The 5 Mental Roadblocks Impeding Your Success (and How to Break Free)

The 5 Mental Roadblocks Impeding Your Success (and How to Break Free)

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The 5 Mental Roadblocks Impeding Your Success (and How to Break Free)

The single most impactful thing that I do for clients, people visiting me for consulting days and anyone else I work with is remove the mental roadblocks out of their life and their head.  Regardless of how great a business model you have, how certain of success you are destined to be, if you suffer from any of these 5 things (and we all do continually throughout our life time) then you will not succeed, at least you will not sustain any amount of success. 

Yes, these have to do with wealth attraction, also and even more importantly they have to do with people attraction…and they are the vine that smothers and suffocates the money tree you are trying to grow. 

I thought I would pick the top 5 and share them with you today in hopes that it might bring awareness to some of the roadblocks in your way and motivate you to plow through them, blow them up, drive around them and never look back. 

We say and I know you have heard me say this before, Champions don’t need to be told, they just need to be reminded.  So, here’s your reminder. 

ONE – Fear!!!  And it is probably the biggest one, at core of your subconscious mind.  Here’s what you may not think about, Fear is as strong towards failure as it is towards success. 

People who have lost things before or have a “stressful” life or quite frankly have built themselves into a box in their lives where there is no room for success, they sabotage their results and ambitions with FEAR of things going well as much as they do with things not going well. 

To remove fear you must remove attachment to outcomes and all stereotypes for success and failure.  Here is a comforting fact, no one cares!  Everyone else is already consumed with their own life and problems, you must want success for yourself and be okay with whatever happens knowing that you are a person growing and gaining wisdom and knowledge and experience and you may fail with an idea but not with your initiative. 

TWO – Belief!!!  And I’m talking about belief in yourself, that you can achieve something…that it will work, whatever your try, whatever you put forth effort or money into.  This one is huge in terms of self-confidence and self-esteem, how you feel about yourself and how you believe about your ability to make something happen. 

I would say this to you, and it may be a cliché it is however true, you are as capable as anyone else at becoming rich and living the lifestyle you want. 

They say the past does not determine your future and no matter what experiences you have had before today they only prepared you for what is next and you, yes you, have the ability to design a life and business however you want it to be. 

The best way to build up belief is to go and do something and begin by achieving small victories, practicing your success.  You can do it. 

THREE – Deserve!!!  This is completely different from all others, it has to do with how you feel about earning money and being in a position of abundance.  Most people have been taught that they don’t deserve more than anyone else.  Be fair.  Treat everyone equally, and all of that bullshit nonsense.  It is not true.  You deserve what you earn and what you create for yourself and it is based on the value you bring to others. 

You have to agree with the philosophy of you having someone’s money in exchange for what you offer and provide them is much better and the only logical legitimate reasonable idea versus them keeping that money and you keeping what you offer or provide to yourself. 

Do what is necessary to deserve and start being around people who will tell you so.  Do not stand for anyone in your life to beat you down, to harm your feelings about you.  Your deserve level is a critically significant factor to exactly how much money you will make.

FOUR – Prosperity!!!  This one I have talked about many many times and I am sure you understand – however are you practicing a Prosperity Mindset everyday in your life.  If you feel limitation in terms of money you are not going to be successful.  If your behaviors are stating to yourself or others that there is a cap on what is available for you to make with an idea, with a person, with a business then you will have very little. 

This core belief about money changes everything about the way you sell.  It allows you to come across with generous sincerity when asking people to pay you any amount.  It also attracts more people, money, and opportunity for you as you compound your efforts and progress towards your goals with momentum. 

FIVE – Lethargy!!!  Of the mind and body, being lazy is business, money, life suicide.  It can’t be tolerated.  It is a major roadblock and it is often a symptom of all of the other 4 being out of whack, however it is also a cause.  It can be result of poor health, poor relationships, poor anything else in your life.  It zaps your motivation and robs you of ability to think clearly. 

Exercise, diet, sex, vacation, activities.  All five critical for this.  More than any of those however is your own personal mission, motivation, and purpose for what you want to do.  You have to have reasons to wake up, things to look forward to, you have to be on an expedition for success in your life, this breeds energy and power to achieve…everything and anything. 

Okay so there you have it, if that isn’t a reminder for a champion I don’t know what is.  Here’s the good news bad news, you aren’t the only one, every single person, from Donald Trump down to the staff at McDonalds fights these things and it is just a matter of whether or not they WIN the fight. 

The tricks to overcoming this are actually quite simple, there are 3 – 

1 – Decide, is always first, you have to make a decision and be 100% committed to an outcome, to your purpose, your objectives.  You have to say I want to believe in myself, I want to deserve more, I do have a prosperity mindset, I will overcome my fear it is a made up emotion that is not real…and I will not be lazy because I am not, I am motivated and I will get off my ass. 

Guess what step 2 is 

2 – Do something, actually get off your ass and move, in a direction, towards a goal, take action and do not stop.  This is the hardest because it is easy to talk about things, everyone has dreams, hopes, aspirations, because they feel good, most do not do anything about them because that part, well, doesn’t feel so good…until you hit paydirt and bring in money and feel, see, taste, touch and sure why not smell success. 

So what’s the secret 

3 – To stack the deck in your favor by putting yourself in an environment that makes success inevitable, guaranteed.  To schedule the time and place where you will in fact go and be, off your ass and in motion, and then surround yourself with a room full of people what will help you perform number 1…DECISION. 

That is the difference between all successful people who do achieve and those who just talk about what they would like to achieve it is WHERE they are at and WHO they are with. 

Environment literally is everything, then environment inside your head is directly reflecting the environment outside of your body that you immerse yourself in and around everyday. 

This is the biggest reason why I may go without seeing a past client or coaching member for a few years and then they resurface because they realize they are missing this, the most important all encompassing solution to all problems, the secret sauce, they are missing THE ENVIRONMENT for which they are able to grow their dreams into realities, they are able to be themselves and be supported, cheered, rallied, and HELPED to and through the achievement of their goals. 

I challenge, dare you even to step foot into my world, the environment that I have created for you…it is unlike anything you have ever experienced, it is different than anything I have ever done in the past, it is new, designed and created for you, to nurture and achieve your grandest ambitions and most intimate desires for success, money, power, and everything that comes with that. 

It requires personal invitation, and I’m happy to provide it to you, just reply to this email and allow me to let you in, take you behind the scenes, and show you exactly what I’m talking about. 

You will never look back.

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