Learning To Let GO

Learning To Let GO

October 30th, 2013 // 11:47 am @

Learning To Let GO
If you aspire to achieve the next level of success in your life, whatever that may be, money, happiness, autonomy, health, anything really, it doesn’t matter what.  Then you are about to understand the most important thing you can do to make that happen.

What I’m about to tell you is the sure-fire action that acts as catalyst to forcing success to happen.


It is also the hardest.  Like, really, the hardest thing you will ever do, until you have to do it the next time.


It is what I call “letting go.”


You have heard I’m sure of the LEFT BEHIND Series.  Books I’ve never read but my mom was really into them at the point when they were coming out.  I simply want you to think about that LEFT BEHIND and embrace the fact that where you go on your journey of success you are bound to have a whole bunch of people, places, things LEFT BEHIND.


It is nearly impossible to achieve success at the higher levels with the same of anything that you began with.


Not the same ideas.  Not the same behaviors.  Not the same hobbies, interests, or people.


Especially not the same people.


The only exception to this is when people around you also continue to grow.  And that is the critical thing to know, you have to surround yourself with people that do.


Still, as you evolve you will plateau and it will be to the self-imposed ceiling around you, directly related to the people and the environment you are in.


This is why Sports Stars thrive with different teams, or teams thrive with different sports stars.  This is why you are better and happier around certain people than others.  This is why you have a preference on where to live, where to vacation, what to do.


Everything truly does affect everything else.


The most impactful, for better or worse, thing that will affect how successful you are is the people whom you allow to hold you back.  If those around you do not want the same things or have the same discipline or believe the same or even have the same agendas then you are destine for sabotage, not by them but by yourself, because you are the one allowing it.


If you feel stuck.  Do these things.


Change your habits

Change your environment

Change your friends

Change your customers

Change your associates


I can share with you personally and specifically exactly who I was letting hold me back and what I did differently to achieve the next break through, it has been this for each of my past business and each of my income breakthroughs.


There is always a list, you have yours, the question is are you settling for it, dealing with it, or DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


This is exactly why I take on only very select and specific clients, people who share same lifestyle, some ideals, same work ethics, and same visions for their life and business as I do and agree with.


It is also why I do not socialize or waste other meaningless time doing things that waste value time or energy and move it in directions that do not facilitate the life and lifestyle that I want.


Yes, people will think you ruthless, arrogant, heartless at times and those same people will be living paycheck to paycheck complaining about the weather and everyone else in their life while you are getting rich, enjoying your success and living the good life.


I will also tell you that one thing that changed my life like a flip of a switch was moving, geographically, away from all the baggage I had accumulated and distractions I had.  Sometimes it’s the best and only way.  I believe in forced discipline and structuring your life so that you can be successful.


I used to change my cell phone number and not move the phone book over and let my friends accumulate once again and make decisions one at a time whether I still had room for them in my life.


Here is what you should know – you are only one person, with one life, with just 24 hours in your day…7 days in your week.  Reality is you do not have very many weeks left – so what you do with them, who you allow into them, how you invest them is what matters most.


That is why I believe you must set your business up to serve your life and you must be the ultimate judge and jury of how gets in and what purpose they serve.  Your life is not meant to be divided equally amongst random people that pick and choose how they affect you.


Yes letting go, getting people to walk the plank off your ship in life, or throwing them overboard is just part of it.  I leave you with two analogies, you have probably heard this one…


Your life is like a bus, you only have so many seats, you let people on and off the bus as you go through life.  That bus, your life, is only as successful and happy as the people who occupy it’s seats.


Good news – you own, drive, direct, operate the bus – you get to choose and decide.


Lastly, my friend Lloyd Irvin once explained it this way, as he is climbing the mountain of life he will allow anyone a chance to tag along, to hang on to him as long as they do not become a weight or a negative influence, as long as they follow his lead and direction and his modus operandi however if they work against him in any way, become discouraging or against the flow and energy of the mission he cuts them off, and they fall to their death but you cannot afford to look down and risk falling, you must continue on, looking up, climbing on.


That is reality my friends.  You are not building an arc, you don’t have to make room for two of everything.  Build your business to serve your life, know what that is, and only allow people into your life that facilitate your purpose and mission and happiness.


This above all else is the hardest part of being an entrepreneur, you must let go and leave behind to continue your journey and progress – it is the only way.  Yes, times change and so must everything else.


The famous book title says, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” so it is your job to identify where you are at and where you are going and then MAKE THE LIST and let go and leave behind.  You will only feel bad for a moment, after that the most liberating feeling will occur and your success will be eminent.


Here’s to doing the hard thing that we all know is the right thing, for you and for others.

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