Are Your Investments Paying Off?

Are Your Investments Paying Off?

November 21st, 2013 // 1:44 pm @

Are Your Investments Paying Off?
Are Your Investments Paying Off? Everyday – here’s the list you need to know. 

Whenever someone has the opportunity to ask me a question or in other words attempt to elicit free advice, they are always looking for shortcuts, easy paths, and the “one” thing that will make the difference as if there is just one thing a person can do to be successful to make money to grow your business and to get rich, etc.

All experts in anything would tell you the same thing, everybody always wants to get something before they have “paid their dues” – don’t get me wrong, I am all about skipping the line, leap frogging the competition, getting to where I want to go faster and without question I believe in shortcuts to speed and progress but not at the expense of quality or significance of outcome. 

As example, the reason people easily justify investing in my consulting blueprints, makeover days, or any of our boutique services is to buy speed, expertise, and I suppose you could say guaranteed results. 

The keyword there of course is INVEST, whether it is in time, money, effort, relationships, everything in life and in your business is about investing. 

Today I thought I would give you the short list of the top 7 things you should be investing in, every day, in your business, your life and your future…that are in fact the tickets to discovering and uncovering shortcuts. 

If you look at your days and take a closer analysis of how you spend your day you simply need to ask yourself at the end of the day what was gained by the 24 hours you invested.  This is the true test to the wealth and progress at the end of every week, month, year. 

Some squander the time others have something to show for it, the trick to showing for it is investing in the following things. 

1 – your customer relationships 

2 – lead generation to get new customers 

3 – influencers, joint ventures, affiliates, people who are key to your future success 

4 – friends, family, people who have impact on your daily life, happiness, peace of mind, health 

5 – your education and knowledge base both in and out of your industry 

6 – your employees or other systems such as sales, marketing, etc 

7 – YOURSELF!!! You health, your happiness, your goals and objectives, I say everyday do something that you truly enjoy that makes you smile 

8 – bonus, your investments into wealth and future banking 

Okay, today, you get a list, next week I will explain the best ways to invest and how to get a return from each of these and let them be your catalyst for shortcuts. 

Good luck, take the inventory, see how your time is invested everyday and what you are building or wasting along the way.
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