How To Be Like Apple – More Than Just Money!

How To Be Like Apple – More Than Just Money!

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How To Be Like Apple – More Than Just Money!

I’m not big on mission statements from the standpoint of just writing something that sounds good that will impress people or is some pie in the sky idea – rather I prefer action statements about what your company, you as an individual or your employees is going to do (actually DO) for your customers or community or shareholder or whatever. 

What I prefer rather than a passive mission statement on a wall somewhere is you to write one of the most profitable pieces of copy you will ever put pen to paper or type out on your computer and that is – 


And to whom do you sell (or serve). 

This comes back to being for someone specific.  And then telling through your message and your marketing and your company culture and interaction what you represent, what you stand for. 

If you want to know why millions of people line up to buy Apple products or follow the next fad or movie fan club, or repeat vacation year after year at Disney… 

If you want to know their secret sauce it really boils down to this one philosophy… 


To be fair these are an extrapolation from 2 of Dan Kennedy’s, my friend and mentor, Wealth Magnets, the third is to … DO SOMETHING. 

And it is this mystique and particularity about a message, a vision, a mission to affect, impact, influence a consumer base of people in a way that compels them to buy. 

Of course you could liken these rapid fans to a cult-like following, they talk about their last experience, they talk about their next purchase, their everyday language has this company, they have “bought into” and ingrained all parts of their life and interaction with others. 

Once you achieve this, with your customers, you really don’t have to worry about money ever again, it becomes a different thing you manage and grow than a business, you are managing and growing a people.  You can make many other correlations to organizations such as churches or governments or other subculture groups who follow this philosophy. 

I’d say the highest evolution of your business is this…and it should be your goal and your core foundational principle. 
Of course there is a formula for this and ways to go about it. 

It is important because – 

You want to invest your money, time, energy, your life on only the best, most enjoyable and profitable customers, by nature and definition it is these rabid fans that follow you because of what you stand for and the experience and feeling you give them. 

And that is just it, what I said right there, you would be well served to go back and reread that paragraph… 


You give them, not just from consuming your product, but talking about you, your company, reading your marketing and being influenced by your every interaction and communication. 

You also want to do this because it is the highest use of your time, you then become in what we call the tollbooth position of managing the constituency of customers that you can routinely go back to and sell (and if done correctly they will provide you with endless amounts of referrals). 

My brother and I create these concepts for people and develop strategies to manufacture this result in your business and industry.  Whether it is a Doctor’s office trying to get patients, or someone with a new idea who wants to be in the info-marketing business, or a consultant or salesperson trying to figure out how to make a break into a new market. 

This week I would like for you to think about the following things:

  • What do you stand for, to your customer, what do you represent to them?
  • When they buy, what are they now a part of?  Something bigger than your basic product and service I hope?
  • What are you giving them to talk about, to do, to share with others as a result of their relationship with you?
  • What and HOW do you elicit feelings from them…are you making an emotional connection with your buyer and prospects?  Why – or – Why Not?
  • Have you created an experiential marketing and sales process for your customers, is buying from you fun, is the delivery and consumption of what you do “entertaining”?

I challenge you to think deeply about these things – 

And I will reward you for your efforts…if you reply back to me with your answers, I will be more than happy to plug and promote you in this newsletter or perhaps our paid National Publication that goes out to mailboxes – I just might want to interview you on a call. 

And of far greater value, I will provide you with a complementary Strategy Call to help you fine tune, craft, and enhance these concepts we have dialogued about today. 

Just reply back with your answers to the above questions and you’ll be a winner for playing along, as I like to say, we reward good behavior around here!!!

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