The Phone Call…And A Sure Fire Formula For Six Figures Fast!

The Phone Call…And A Sure Fire Formula For Six Figures Fast!

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The Phone Call…And A Sure Fire Formula For Six Figures Fast!
Yesterday I received a call from my good friend and client who made my day.  This gentlemen has been struggling in a business that he bought for a couple years now after retiring from his career business/industry. 

He sold out his original business successfully but then for whatever reason went into an unrelated field. 

We finally made the decision after much frustration and disappointing results in this other business to move him back into his original industry and become a consultant. 

This is one of the things I am most known for around the world is helping move people into the coaching and/or consulting business from their experience in their own industry or something similar. 

It is the best and one of the most lucrative ways to make money.  I also believe it to be one of the easiest and most guaranteed ways to earn income.  I have a very specific blueprint and model that I teach that allows people to become successful very quickly. 

My client did just this because he listened and he took action. 

There is so much to share here, actually, it is in part much of what I will cover on Friday during my private Wealth Attraction and Money Manifestation Day, he followed these principles and money followed him. 

It also happens to be the bonus section to my 12 Million Dollar Methods that I will cover on Saturday (if you haven’t yet registered we have a few remaining seats available, do so now 

The best part about coaching and consulting is that it is based on the value you deliver, what you bring to the table, and not the specific product, service, or hours you invest with someone. 

My clients and members cheerfully line up to invest $6,000-$12,000 per session for me to consult with them, why?  Because they garner the strategies and information to replicate their efforts and multiply their investment again and again throughout their life in any business. 

It’s about value creation.  Possibilities, opportunities. 

And nothing makes me happier than seeing someone really hit it big and literally change their life.  Life changing income they call it and it starts with a life changing idea, action, model, concept that makes all the difference, that makes everything else happen! 

I thought today I would share with you the basic outline that my friend followed that I gave him to achieve instant income in less than 30 days and in less than 60 hit is big payday which resulted in, get this, one specific deal, contract, client where he is now, with just one client, making as much income per year as he has ever made in his lifetime. 

Of course this is just one client, so with this new business he has surpassed all of his previous income plateaus and trust me we’re not talking peanuts, serious six figures…he is now making in less than 90 days from a standing start from scratch with just an idea. 

That is powerful.  He is powerful.  His business model unstoppable.  It is guaranteed to be successful in any industry for any person. 

I should also mention that he has a plan in progress with one of the largest consultants and suppliers to this industry who wants to hire him to train their new clients and then basically pay him to lead generate his own new clients. 

It doesn’t get any better than that and it’s only possible in this business, coaching and consulting. 

So the plan I gave Mr. Money Bags… 

First we created a story about his past career, took the top 3 things that he believes make someone successful in this industry.  From there we devised the problems and solutions that these each solved and how we could illustrate to the prospects that they had them and needed them. 

Then we created the necessary marketing material.  A very special and unique product that my brother does better than anyone else.  A Marketing Media / Shock N Awe Package. 

From there the websites to convert leads into… 

Strategy Calls. 

And that’s important, it is a super secret to expedite big money…get them on the phone. 

Next we secured an email list to cut down initial upfront marketing costs, easily if you can make it work with email you can blow it out of the water with direct mail…so we test there first, messages, and conversion to calls. 

Then we created the ever so specific email campaign.  Which I happen to know someone who writes em better than anybody else (hint, you’re reading one of his email’s now). 

Of course we now sent out emails and took leads in and work them. 

But, we didn’t stop there. 

We created a list of people who he should influence in the industry and who have influence…and we began an initiative of communication. 

Pretty soon…the magic happened. 

And as he told me on the phone yesterday…”and that’s just the beginning”. 

And it is, and I project that he will easily top a half-million in annualized income by the end of this year if not before. 

Here’s the lessons to remember: 

It only takes one…of anything to make a difference, idea, customer, opportunity, change, etc

It is all about the math…and it’s only a number, I told him to decide how much money would make him comfortable and not desperate and that he would wake up excited about…and ask for that…he did and he got it. 

You have to believe, in all fairness, none of this would have happened if he didn’t believe it was possible, if he didn’t know and value himself as deserving of this success and money. 

He did what was necessary to make what he wanted happen. 

You have to see through the “no’s” to get to the “yeses” you just have to keep moving in the direction of your goals and dreams.  You really do. 

Now I want to say again how proud I am of what Bill has done.  He deserves this success so much and unlike many people he did what it took, stuck out the plan, and swung the bat until it happened…he kept his head down and focused and knew what was possible.  He listened to me and he stayed the course. 

It is such a rewarding feeling for me and I know too for him when a plan comes together when everything aligns and works out. 

That is the way it should be, this is how it should happen, for you, for anyone, if you have the right plan and take action. 

I have given you a step by step action plan here, today, that you can take and literally leverage into any industry.  Period.  And make successful. 

I do it, repeatedly for people every single month.  You have two major opportunities to get up close and personal with me this week and learn first hand how to make this type of success happen for you, and now you should know, it can happen as fast as you want it to. 

It doesn’t matter about experience, money, or anything, only taking action and following a plan.  This person was down and out, contemplating who knows what, out of money to do anything but hire me for a consulting day and that changed everything. 

When you have a formula to follow you can’t go wrong, you always get the answer that the formula gets you and that is exactly what my Million Dollar Methods Live Training for Building Your Business is all about, it is exactly what I will layout for you. 

I will give you my exact 12 Million Dollar Methods on Saturday (if you haven’t yet registered we have a few remaining seats available, do so now at 

Whether you did in school or not, you can’t help but love math, numbers, and money when it starts adding up and multiplying in your favor, life and business is a whole lot more fun! 

P.S.  If you would like more specific information on creating opportunity and attracting success and money you can reply back to this email, I have one space available for my Money Manifestation event on Friday.

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