Stop Buying Other People’s Solutions

Stop Buying Other People’s Solutions

November 13th, 2013 // 5:22 pm @

Stop Buying Other People’s Solutions
Over the past several days while in Chicago I have been meeting with Clients and Members from all over the world and spent 4 days at the GKIC Info-Summit where the smartest and most successful information marketers gather. 

Interesting things have occurred in the information industry over the past couple years.  The people who are making real money are people running them like real businesses.  The major differences are finding ways to sell at high prices, extracting wealth from small numbers, and creating systems to sustain your growth through ongoing lead generation and automatic sales funnels. 

Much like my coaching and consulting blueprint that I have laid out here before, and the exact 2 prong approach business model I am presenting in December, the info businesses that make money are based around concepts not products, around systems not fly by night bright shiny objects, they are about their owners and their customers finding real value and delivering real results. 

You can only burn through so many people’s money buying product after product after product until they actually have to get results and a return on their investment. 

I say all of this today, to share with you a philosophy that I had to repeat again and again over the past week in Chicago.  For most people, and I do mean most everyone, you can’t take a product or even an idea and make a bad business better, or even take a business that’s doing okay, but inconsistent and often struggling, you just can’t fix bad math as the saying goes. 

The real problem I have with info-marketing, traditionally, the way it has been done is that people rely on products or information to improve something that isn’t going well to begin with. 

The idea of keep digging to get out of the hole. 

Of course there are people with successful businesses, already leveraging ideas, getting steady customer growth, in business, making money, those people can successfully leverage concepts, strategies, products to make money, others, not so much. 

What I do for others and what the place that everyone should start, regardless of your business or industry is from the foundation of your business model.  Is the model you have now the one that works, for you, for your customers, are you making money and growing – if it doesn’t match up with your lifestyle and goals and objectives then you really need a time out, to stop and assess and evaluate and see where the problem is. 

Seriously, it’s the equivalent of repairing a shitty broken down car just to be able to drive it to the mechanic so he can fix it again (and again and again), what you really need is a new car. 

Have you ever thought about how good you feel when you put on new shoes, dress up real nice, or slide into a beautiful car. When is the last time you really surrounded yourself with the wealth and affluence and luxury living that you so aspire to have… 

If you want to know if your business is motivating you, if it is the vehicle you should be driving, think long and hard about how it makes you feel when you are inside of it.  It should give you the feeling like the new wardrobe or a beautiful vacation does. 

If it’s not delivering the goods, through your hard work and focus, if it’s not matching up to the lifestyle you want, then you have to ask yourself – why on earth do you want to make THAT a little bit better. 

It’s that time of year when you begin reflecting, begin looking at the calendar like the ticking time bomb it is and saying to yourself, “have I really accomplished all that I set out to do”, and most importantly looking at how much you have to get done by the end of this year. 

The question becomes – 

If you had a better business, a different model, a more effective way of doing things, wouldn’t you be happier, wouldn’t you accomplish your goals faster, wouldn’t you live the lifestyle you want – now.  Is there a point in waiting for later. 

Of course not – 

I suggest you find a model that you are so confident in, so settled on, a business that excites you, that the math works out and the lifestyle is enjoyed while it’s happening, not years down the road, and this occurs when you step back and look at if your business as it is now is really getting you where you want to be going. 

You can buy all the products in the world, read the books, go to the seminars and conferences, but if you are applying these things to a business that you are already struggling in, it’s a waste of time and energy. 

Same goes for those who are already successful, I challenge you to look at your business and the things that you detest doing, the things that are under performing and that are taking up time and energy away from other areas and opportunities that are more valuable, more in line with your goals and objectives. 

Everything in life has to have some type of judgment test and be held accountable.  What isn’t adding up needs to be eliminated. 

In December I will be presenting the fastest business model to earn $100,000 and much more in any industry or niche.  I will be laying out my coaching and consulting blueprint for the first time.  The group is strictly limited.  You’ll find details about it soon. 

If you’d like to be on the priority notification list you can reply to this email now. 

This business is one of autonomy, of lifestyle, of status.  If you have long said you’d love to consult for big money or help people through coaching then you’ll want to be there. 

It’s a business vehicle that can be added to your fleet, it goes very fast, or it can stand alone as the next evolution of your entrepreneurial career. 

Most importantly today, I want you to stop trying to fix your business with patchwork and make sure that you are working, living, building on a solid foundation.  If the math doesn’t work your business won’t either.  Most people expect to earn a certain amount in a business that can’t provide it. 

You want to stop being frustrated, stop looking for solutions to your problems from other peoples perspectives.  Look into the mirror of your business and find out where things are unstable, not in alignment, and vow to refocus on a model that matches what you really want and that adds up to the right numbers. 

If it makes sense and you’d like to work together on this, I have limited time left in 2013 for Blueprint Days of Consulting, certainly it would be worth you doing whatever it takes to figure things out before the end of the year, to make 2014 your best year ever, it begins now.  Immediately. 

You can inquire at 

And receive a complementary Business Model assessment and 2014 Strategy Call with me.

Until next week.  Go fast, Work hard, Profit like you deserve to win.  Because you do.
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