You Will Profit From This Message,Thanks-To-You

You Will Profit From This Message,Thanks-To-You

November 27th, 2013 // 12:37 pm @

You Will Profit From This Message,Thanks-To-You

Before I get to this week’s message, which is actually a few different messages all combined into one, I want to first start by saying Happy Thanksgiving – and I do mean that – for you, for your families, for your customers, for all that you represent and for the world we live in. 

Now, what I am truly thankful for, like a celebrity on stage accepting an award, it is impossible to list all the people, places, things, events, influences, decisions that a person is thankful for, so instead I’m going to make a list, one that I believe you can resonate with to a certain extent. 

First, I am thankful for those people who support me in doing what I want to do, what I’m good at doing.  Mainly above all else, my brother, his wife, and my future bride.  They are top on the list no matter what else for one very simple reason because no matter what would happen to me in my life these are the people who make everything else possible and give me motivation to work, to create, to be. 

Next, is everyone inside my inner circle, those I call friends, which for me are also the same people I call clients, members, teammates, I am thankful for those who believe in me, who would do anything for me, who continue to have faith in my advice, vision, guidance, and partnership. 

Of course parents and extended family who helped form my beliefs, philosophies, life experiences and who’s love I can always rely on. 

You have these same circles of support around you and I would carefully identify them and nurture your relationships with them.  Such as your referral partners, your vendors, your raving fans, etc. 

In business we take way way way way way way too much for granted – we operate the same way we bitch and moan about others in our society being, entitled – you are not entitled to a goddamn thing, nothing, not a single customer, a single dollar, a single break or idea or anything. 

You only earn the right to be. 

And that is what you should be most thankful for, the right to take full responsibility for yourself.  Be thankful for the fact that you aren’t the on again off again Colts, or the never-make-it-in-crunch-time quarterback who bears my last name – you don’t play sports where everything comes down to the performance of others – you are the single sole captain of your ship. 

What a powerful position, the most powerful position in the world.  You made the decision and you should reward yourself with gratitude by being successful and making every single day count. 

So, now, above all else, what makes me tick, what drives me, what I am most thankful for is – PEOPLE WITH AMBITION, people who say F&*# the status quo I want more…people with ideas and visions that give me purpose for living, that make what I do valuable because they see to deliver a greater value to the world and thus to themselves. 

I am grateful for those who take action, who do not make excuses, those who push me with their drive for life.  I am thankful and appreciative for people who take life serious and do not squander away opportunity or time or their existence. 

You see, you don’t have to be thankful for everything, you don’t have to treat everyone equally, or otherwise be fair, this is not thanksgiving, you make your own thanksgiving – last I checked if you are reading this your meal wasn’t handed to you – – – I get frustrated with the way the holidays are portrayed in our society, be generous with those less fortunate but do not dismiss your responsibility to grow your own fortune.   

It is a very simple premise, not everyone deserves the same “thanks”. 

Live with reality, with what is, and you’ll find yourself having a whole lot more quality relationship – not a bunch of superficial ones.  Dig deep for more meaning in life. 

The last thing I will say about all of this is you can directly proportion a persons happiness not in terms of money (although it is all the same, people just don’t like to admit truths, rather illusions that make them feel better) but in terms of peace of mind and quality, lifestyle, independence – it is directly proportioned to their ability to prioritize everything in life included who and how they give thanks.  When you spread yourself too think no one finds value in what you do or give when you demonstrate significance and integrity in your relationships you have meaning and it becomes about more than a holiday, once a year celebration, rather is becomes a symbolic belief and philosophy. 

If you want to know my secret to life…it is this…I pretend every single day is a holiday…every day is my fiances birthday, everyday is thanksgiving, everyday is the best day of my life.  Everyday is worthy of celebration.  Sure do extra, spend time with family, give more to others, when the calendar calls for it, at the same time, treat every day like it is a day of significance and why not live the way you want to 365 days a year rather than having to modify your behavior or anything else at the convenience of a made up schedule. 

I am thankful for you, who is reading this today, however, what I hope mostly is that today, the least important thing you do is read my email because you are so busy creating a life of prosperous significance for yourself and you have so much responsibility that you have less time for everyone else’s agenda because yours is the most important and your best way to give thanks is to be creating something to be thankful for.

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