How to Strengthen Your Entrepreneur Immune System

How to Strengthen Your Entrepreneur Immune System

October 9th, 2013 // 5:08 pm @

How to Strengthen Your Entrepreneur Immune System

Last week I wrote to you about the INTERNAL things within your mind that hold you back and sabotage (100% of the time) your ability to be successful, better said, they get in your way of success. 

Of course the last one was all about your environment that you put yourself in.  Today I would like to talk with you about the most devastating and life, success, money crippling poison that inflicts every person walking the earth who has ever had an idea, an inspiration, a passion or mission to do something, perhaps anything ever. 

It is your ability and relentless fight against this negative life sucking interaction from others that determines whether or not you can be and sustain success.  In any shape or form. 

This goes against parents raising their children a certain way, to a person who chooses a career path, to the type of clothes or hairstyle or diet and on and on that you deal with in life. 

YES – I am talking about Criticism. 

Hands down this is the killer of dreams and ideas. 

For entrepreneurs this is more vivid and disastrous than it is to any other people, save maybe a helpless lost teenager with no direction and guidance. 

You receive daily criticism about: 
Your life choices 
Your industry 
Your employees 
Your prices 
Your ideas 
Your dreams, ambitions, wants, desires 
And flat out your way of life 

You have the stereotype of instability and are doubted at every turn.  Even after achieving some level of success you are not void of this judgment from others.  If you are successful and financially well oft then people talk of you being greedy and selfish and arrogant and “all about the money.” 

If you are struggling to make it you are chastised and ridiculed for your irresponsible behavior, chasing dreams, and just being lazy and not wanting to get a job. 

Of course you have heard it all. 

What you must know is this – you are in a battle every single day with the world in a conspiracy to derail your plans, to crush your dreams, to smash your progress – and unless and until you become 

Whole heartedly 

To the criticism, judgments, doubts, and other bullshit feelings, comments, and insults from others you will not be able to rise up to the occasion and achieve your grandest ambitions. 

In addition to the things I shared with you last week, this is the biggest and most dangerous thing in your life.  IT IS WHAT KEEPS PEOPLE HELD HOSTAGE TO OTHERS and prevents you from truly realizing your potential and thoroughly enjoying the process of building a business, creating your vision and dream and living the life of an entrepreneur. 

So how do you combat this – 

1 – you actually literally do become immune to it, in that you refuse to care what others think because YOU are convicted in your mission, committed to your purpose. 

2 – you surround yourself with like-minded people who GET IT and who are fighting the same battle, this usually is at least a Mastermind Group of your peers and people who have gone before you 

3 – you seek guidance, get help, find assistance and confidence in people smarter than you with experience to back it up and to keep cheering you on when you have doubts and helping you up with you are down…you need a mentor and coach that is immune to criticism for you 

4 – you eliminate your interaction with those people who are naysayers and ignorant as to what you are really about, what you are really doing, what you are committed to accomplishing 

5 – you fill your mind with the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful, and the positive to paraphrase the great,late Zig Ziglar, this is essential 

6 – you stack the deck in your favor in every way possible so you do in fact secure victories and WIN and WIN BIG 

7 – you have enough reasons and passions to ensure you are successful no matter what, no matter who stands in your way 

8 – you give yourself your own gold stars, do not rely on anyone else to tell you good job, if you do it for the glory, better pick a different path, this one, you have to be okay being the leader and going it alone, and rewarding yourself 

9 – do in fact reward yourself, take vacations, get away from it all, unplug, and re energize, this renews your focus and motivation in your goals and takes you away from any habitats of negative energy and people and things 

10 – finally, live every day with a value of your time and know your days are numbers, therefore you move fast and you take no prisoners, accept no dead weight, and do not allow any lessening of the quality of your life due to people who criticize you 

You will find this exact environment and learn to create a shield around your business and yourself as protection from this when you attend our live Marketing Summits. 

And You will automatically become immune to criticism by investing in the proper tools and resources to help you along your way.  You can get started with my Million Dollar Methods and join the Entrepreneur’s Success Society and lock out the bad guys once and for all. 

Click here and let me help you build up your immunity to the nasty criticism that is eating away at your efforts like cancer does a body:  

I do hope you take me seriously with this, you know exactly what I’m talking about, you can’t stand for it, immunity is one of the greatest secrets to catapult you to success and achieve obvious and literal overnight breakthroughs and manifest money and opportunity like never before. 

You will see, embrace what I’m saying, apply all 10 tips and put yourself in environments where success is all around, money and affluence alive and well, ideas cherished, entrepreneurship celebrated. 

Own this Day, it is yours to do with as you will!

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