put on your Santa Hat and look in the mirror and anoint yourself as Santa Claus. 

Because this is the ability and control you have over your life.  You have the magic to make and change anything.  I challenge you to look at your life and business like this from now on. 

If you aren’t getting everything you want in life perhaps you haven’t made your list.  Do that.  And then get to work on organizing and structuring your business to ensure you achieve these goals. 

This week make your list and next week on Christmas Day my gift to you will be the best New Years Resolutions I can possibly share with you to help give you the power to be your own Santa Clause all year long. 

Merry Christmas to you and your family, make the most of the next 7 days and all the days that follow. 


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This should be your top item on your list for Santa and the New Year – more money less work.  Last chance is today.

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